Thursday, May 14

MoMo can u Stay still PLEASE!!

Momo arrived here yesterday.. All of us are happy to see the cat.. However this morning, somebody knocked our house door.. I look it through the glass and see 3-4 men waiting outside..

As far as pets are concerned, cats and dogs arent really allowed here at the university apartment.. So I was a bit worried.. Think... think.. where to hide this fat cat?? lol.. So I decided to put him under the cupboard (hopefully he would stay still..)

I opened the door.

Mr Anonymous:"Hi, We come here to check the house because we're trying to put a wireless connection in the apartment.. Can we check the house for a minute. Just a Minute..."

Me:"No, can you come a bit later.. I dont think now is the right ti...."

Momo came and moved between me and the Mr Wireless cable ...


Mr Wireless:"You do know we dont allow pet here? "


Mr Wireless:"Is that your cat?"

Me:"No, thats my friend cat.. it will be here for just awhile..."

Mr Wireless:"If you let us check in the house we would do you a favor of not reporting the cat.. Dont worry about it."

Me:"Really? ok. Come in." Dalam hati ( eee MOMO ni tak bole duduk diam,.... kan dah kantoi..momo sdp je jalan lengang lengok..)

2 min after..

Mr Wireless: Ok , we're done.Thank you..

Me:"wow that was fast.. Thank you.. Bye."

Momo survived!! for now -.-"

Saturday, May 9

Spring semester is officially over!

I cannot believe that the Spring Academic Yeas is finally Over!! It really is!! I did a bit bad , but yeah, Its over!! It feels like it was just yesterday that I open my eyes, being at my old apartment on-campus and go to school by the Parking lot shuttle bus with my housmate Dylan! OMG I can finally go back home.. Malaysia that is! Its been like 2 years.. I wonder how my house would be like? my Room? My family? and the cities and stuff..

Today is the senior graduation night! Wow they finally graduating... Zali, Din, Ina, Fendi, Ajim, Pekan ,Ibah and the others.. As a U of R student, i havent really spend much time with the RIT seniors, but I do have some memories with them.. Zali had taken me to Darien Lake with Ina and Din... Ajim was totally cool and Fendi, well.. I guess even now he doesnt know my name -.-" I guess it make sense coz when he see me, all he really see is my brother Muiz that he knews at KISAS.. :-s

Congrats ALL RIT Senior's for your graduation!! FOr Real!! It must be really hard to reach that point..It must have been a wonderful experiance.. I hope I one day will graduate too..

Tuesday, May 5

U of R

LoL I was bored and I found this amazing video on youtube about U of R :D

Friday, May 1

shhh for secrets..

I dont understand why sometimes people still insist on getting some1 secret or info even when the person itself decided not to tell.. Yeah I dont really mind if people ask about stuff, but they should understand that individuals have their own secret in which they dont wanna share with others but themeselves.. Maybe the secret can be embarassing, harmful, or can even effect the way ppl see that person.. So stop asking people if they really dnt want to tell...
n sometimes they even threaten u to get secrets from u... Like(how the would reveal ur other secret if you dnt tell them about the new secret..

aah i rmmbr this story, when i read books like when i was small but not really sure if i rmbr it rite^^..

A long ago, there is this couple living beside the sea... the husband was a fisherman.. he caught this magical fish but the fish asked to released him and he will grant him the ability to talk to animals.. however, he cant tell any1 how to otherwise he will die...

And so he kept it a secret to his wife... after what seems like awhile, the husband and wife were attacked by a big snake.. The husband has no choice but to talk to the snake so that it go away.. the wife were shocked that he can do that and was merajuk for not telling her...... being a total pantai (pardon my words) as she is, she asked the husband to teach her how to talk to animals, even knowing that he might die..

This husband, as kind as he may look, felt really troubled.. He does not know what to do.. he really loves his wife despite her being a @$$%@ xD he said to her wife, he needs time to finally tell about it.. and so he wondered around, meditating and overheard the animals talking bad about his wife.. like how she was stingy and stuff... Still, the man ready to sacrifice his life and decided to tell her soon( how touching lol)..

And days before the day, he saw an interesing event occurred between a sheep couple.. the female said "Honey, I like that fruit, it looks so fresh, can you grab it for me?" But the fruit was like on the edge of a cliff.. For Love, the male sheep attempted to take the fruit.. but he falled and falled and but the female sheep stilll asked him to try and get the fruit for her.. The male sheep tried again and again(while the female sheep still begs for it) until he cant take it anymore and he hits the female sheep and bellowed " Are you trying to kill me? I love you but you have to know when to stop asking! " ... the female sheep was stunned..(owned if u ask me).. So, obeying his husby, they both left the scene..

The fisherman was rather impressed on how the male sheep reacted towards the situation. If it were him, he would have just tried to take the fruit till he die .. like seriously?? lol XD and so the day when he will tell her about the ability to talk to animal came.. The wife were unexpectedly happy about it.. When they finally met, the wife said "Whats with the whip?" and yeah he whipped his wife for obvious reasons XD (and he explain about what the sheep thing).. The wife admitted her guilt and her selfishness.. and they both make up and live happily again..(without the wife knowing how to speak to animals :p)

Yeah so some secrets are better to remain secret.. Thats why sometime ppl says:

"The less you know about it, the better."

-The End-

*but ofc it feels awesome to know some1 secrets :P*