Friday, February 11

A chat with Troll

Barry: ?????
Barry: and im supposed to click that link
troll: 463 yrs
troll: o_O
troll: nope
Barry: effing spammer
troll: =(
troll: im a spam
troll: dun clik meh
Barry: xD
Barry: kinda busy doing work
Barry: mind explaining to me b4 click
troll: zzz
troll: its self explnaatory
troll: zzzz
troll: its quickie
troll: ]bai
Barry: oh
Barry: i always use upper
Barry: lower
Barry: and numbers
Barry: so go figure ^_^
troll: =_=
Barry: busy?
troll: exam
troll: Q_________________________________________Q
Barry: lol nice
Barry: i just got my exam back
Barry: got 60
Barry: :(
troll: ooo
troll: o_O
troll: well just first exam
troll: u can stil score othersz.
Barry: yea
Barry: just that
Barry: its
Barry: 60/60 xD
troll: wdf...
Barry: lol first time getting a 100
Barry: in college
troll: ..
troll: first time got zero
troll: in college for me
Barry: lol
Barry: i think i got 0 on some quizes
Barry: but they nvr return it back
Barry: so idk really the true mark
Barry: so nvr officially receive a 0
troll: ..
troll: 0 in exam
troll: WDF
troll: satgi ade exam
troll: ^__^
troll: u freee eh
troll: i think by tonite or tomorow
troll: we can play
Barry: k
troll: ...dota
troll: xD
troll: Dx
troll: 1) Carbohydrate = 4 kcal/g
2) Protein = 4 kcal/g
3) Lipid = 9 kcal/g
4) Alcohol = 7 kcal/g (Non-nutritive kcals)
Barry: /..'
troll: .../
Barry: //m,;/k
troll: ///,/m/msaskj//jkje
Barry: jkljkljm ,;,./bye
troll: .//./jn//./noo/..noo/./.

Monday, February 7


Lately I feel weird.. Idk.. Its just.. maybe because I havent seen people?.. Lol.. should I see people more?? I guess.. But im not much of a people person.. I wish I can go out more, do stuff with friends and stuff.. Idk.. Whaa?

Ok i miss Malaysia T_T