Thursday, May 5

Smart Consumer

Everybody desire something in their life. Coming from an average class family, is hard to get my hands on anything. The thing is, it is only natural for parents to be selective of what stuff they be giving to their children because childrens needs can sometimes be exaggerated and pretty much unnecessary.

A typical conversation you could see in shopping malls:
Son:"Mommy, I want that toy!"
Mother:"No no, you cant have that now. We will get that later" (an obvious lie that works againts little kid)....

Coming to US, I am thankful for the monthly allowance we received. Suddenly, there are lot of stuff that I can afford to buy. But the thing is, I can sometimes be a bad consumer. I would buy stuff that I think I want, but in the end, the stuff was just lie there, unused. LoL..

So I guess it is important to note that whenever u wanted to buy stuff, ask urself "Do I really need this right now and the foreseeable future?"

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