Wednesday, April 28

Internet OCD

Energetic aren't we?
Yea!! Coz I is done for this week! no exam until next thursday!
Finally can update my blog!!
LoL, sadly nothing interesting happens.. Sure there are lot of drama in the house, or darkness on school life, BUT i dont want to build controversy by discussing such sensitive yet intriguing matter!!
I come by the proverb "In pm(private message), I trust" =.=" u nvr want to expose too much stuff to the world!

Last week, najmi tagger me about internet cycle... havent got the free time till now! might hv too much free time in fact xD can finally finish final fantasy that is currently on chapter 9? Zomg digressed.. Yes fei always said that I digressed too much.. So here my Internet OCD.. not entirely honest, but not much of trolling either o_O

GTG, Cherry blossoms are blooming!!

Monday, April 26

hard times

Its time like these you learn to live again T_T

Saturday, April 24

spring semester is almost over!

Next week is last week of class! Still got some work to do, but I am so glad this semester is almost over.. After this, there's summer class but atleast I got 1-2 week break before it..

Cant wait for summer.. will be living with 5 guys.. The more the merrier they say? Just hope theres not too much drama in the house!! =.=

Friday, April 23

happy birthday aimi

Happy birthday Aimi! Since takde idea nak tulis pe kat blog, might as well dedicate an entry to your birthday.. Lame dah kenal Aimi nih.. Since mule2 masuk intec kat kelas chicago agi.. Time tu lak orang kate aimi "hot" dlm kelas chicago (but yeah our class got like 3 girls in it xD).. mmg hot n ramai la nak Aimi ni xD Tp yeah Napi berjaya memikat hati Aimi dahulu and Alhamdulillah dyorang dah berumah tangga dah pun.. but still maintain ayu ye kak.. I have my highest respect for them becoz dpt kawen awal and still maintain study and hal rumah tangga.. ni orang2 yg gd sense of responsibility je kan handle.. So congrats Aimi and wish u a got panjang umur and be happy with Napi together..

No hadiah but ade yg tgkp gmbr smlm wat nak dedicate kat aimi but was removed by FB due to song copyright for the back ground audio T_T erm so sape2 ade lagu bes / sweet / happy / possibly lagu melayu supaye tak kene charge copyright leh la hntr kat me... mmg hard drive ni no lagu melayu.. bukan tak sayang lagu bahasa sendiri, just kurang meminati =.="

so once again, happy birthday aimi!!

Tuesday, April 20


Before, I have this theory,

"If i sleep in an uncomfortable place, then it's easier for me to wake up in the morning!"

So is my theory true?

what happen to me was, i did in fact wake up early, BUT something else also comes with it... Those things are:

1- Wake up earlier than intended! (4,5am)
2-Even if I wake up on time, you still feel tired and wanted to have a more comfortable sleep again!
3- I got an unusual feeling about my body ( myb someplace hurt, cram, or feel too cold)..

Hrmm, so its better to sleep at a comfortable place and have your alarm ON. You'd wake up refreshed, bodily healthy and ready to go!

*miss my bed* T________T

Sunday, April 11


Finished god of war 3!

Because something that happened, enraged, angry, berserk, and mad is what I am at the moment..

May I be cooled by something worthy..

Saturday, April 10

Disaster does not smells.

First of all, I dont like the idiom "Malang tidak berbau". Why? Coz its too common sense. Idk who come up with that term, but i believe its nothing special. "tidak berbau" in direct translation means "no smell".. But in an implicit definition, it means that it is unpredictable, undetectable, unknown until it happen.. Well sure thats seems plausible, but fact is, any other things can be like that.. I could say "nasib baik tidak berbau, result tidak berbau, kekayaan tidak berbau" and it will make sense. More critically, the term itself is not absolute.. Consider a situation where a driver have loose tires, or was drunk.. Can we say that we smell danger? "sure we can!" When a statement is not absolute, it lost it credibility, but i wouldnt say its wrong.. It just that it can still go both ways, it can smell or not smell having given the right situation...

In relation to that, we can see that "ignorance is bliss" is also not absolute and can go both ways.. It can be a bliss, or a disaster.. A bliss example -> A guys who does not know that his house previous owner committed suicide at that house.. Not knowing make the guy live normally *assuming there is no ghost*.. Knowing would possibly make that guy think about it and be bothered.. A disaster example would be a person who break the law but didnt know it.. Today's law pretty much stand by the term "ignorance is not an excuse" so you are still be punished for your crimes even if you dnt know!

Digressed from the main thing that i want to say.. Last friday i took the bus back home as usual.. A women press the bell *ding* to go out of the bus stop.. however, the bus stop that she was suppose to go was temporarily unavailable due to construction so the driver bus said :"I cant let u off here, i'll let you off at the next stop." Women said :"I dont care." So upon arriving at the next stop, the bus driver did not stop. LOL.. so the women was like ":S" as she pressed the button again and again but it did not ring because it only ring once until the driver deactivate the signal.. So she was pissed.. ANd the driver realised it that he missed the bus stop after 20m away from it.. He was Like "OMG, i forgot!".. Idk what get into him, but he started to control the bus strangely *gelabah* and hit a car that coming from the opposite lane! *bam!* I was stunned. i was actually drinking water and it spill out and hit my bag!.. urkhh.. and so a man came out of his car and said "yo wtf man! You just trashed my friend's car! *calling his friend, pissed*.. I was stucked in the bus and they bring another bus to bring us back..

The trashed car...

Monday, April 5


Social Anxiety Disorder.. I think I might have it.. T_T

Social anxiety disorder, also called social phobia, is an anxiety disorder in which a person has an excessive and unreasonable fear of social situations. Anxiety (intense nervousness) and self-consciousness arise from a fear of being closely watched, judged, and criticized by others.

A person with social anxiety disorder is afraid that he or she will make mistakes and be embarrassed or humiliated in front of others. The fear may be made worse by a lack of social skills or experience in social situations. The anxiety can build into a panic attack. As a result of the fear, the person endures certain social situations in extreme distress or may avoid them altogether. In addition, people with social anxiety disorder often suffer "anticipatory" anxiety -- the fear of a situation before it even happens -- for days or weeks before the event. In many cases, the person is aware that the fear is unreasonable, yet is unable to overcome it.

People with social anxiety disorder suffer from distorted thinking, including false beliefs about social situations and the negative opinions of others. Without treatment, social anxiety disorder can negatively interfere with the person's normal daily routine, including school, work, social activities, and relationships.

People with social anxiety disorder may be afraid of a specific situation, such as speaking in public. However, most people with social anxiety disorder fear more than one social situation. Other situations that commonly provoke anxiety include:

  • Eating or drinking in front of others.
  • Writing or working in front of others.
  • Being the center of attention.
  • Interacting with people, including dating or going to parties.
  • Asking questions or giving reports in groups.
  • Using public toilets.
  • Talking on the telephone.

Social anxiety disorder may be linked to other mental illnesses, such as panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and depression. In fact, many people with social anxiety disorder initially see the doctor with complaints related to these disorders, not because of social anxiety symptoms.

Taken from :

Saturday, April 3


Demotivational Poster for today:


Everybody have secrets. Some are dark, while some are as bright as day. But usually we tend to keep the dark secret to ourselves. Why? Coz if people know, it might change the situation entirely.. I think secret are spread due to the temptation "I cannot hold it anymore!"

But sooner or later, the temptation of wanting to tell the secret begin to grow. We kept it lock in our heart so much that we wish someone would hear about it and share the pain and sorrow that we felt.

Unfortunately, you got to be careful to whom you share your secret with. Coz some people cant just hold their mouth. They are likely to spill the beans before you know it.

I think the reason in why they like to tell people so much is because:

1- They proud to know the secret and be the one who tell it to others..
2- Possibly think the person wont tell anyone else ESpecially the secret of that person him/herself so there is no harm??

3- They think that people SHOULD know the truth, even though the truth hurts..

This is where I disagree. I don't think people should know the truth to everything. Let say if a guy was drunk and cheated on his wife, and I know the secret, As a friend, SHOULD I tell his wife? I don't think I should.. What I should do though, is possibly advice him, telling him that it is wrong and stuff.. There are times that someone should know the truth, but as a bystander, you don't really have that much power to spread it. Its not fair to the person who has the secret. Let them decide whether to tell or not...

4. Other reason which is unknown to me.

I do hate when people say "I'll tell them that you said that to me!" in a joking way when you tell them your secret.. Do they think that it is something to joke about? People are entrusting you with secrets and you make fun of it.. idk about you, but for those guys i wont share my secret anymore regardless if they tell it to someone or not.. Coz they are potential blackmailers.

Should I even explain why I hate black mailer??
Obviously, because they know your secret, and threatened you to do something for their benefit otherwise they'll spread the news..
The only time I can remember being blackmailed is when I broke into the middle school computer lab to play games ^_^ My friend got busted and said "Barry, if you dnt want us to tell the warden that you also break into the computer lab, then treat us to burger tonight!".. Well i did in fact treat them coz they did withheld not to tell the warden about me so they do deserve it. But I'm sure others have experienced worst...

Don't they?

Friday, April 2

bus schedule

Demotivational poster for today:

I know this is an old issue, but i still hv issue with it until now! While having a bus schedule with exact time is necessarily great, it can give u the harapan pulsa (palsu) !!

Exhibit A:

Bus Schedule - 3:23PM

Me standing outside cold - 3:26PM.. Dude where's my bus?

Exhibit B:

Bus schedule - 7:50 AM

At 7:47AM - Me shouting "Wait!!!! NOOOO!! NOOOO! FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFEEE" *seeing the bus move in front of my eyes 20 yards away, frowned, stunned, mad, helpless*

Exhibit C:

Me:"mio harini takde april fool ke kat campus ko?"
Mio:"OH ade.. Tadi aku tunggu bus, bus tak datang! p*!"
Me:"Erk tu bukan april fool"
Mio:"April fool la tuh.. igt ade bus tp takde!"

Have a nice weekend ^_^

-bri boomer

Thursday, April 1


Demotivational Poster for today:


Yesterday I had the weirdest dream.. I dont usually hv dream, but when I do, it tend to be long with like 2-3 different dream.. (and i wake up late the morning!!) ... Of course it is hard to remember those dream because its not reality. You dnt really experience them.. But since yesterday was sort of odd, so I can remember it.. most if not all =.="

So the dream start of normally. I was back home in Malaysia.. Probably back in Bndr Tun Hussein Onn .. Not quite sure.. But for some reason, I hated people.. God forbid, I bombed my home when my family was around.. So I act natural, trying to not the police know that I did it.. (sort of like playing mafia and using jiji's innocence face and said "BUKAN AKU!!").. But I figured eventually they'll know.. (guess CSI has a big impact on this notion).. So i was scared.. What should I do.. Hrmm suddenly I remembered a quote from optimus prime of transformers 2 "I'll take you all on!" sure fighting againts the police seems retarded, much less stupid..

So I bombed another place wheres there innocent people living.. OMG what hv i Done?? Theres no turning back now.. You know in CSI where ppl said "criminals tend to go back to their crime scene".. So did I in the dream!! I went back and checked make sure I didnt leave any evidence.. For some reason, People noticed me.. Oh I'm in trouble??

My suspicion came true.. Police cars came "swarming" my house.. Wait, how did I get a new house when my original house was bombed? =.=" (a dream faulty there).. I fled to the back door.. Like a techies using a remote bomb I said "See you die".. BOOOMER BOOM! hrmm how evil I was.. Some police survived the epic explosion.. They still searching for me...

I ran as fast as I can... Remembered a quote from LOTR that gandalf says to Frodo "When you travel, Stay out of the road!' Who am I to surpass the speed of a police car? So yes I hided away from the road, blend myself with nature and buildings.. The police, beginning to comform that it is my crime, looked all out for me..

Search as they may, they'll never find me ^_^

I guess "You can run, but you can't hide" is not necessarily true :/

-bri boomer-