Monday, April 30

Just Another Day - 04302012

On 04302012 it is just another normal day. It is one of the day where you reflect back and said "What did I do on that day?" My owner did practically nothing! So there is nothing to write about. Talk about productivity! But ambitious me figured, there must be something, atleast something significant that he did, or experienced, or observed that day..! No. Void. Like an endless tunnel that eventually leads to a dead end. But show must go on and I shall try to extract as much detail as possible while possibly making it amusing? (I know my owner dont hv a lot of sense of humor but Bear with me.

Finishing on Alcatraz! The finale ending was such a shocker! :P The story is about hundreds of prison inmates and guards in Alcatraz Prison disappeared off the island in 1963, and suddenly re-popping back into the world in 2012! I love Warden James. He's a piece of work :D

My owner is not much of a tv fan. With the existence of the internet and "High" speed downloading, there is literally no reason to watch TV anymore. Tv shows story that mostly I do not want to watch. And even if there are stuff that I wanted to watch, the time is inconveniently set up already and I cannot watch it when it is convenient. A bummer! The only reason the tv is still there is because my owner's mum loves to watch  Korean Drama. But He can't stand it. Too slow and too many draggy unnecessary scenes. Plus the conversation can be a bit too unrealistic for live drama. Haters gonna hate :D The only "sometimes" he watch TV is when there is news. Yes every now and then he gotta update yourself with what happen to the world. But he doesnt like negative news. "Rape, robbery, murder, kidnap" although it is good to create awareness, careness, sympathy and empathy, you cant help but to feel slightly disturb by it.  He likes to focus on the goodness of life. "Achievement, new stuff, articles, viral videos, good information and tips" that is why he loves to watch yahoo news. Just open and you can see tons of Interesting news/videos about the world!

Like this news about an Australian billionaire who wanted to build a Titanic again. Isnt that interesting? :D 

Dota. Hoho.. who would have thought he'd still be playing it? He was off the game for more than  a year, but really the game is just that good to stop playing. Its interactive, social, fun, and filled with drama.! :P He Wanted to watch Avenger but failed again. So Dota is a cheap entertainment alternative.

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