Sunday, May 15

I is Done

Yeaaah !!! College is officially over baby~

I want to thank everyone for all the love and friendship we shared.. And especially for those who come to my graduation today!!! Lan, Ray, Jiji, Mio, Akmal & Muni, Naje and Adam..

I know it was hard for them to come today, having to wake up before 9am when they sleep like 3 am in the morning.. The weather is also tough with a moderate rain and oh it was freezing!! Plus, some even have big exams on monday.. I appreciate all of you for being there.. No, really,,,

Hopefully, next friday, I could join your guys graduation and we can all celebrate and throw our hat-thing together!! the more the merrier, right? :D

i'm overfill with joy right now.. I just cant believe it!! Thanks again ^___^

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