Saturday, April 10

Disaster does not smells.

First of all, I dont like the idiom "Malang tidak berbau". Why? Coz its too common sense. Idk who come up with that term, but i believe its nothing special. "tidak berbau" in direct translation means "no smell".. But in an implicit definition, it means that it is unpredictable, undetectable, unknown until it happen.. Well sure thats seems plausible, but fact is, any other things can be like that.. I could say "nasib baik tidak berbau, result tidak berbau, kekayaan tidak berbau" and it will make sense. More critically, the term itself is not absolute.. Consider a situation where a driver have loose tires, or was drunk.. Can we say that we smell danger? "sure we can!" When a statement is not absolute, it lost it credibility, but i wouldnt say its wrong.. It just that it can still go both ways, it can smell or not smell having given the right situation...

In relation to that, we can see that "ignorance is bliss" is also not absolute and can go both ways.. It can be a bliss, or a disaster.. A bliss example -> A guys who does not know that his house previous owner committed suicide at that house.. Not knowing make the guy live normally *assuming there is no ghost*.. Knowing would possibly make that guy think about it and be bothered.. A disaster example would be a person who break the law but didnt know it.. Today's law pretty much stand by the term "ignorance is not an excuse" so you are still be punished for your crimes even if you dnt know!

Digressed from the main thing that i want to say.. Last friday i took the bus back home as usual.. A women press the bell *ding* to go out of the bus stop.. however, the bus stop that she was suppose to go was temporarily unavailable due to construction so the driver bus said :"I cant let u off here, i'll let you off at the next stop." Women said :"I dont care." So upon arriving at the next stop, the bus driver did not stop. LOL.. so the women was like ":S" as she pressed the button again and again but it did not ring because it only ring once until the driver deactivate the signal.. So she was pissed.. ANd the driver realised it that he missed the bus stop after 20m away from it.. He was Like "OMG, i forgot!".. Idk what get into him, but he started to control the bus strangely *gelabah* and hit a car that coming from the opposite lane! *bam!* I was stunned. i was actually drinking water and it spill out and hit my bag!.. urkhh.. and so a man came out of his car and said "yo wtf man! You just trashed my friend's car! *calling his friend, pissed*.. I was stucked in the bus and they bring another bus to bring us back..

The trashed car...

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  1. I enjoy reading your critical thoughts. Keep that up!