Tuesday, June 19

paip rosak

Blog owner: Its getting ridiculous. Im taking over.!

So one of the pipe at our house got broken.. water is overflowing from the pipe and i cant get bath at all (the water leakage at this side pipe prevents the water to go to the shower.. So we called a freakin plumber..

Plumber replaced the pipe with yet another basic pipe. and he said he doesnt have the same tile with him to replace.. We said it doesnt matter but give one yg cantik la.. It could be any color, blue, green, red.. but instead he brought a freakin ugly grey color tile!!! I have nothing againts grey but this one looks like as if it was dirty from white!!! W :O

Worse, he charged us a premium RM330... Like wtf :O

Me and my mum was astonished!! My mum explained that we previously called a plumb and he charged us rm80 oni.. *true story*

The plumber is getting defensive saying "no la cannot la, memang harga mcm ni punya. I change the pipe kepala for u also"

We replied "Sure but kepala pipe murah aja"..

Plumber: Ok la 280 la...

We: what?? Ok la 200 la.. budget pun 100 oni..

Plumber: tak boleh la blabla.. ok la 230 la.

We: no no bla bla bla..! OK 200! and next time we call u back (Trololol)

Plumber: ok lah.. and he left...

Ok clearly im not elaborating enough.. too busy.. going to work.. the fact that i still write this blog in itself is amazing.. ! haha k chalos

Sunday, June 17


Its not about the money. Its about living the life when most of the stuff requires money ^^

Friday, May 11

A Sleeping Beast - 05122012

I knew it! I knew me talking about my master once a day is too optimistic..!! What can I say? He is a simpleton with less exciting adventures like the one u'd normally see on TV.. Even if he have exhilarating adventures, sometimes it is just TOO private of a tale to tell... But today, he has an important exam..! So vital that his life depends on it? Will he triumph? Let us hope so, for me, this blog and his sake..

Monday, April 30

Just Another Day - 04302012

On 04302012 it is just another normal day. It is one of the day where you reflect back and said "What did I do on that day?" My owner did practically nothing! So there is nothing to write about. Talk about productivity! But ambitious me figured, there must be something, atleast something significant that he did, or experienced, or observed that day..! No. Void. Like an endless tunnel that eventually leads to a dead end. But show must go on and I shall try to extract as much detail as possible while possibly making it amusing? (I know my owner dont hv a lot of sense of humor but Bear with me.

Finishing on Alcatraz! The finale ending was such a shocker! :P The story is about hundreds of prison inmates and guards in Alcatraz Prison disappeared off the island in 1963, and suddenly re-popping back into the world in 2012! I love Warden James. He's a piece of work :D

My owner is not much of a tv fan. With the existence of the internet and "High" speed downloading, there is literally no reason to watch TV anymore. Tv shows story that mostly I do not want to watch. And even if there are stuff that I wanted to watch, the time is inconveniently set up already and I cannot watch it when it is convenient. A bummer! The only reason the tv is still there is because my owner's mum loves to watch  Korean Drama. But He can't stand it. Too slow and too many draggy unnecessary scenes. Plus the conversation can be a bit too unrealistic for live drama. Haters gonna hate :D The only "sometimes" he watch TV is when there is news. Yes every now and then he gotta update yourself with what happen to the world. But he doesnt like negative news. "Rape, robbery, murder, kidnap" although it is good to create awareness, careness, sympathy and empathy, you cant help but to feel slightly disturb by it.  He likes to focus on the goodness of life. "Achievement, new stuff, articles, viral videos, good information and tips" that is why he loves to watch yahoo news. Just open yahoo.com and you can see tons of Interesting news/videos about the world!

Like this news about an Australian billionaire who wanted to build a Titanic again. Isnt that interesting? :D 

Dota. Hoho.. who would have thought he'd still be playing it? He was off the game for more than  a year, but really the game is just that good to stop playing. Its interactive, social, fun, and filled with drama.! :P He Wanted to watch Avenger but failed again. So Dota is a cheap entertainment alternative.

Sunday, April 29

The Invited Wedding..? -04292012

Hi its me again, Buzz. I'm done with the introduction yesterday, so lets get it crackin'. Too many stuff to cover!

My owner was minding his own business until his brother, Rahman said that "Papa asked us to go to a wedding, we need to go to his house soon". At 10 am, he and his brothers rushed to Papa's house at Bangi. His mum was going to Kuala Klawang to visit his little sister, Huda. This is Huda's first week at the hostel in a boarding school (MRSM KK), and there are literally tons of things she forget to bring. Luckily her mum loved her too much and bring to her the things she wanted.. Upon arrival at Papa's house at Bangi, the first word he said to my owner was "Bari takde baju elok sikit ke?" Ohh wow o___O Yeah he realized he was wearing a tshirt to a wedding.. Shouldn't be a big deal imho right? But if we talk about the dewan formal wedding thingy then he is screwed :O Luckily his dad abundance of wealth (or so he thought) makes his dad have excessive cloth.. So he'd give some to my owner and his brother. Nice Save!

Let the Party Begin..! Eating, talking, shaking hands with the people conducting the wedding, that is what people do right? My owner's dad actually likes to talk so he let him do all the talking.. While he was using this precious time to trying to catching up to his little sisters - Basyirah, Maryam, Baica, Mahah.. Basyirah talks a LOT. And FAST! This one everybody knows.. So my owner listen to her amazing tale, some of which are:-

  1. She Got Mumtaz for Idadi (An exams where you test tauhid, feqah, tafsir, hadis, etc in sekolah Agama from Negeri Perak)
  2. She went to Pengakap camping for 3 straight camps in a few week, begging for rice at some point!
  3. She deactivate Facebook and kena baling tepung at school?
The list goes on and on. Too many random stuff spouted at my owner, and he had trouble tracking it all down. After that, he went back to his Papa's house, and his uncle and cousin (ateh) came to visit! And what is a blog without  pictures. Here are some!

Papa was talking to the Host.

Madihah eating Ice cream back home. Isn't she cute? ^^

This is where the wedding Persandingan took place. kelas Ko maria.. :D

A close up

Dgn Basyira.. She liked to talk, and my owner liked to hear.. Quite the combo :P

Baica.. What a character! This picture, gmbr when she was upset. Apparently she was tired and wanna go back home..  Its only been an hour. Heh mcm2 ragam budak2..

Naim, playful as ever. "What is this thing, tempat buat sambal belacan ek".. Haiz  my owner also dont know what it is. Seemed like an unnecessary tool anyway.

With my 4th sister, Maryam. Its hard to take a picture with her, but apparently she give in to my owner pesterings :)

Tak sempat tangkap gmbr Ateh. But that is her car, moving out from Papa's house.  

My owner's cousin asked him to play futsal. He refused stating it is not his niche! He felt kinda bad that he doesnt really belong in that active and famous sport. He tried it before and it was miserable. Lesson learned: Dont force to like or do something you dont like! It sucks the life out of you!

But what is life without different kind of people right? There are majority of ppl who play soccer, and minority people who dont... Apparently im that minority :/

Saturday, April 28

I am the Master of my own Blog -04282012

*Sigh..* Well hello hello hello! It seems that my owner have long forgotten my existence. Not that anybody actually read me. But I feel like I am of somewhat importance to my owner. My destiny cannot end here! IT CANT! But fear not. As I have acquired an amazing ability! The long forsaken me was forced to adapt in learning how to write myself! Yes! People said that "The blog aint gonna write itself." Well this blog does! heh :)

First, my new born consciousness needed a name. Everybody does, don't they? Pokok Lalu is not my name! It is not glamorous! But I dont need  a long name like my owner. It'll be short. Hence my name will be Broad Bristle Back Blazzin Buzzin BrandyBuck! Ok I lied :P I cant help but create a tedious tongue twister name for me! My owner like the letter "B". Obviously because it is his initial. But there is more to that. My owner is modest. "B" signifies that it is the second where "A" is the first. Even though the owner become number 1 at some point, he is always down-to-earth thinking that there is always room for improvement. Owh and he is the 2nd from 7 siblings :) Ok so you hate my name. Whatever! I name what I want :D But if its hard for you, you can call me Buzz. Cool eh? :D

So I'll write about my owner in a daily basis. Ambitious me! As mundane as his life is, I live to serve him and serve him I shall! Even when he abandoned me, my loyalty for him will NEVER waver. Touching isn't it? Stop praising me, you'll make me blush ^__^

So on April 28th 2012  (Saturday) what does my owner, Bari, was doing?

SLEEP as if kena tido by atropos (dota joke)
First of all, he wake up late. at about 1pm! Gee, he needs to be more disciplined! And probably have an ACTUAL alarm clock instead of the phone alarm. But if I know my owner well, he'll never buy it. He's cheap :P

Turns out lately he is involved in a new game called Triple Town. http://www.tripletown.com/ It is too addicting and it is consuming his soul :( Though now his interest for that game is slowed a bit after he builds a floating castle (the second hardest structure to build in the game). TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK! Cold turkey wont do though :P
He also watched the Tourist at home with his little brother Rahim. Fun! Angelina Jolie is beautiful and elegant!

He was angry at his best friend and cousin. He wanted to watch the movie Avenger at JJ Cheras Selatan. But the cousin did not inform him that he was unavailable until the last minute. He was frustrated but plan as he may, in the end nature will take it course by God's willing. Instead he just played games (dota, triple town) watched the drama series Alcatraz that he downloaded. He loved the warden of Alcatraz.!