Monday, June 29


Its been a month since I came to Malaysia for summer vacation.. There arent much changes .. Except maybe the price for everything went up a bit from before..

I've been to a lot of places, eat a lot of things and met a handful of people.. I still want to do those things... Not because of me being greed. Rather to open my eyes and expose myself to a world were I've never been before ^_^

After been through all that, in a sense I am more motivated to study harder.. Studying has always been hard, but I hope I will find a path to success.. -.-"

Monday, June 22


Cant wait to watch transformers tonight ^^

Monday, June 15

Blog must go on

Hi all,
Its been awhile since I last blog something.. There are so many things that I want to say in my blog.. But since I did not say it, it lost it "freshness".. And saying it now might not be the best idea, or so I thought..

A lot of things happened.. To say it all is going to be troublesome, not to mention tedious.. I guess its easier to show a picture and then point out some interesting story from it...They say a picture can explain a thousand words.. Well.. let assume that's true, for this blog sake...

opening scene

We went to see the Kooza - Cirque du Soleil. A circus company which means Circus of the Sun.. I think it is my first time seeing a circus act and it literally blew me away! The act was very professional and I think some of the performer make a guinness world record.. No wonder they so good -__-" I also like the song they play during the act (Dnt understand a thing though) :P

Me and Britney Spears o.O
muahaha.. well not quite.. It was Britney made out of wax at the Madame Tussaud's Muzeum... A lot of celebrity made out of wax are there and we just take pictures.. Whats funny is, there are 2 man, who pretend to be a wax statue and just stay at one place without moving.. Everybody who saw them were like "???? Who is this celebrity??" LOL and there is this one guy who wants to capture picture with them (thinking it was a wax) and suddenly they move and all the ppl there were laughing lol!

yeeey! spongebob square pants!!! on the streeets of NY!! how awesome~ until he show a green bag say $2 after i take a picture with him! what an interesting way to make a living..-_-
see how he hide his left arm.. thats were he have the green bag.. Fair enough Mr sponge!

AAAAAAAAAa i hate xx airlines!! the small tv is bad... how can u expect me to watch a movie using this small tv ? even the color in the movie doesnt seems good.. I remember when I was 10 or so, we used to watch movie in a plan with a really big screen.. I miss that..
and whats with this menu for the morning = A.omelette B. Nasi lemak -and then come to us and say "Nasi lemak dah habis" When they skip us and give the person behind and infront us nasi lemak??? AAA!! Btw dah tau orang dari US ramai melayu nak balek msia ramai mengidam nasi lemak they should make the portion of nasi lemak greater la.... like 70:30 or something... ZZZZZZZZZz

We went to pulau perhentian terengganu! I think it is my first time seeing a blue ocean.. Manche says that malaysia pulau are all talk when he see Hawaii.. But i think manche should go to pulau perhentian coz it is really good! -__-" The water is so clear and u can see fish even at the shore.. I also went snorkling to see a lot of other fish(krapu, nemo, todak, mcm2 ikan warne), turtle, corell and many more ^^ The only thing i regret is i dnt have a sunscreen.. maken hitam jadi -__-"
Thanks for my parents for making such a trip possible..