Friday, November 28

gossip girl

haha i just started watching gossip girl xD Serena Van Der Woodson ftw!! :p
well i know that joe, dila was watching it before and Joe was always say it was good.. but somehow it never caught my interest,.. then in our dota myr clan, diau and the others was arguing about how hot the girl in gossip girl was!Diau even changed his nick in the chatting box to "myr|" LOL.. so i could not help myself but to be curios about how "hot" it actually was XD

Well so i jumped to the latest episode and was not very satisfied with it at first :-s.. then a surprise.. 'A' also just started watching it!! Since A watch it, then I also started to watch it from the beginning.. As predicted, it was a nice twist of drama.. really.. if u guys like gossip, then "gossip girl" is the right story for you :p