Friday, November 28

gossip girl

haha i just started watching gossip girl xD Serena Van Der Woodson ftw!! :p
well i know that joe, dila was watching it before and Joe was always say it was good.. but somehow it never caught my interest,.. then in our dota myr clan, diau and the others was arguing about how hot the girl in gossip girl was!Diau even changed his nick in the chatting box to "myr|" LOL.. so i could not help myself but to be curios about how "hot" it actually was XD

Well so i jumped to the latest episode and was not very satisfied with it at first :-s.. then a surprise.. 'A' also just started watching it!! Since A watch it, then I also started to watch it from the beginning.. As predicted, it was a nice twist of drama.. really.. if u guys like gossip, then "gossip girl" is the right story for you :p

Wednesday, November 26

Cuti thanksgiving!!

Wow finally start cuti!! but cuti2 pun still cam bnyk hw coz semester lom habis agi T.T stuff to be remembered the most: Psychology Project Paper! >.<>

My apartment --> U of R IT Center --> Mt Hope --> The Mall --> RIT Gleason..

we part ways at Gleason due to some minor disagreement with the plan on going back home lol :p I reached perkins first and i realised "wait, I have no keys for the house!!, and Mior was dining out with Naje and friends." erk so I got a bit side-tracked but eventually end up being back at Perkins -.-"

When I arrived Mior + Asip house, I opened the door n a cute familiar face emerge to greet me!! It was Momo, the cute-blackgraywhite-fat-lazy-pickleless cat xD OMG momo sgt comel ok ...dem geramnye!! I couldnt resist myself but to camwh*ring with him xD but before it happen, Mior and asip was one step faster so I ended up taking their picture first -.-"
Asip with momo

Me and Momo

Hrm so here my Thanksgiving break started!! But so far, i have heard this statement from 3 different people "Tak besnye cuti nak dekat habis".. LOL aku baru start lagi le kejap je nk habis T.T

Friday, November 21


Me yang kesejukan lalaa~

AAAA tensennye dok U of R tak ramai kawan XD well i have friends but just malas hang out ngan dyorang lol.. nak kwn malay T.T mane angel? cil? ALip? Mior? Manche? Kadir? fesol? hisyam? LOL

aaaah kebosanan melampau.. pastu budak2 RIT ngah cuti cam sronok je dgr crite .. jeles2*..

omg2 I even forget what "social" means XD allala~

ah, even nak tgkp gmbr kene cam wh*re T_T

Weekend almost here! want to meet friends!! (My third stage from the pyramid of need is so not been satisfied!! Pyramid of need)

Wednesday, November 19


The U of R river campus as viewed from the sky :p

Do you like SNOW????? I really hate snow.. well the fact that it is just too cold, make you feel a bit annoyed, and also you feel like not doing anything or myb find a source of heat.. Whenever I go out in the snow, I always try to walk fast so that I can reach the next building faster (Coz its so warm and nice inside) XD I have been asking this question to lot of people..

Jeffrey: I love snow!
me: Why?
Jeff: I just love it! But I dont like it if it was just a bit of snow coz its make the road slippy.

Mat: I love snow!
Mat:Dont u just find it beautiful and when u look it from outside, you wana be like "hey, that such a nice weather.. lets go outdoors", Not to mention I love snowboarding.
Me:Erk.. Idk how to snowboard.. tried it once but i keep on falling T_T
Mat: Hey its not hard to learn, you just need a good teacher! (bla2* he was talking and demonstrating enthusiasticly like how to snowboarding lol)

A random chinese guy: I love it!
Me: Why?
Me:You have snow back in china? XD
He:No. I came to Rochester because I thought its going to snow all the time. Coz they say Rochester = snow..
Me: Erk.. Ok..

But I have to admit, despite me hating it, snows are beautiful ^^

Monday, November 17


So I met Laurel.. the Director of resident life.. She was surprisingly nice... SO i raised my issue as why I want to live off campus.. Though she said that I cannot breach the contract just like that.. and bla bla... she decided that if i do well this semester, and also forward her the financial comparison between living in campus and off-campus.. Only then, she migh CONSIDER it lol...

TOday I wasnt feeling very well.. ive being a nocturnal quite awhile now @_@...
And OMG chinese homework is just getting harder now that I "should" know about 300 vocabs lalalala :p

Friday, November 14

Blogger ftw XD


Omg I finally decided to use blogger instead of friendster blog. Blogger seems more cool lol -.-"

I havent write anything for awhile now.. Just have so many stuff to do.. with exams and homework... Not to mention I was a bit sick before.. Thank god now I feel great XD Wow Im so jealous with RIT ppl yg dah habis quarter.. Best gle korang dah habis.. jealous2!!

well n i also heard some of u guys plan like going to florida la, nyc la, chicago la, bahamas la n even california!!... Well u guys i hope ur plan going smooht and have fun!! well all i can do is "T________T" omg sgt miskin ok... A feew days before, some1 was 'Ym'ing me and ask about my plans on this Thanksgiving.. He said he wants to go mane ek dah lupe.. but i said to him something like"Erk i think u gd the wrong person to invite... aku miskin lol" .. aah benci jadi orang miskin :p

And so... in order to change my fate (Of paying 966 USD a month to the Freaking University) ... I contacted MARA to ask them to negotiate to the resident life ppl to release me from this stupid yet expensive school housing.. And so Im going to meet the Director of Residential Life this Monday.. Wish me luck :p Weekend is here yippy!! JOM maen rockband 2 kat umah naje sabtu ni!! XD