Tuesday, September 13

Ready to work

Dear Blog,

Oh ur still alive and running?
For a moment there I thought I never found u again.. College graduation marks a new stage in my life. Work!

It has been slightly worrisome month. After I came back to Malaysia 3 months ago, so many questions about work were asked by peers and families alike.

"Dah keje belom?" was the default question to go to.

Months I've been given excuses like "tunggu lepas raya", "nak relek dulu". "Nak jmpe member2"..

Now finally I have a job :D

As a software developer at ATQMultimedia.. The pay is no much but that'll do for now. Plus I got to make new awesome friends!! *like*

Ok its 740 u hv to go to work.. Lambat nnt jem T__T