Saturday, April 28

I am the Master of my own Blog -04282012

*Sigh..* Well hello hello hello! It seems that my owner have long forgotten my existence. Not that anybody actually read me. But I feel like I am of somewhat importance to my owner. My destiny cannot end here! IT CANT! But fear not. As I have acquired an amazing ability! The long forsaken me was forced to adapt in learning how to write myself! Yes! People said that "The blog aint gonna write itself." Well this blog does! heh :)

First, my new born consciousness needed a name. Everybody does, don't they? Pokok Lalu is not my name! It is not glamorous! But I dont need  a long name like my owner. It'll be short. Hence my name will be Broad Bristle Back Blazzin Buzzin BrandyBuck! Ok I lied :P I cant help but create a tedious tongue twister name for me! My owner like the letter "B". Obviously because it is his initial. But there is more to that. My owner is modest. "B" signifies that it is the second where "A" is the first. Even though the owner become number 1 at some point, he is always down-to-earth thinking that there is always room for improvement. Owh and he is the 2nd from 7 siblings :) Ok so you hate my name. Whatever! I name what I want :D But if its hard for you, you can call me Buzz. Cool eh? :D

So I'll write about my owner in a daily basis. Ambitious me! As mundane as his life is, I live to serve him and serve him I shall! Even when he abandoned me, my loyalty for him will NEVER waver. Touching isn't it? Stop praising me, you'll make me blush ^__^

So on April 28th 2012  (Saturday) what does my owner, Bari, was doing?

SLEEP as if kena tido by atropos (dota joke)
First of all, he wake up late. at about 1pm! Gee, he needs to be more disciplined! And probably have an ACTUAL alarm clock instead of the phone alarm. But if I know my owner well, he'll never buy it. He's cheap :P

Turns out lately he is involved in a new game called Triple Town. It is too addicting and it is consuming his soul :( Though now his interest for that game is slowed a bit after he builds a floating castle (the second hardest structure to build in the game). TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK! Cold turkey wont do though :P
He also watched the Tourist at home with his little brother Rahim. Fun! Angelina Jolie is beautiful and elegant!

He was angry at his best friend and cousin. He wanted to watch the movie Avenger at JJ Cheras Selatan. But the cousin did not inform him that he was unavailable until the last minute. He was frustrated but plan as he may, in the end nature will take it course by God's willing. Instead he just played games (dota, triple town) watched the drama series Alcatraz that he downloaded. He loved the warden of Alcatraz.!

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