Tuesday, June 19

paip rosak

Blog owner: Its getting ridiculous. Im taking over.!

So one of the pipe at our house got broken.. water is overflowing from the pipe and i cant get bath at all (the water leakage at this side pipe prevents the water to go to the shower.. So we called a freakin plumber..

Plumber replaced the pipe with yet another basic pipe. and he said he doesnt have the same tile with him to replace.. We said it doesnt matter but give one yg cantik la.. It could be any color, blue, green, red.. but instead he brought a freakin ugly grey color tile!!! I have nothing againts grey but this one looks like as if it was dirty from white!!! W :O

Worse, he charged us a premium RM330... Like wtf :O

Me and my mum was astonished!! My mum explained that we previously called a plumb and he charged us rm80 oni.. *true story*

The plumber is getting defensive saying "no la cannot la, memang harga mcm ni punya. I change the pipe kepala for u also"

We replied "Sure but kepala pipe murah aja"..

Plumber: Ok la 280 la...

We: what?? Ok la 200 la.. budget pun 100 oni..

Plumber: tak boleh la blabla.. ok la 230 la.

We: no no bla bla bla..! OK 200! and next time we call u back (Trololol)

Plumber: ok lah.. and he left...

Ok clearly im not elaborating enough.. too busy.. going to work.. the fact that i still write this blog in itself is amazing.. ! haha k chalos

Sunday, June 17


Its not about the money. Its about living the life when most of the stuff requires money ^^

Friday, May 11

A Sleeping Beast - 05122012

I knew it! I knew me talking about my master once a day is too optimistic..!! What can I say? He is a simpleton with less exciting adventures like the one u'd normally see on TV.. Even if he have exhilarating adventures, sometimes it is just TOO private of a tale to tell... But today, he has an important exam..! So vital that his life depends on it? Will he triumph? Let us hope so, for me, this blog and his sake..