Friday, April 2

bus schedule

Demotivational poster for today:

I know this is an old issue, but i still hv issue with it until now! While having a bus schedule with exact time is necessarily great, it can give u the harapan pulsa (palsu) !!

Exhibit A:

Bus Schedule - 3:23PM

Me standing outside cold - 3:26PM.. Dude where's my bus?

Exhibit B:

Bus schedule - 7:50 AM

At 7:47AM - Me shouting "Wait!!!! NOOOO!! NOOOO! FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFEEE" *seeing the bus move in front of my eyes 20 yards away, frowned, stunned, mad, helpless*

Exhibit C:

Me:"mio harini takde april fool ke kat campus ko?"
Mio:"OH ade.. Tadi aku tunggu bus, bus tak datang! p*!"
Me:"Erk tu bukan april fool"
Mio:"April fool la tuh.. igt ade bus tp takde!"

Have a nice weekend ^_^

-bri boomer

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