Saturday, April 3


Demotivational Poster for today:


Everybody have secrets. Some are dark, while some are as bright as day. But usually we tend to keep the dark secret to ourselves. Why? Coz if people know, it might change the situation entirely.. I think secret are spread due to the temptation "I cannot hold it anymore!"

But sooner or later, the temptation of wanting to tell the secret begin to grow. We kept it lock in our heart so much that we wish someone would hear about it and share the pain and sorrow that we felt.

Unfortunately, you got to be careful to whom you share your secret with. Coz some people cant just hold their mouth. They are likely to spill the beans before you know it.

I think the reason in why they like to tell people so much is because:

1- They proud to know the secret and be the one who tell it to others..
2- Possibly think the person wont tell anyone else ESpecially the secret of that person him/herself so there is no harm??

3- They think that people SHOULD know the truth, even though the truth hurts..

This is where I disagree. I don't think people should know the truth to everything. Let say if a guy was drunk and cheated on his wife, and I know the secret, As a friend, SHOULD I tell his wife? I don't think I should.. What I should do though, is possibly advice him, telling him that it is wrong and stuff.. There are times that someone should know the truth, but as a bystander, you don't really have that much power to spread it. Its not fair to the person who has the secret. Let them decide whether to tell or not...

4. Other reason which is unknown to me.

I do hate when people say "I'll tell them that you said that to me!" in a joking way when you tell them your secret.. Do they think that it is something to joke about? People are entrusting you with secrets and you make fun of it.. idk about you, but for those guys i wont share my secret anymore regardless if they tell it to someone or not.. Coz they are potential blackmailers.

Should I even explain why I hate black mailer??
Obviously, because they know your secret, and threatened you to do something for their benefit otherwise they'll spread the news..
The only time I can remember being blackmailed is when I broke into the middle school computer lab to play games ^_^ My friend got busted and said "Barry, if you dnt want us to tell the warden that you also break into the computer lab, then treat us to burger tonight!".. Well i did in fact treat them coz they did withheld not to tell the warden about me so they do deserve it. But I'm sure others have experienced worst...

Don't they?

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