Sunday, May 15

I is Done

Yeaaah !!! College is officially over baby~

I want to thank everyone for all the love and friendship we shared.. And especially for those who come to my graduation today!!! Lan, Ray, Jiji, Mio, Akmal & Muni, Naje and Adam..

I know it was hard for them to come today, having to wake up before 9am when they sleep like 3 am in the morning.. The weather is also tough with a moderate rain and oh it was freezing!! Plus, some even have big exams on monday.. I appreciate all of you for being there.. No, really,,,

Hopefully, next friday, I could join your guys graduation and we can all celebrate and throw our hat-thing together!! the more the merrier, right? :D

i'm overfill with joy right now.. I just cant believe it!! Thanks again ^___^

Wednesday, May 11

I cannot believe I'm graduating this weekend. Time sure flies. What am I going to do after this? What will I work as? There are so many unanswered questions that keep on bugging me. Maybe I do not have to worry about this yet. I hope I can make up something good with my future. :)

In addition to that, I want to take everybody for being there with me through out this whole 4 years. Especially to my housemates, Asip, Mior, Jiji, Joe, Ray.. They have been very good friends for me and I appreciate them for all the good and maybe bad things that brings to all the bittersweet memory of my life.
Asip - For all those COUNTLESS amazing cooking, being there for me all the time.. Sharing stories and problems.. Always invited me to go to events.. making me feel welcomed in RIT when I am not really comfortable with the environment.

Mior - For all the moral support in studying and indirect motivator by being kiasu.. Also for being the secondary chef in the house.. And for all the jokes and laughter.. All the trading card we played.. the LOTION TRAP lol

Jiji - For being Jiji.. You thought me NEVER TO GIVE UP when I can't really take the pressure.. It means a lot to me.. thanks for letting me sleep at your bed at night.. (kejut aku bole tak?).. and also all the entertainment k-pop stuff videos and songs.. sarang butan!! I will always "like" it.

Joe - Probably the most FRIENDLIEST guy I ever met. He is everybody's friend.. I am really glad to know you.. You thought me a lil bit about being social and confident.. Also very caring and pulsa but in a good way.. You always make me people want to hug you. *hug*

Lan - For being a great mum.. Wlupun mak sgt diva and susah utk dpt attention mak, I still appreciate you.. (coz that is what anak do right?) Thanks for all the nice cook, dota moments, the annoying bass speaker.. Terharu sgt ble mak call suruh dtg malaysian night ^_^

Ray - Such a nice guy. Sometimes he would give me a ride to campus in the morning and we talk about some stuff.. Always being THOUGHTFUL by helping me fill in the blanks when I cannot understand what he was talking about with some other friends.. really friendly and make some funny american jokes too..

Also thanks to all my friends.. Semua orang la yg pernah kenal.. korang memang terbaek... Thanks sangat2 and sorry jika ade salah and tersilap.. A couple more shoutout:

Muni - For being such a nice friend.. Muni ni memang friendly (wlupung garang2 sikit).. muni ni mmg rajin tegur2 and datang rumah melawat.. appreciate it!

Hoang - The best friend that I have in U of R.. He is a true friend.. We've been through so much together. taking class, lunch breaks, watching opera, concert, and shared a lot of stories about our college life.. Sometimes we stumble across some issues, but nevertheless we still can maintain friendship.. I'm gonna miss him so much..

Manche - for all the counseling!! there is nothing to hate about manche.. he tell normal stories and make it funny.. he is cool and we share a lot in common (mtg, manga, dota) He is the first person I would recommend a manga to ^__^

Ecah kentang - for the awesome chicken wings and nice 2008 midwest trips that we hv..

Afnan - For all the lol moments... Oreno turn, draw!

Hizami, Adlil - Really, really, really nice Juniors.. They will come visit our house, saying hi, sharing gossip.. melawat rumah org tua katenye.. They really love the RIT seniors.. Even if I am from U of R, they also layan me :p I cannot count how many times zami said "Boleh tak korang jangan grad lagi?" I know they probably aimed at all the other cm boys, but it did touched my heart T_T

Chot, wak, eriq, matt - For welcoming me to Park Point last summer and introduce me to magic! Stuck with it ever since and hope we can play again sometimes..

Adam - For being my friend and sharing our awkwardness together huhu ^_^

Jie - For being a good friend to me.. Thanks for your baked birthday cake that you give to my birthday.. its my first homemade cake ever.. thanks T_T

Shah - Shah ni senanye baek je.. haritu kat msia ajak kua g pc fair, pastu makan nandos.. Shah ni can take care of himself which i respect.. thanks for everything. especially our awesome NYC trip !!

MySA - For inviting me to the awesome Graduation Night even if I am from U of R.. terharu sangat..

For all the others I didn't mention, its not like I dont appreciate you guys, I appreciate everyone!! I really do.. You guys have lifted part of my cold darkness heart and make it slightly red and warm.. I am still far from being a great guy but friends do make a difference and I have to thank you all for that!! XOXO

Thursday, May 5

Smart Consumer

Everybody desire something in their life. Coming from an average class family, is hard to get my hands on anything. The thing is, it is only natural for parents to be selective of what stuff they be giving to their children because childrens needs can sometimes be exaggerated and pretty much unnecessary.

A typical conversation you could see in shopping malls:
Son:"Mommy, I want that toy!"
Mother:"No no, you cant have that now. We will get that later" (an obvious lie that works againts little kid)....

Coming to US, I am thankful for the monthly allowance we received. Suddenly, there are lot of stuff that I can afford to buy. But the thing is, I can sometimes be a bad consumer. I would buy stuff that I think I want, but in the end, the stuff was just lie there, unused. LoL..

So I guess it is important to note that whenever u wanted to buy stuff, ask urself "Do I really need this right now and the foreseeable future?"