Thursday, October 29

Finally, an entry. Yes I've been busy. At least I pretend to be.. -.-"

This past few week had been impossible for me. I dont like to talk about academics simply coz ppl dnt really care even though I have like a 5-10 pages single spaced due last week! Yeah and my grammar sucks.. I just realize it.. ZOMG .. Here's a comment from my TA "Finally, if you fail to get help with your writing in the next paper, I will take off substantial credit in each assignment. Please see me if you do not understand this." Seriously, how could I do not understand that? LoL.. (myb some1 with good grammar sense can help me correct my paper.. Though you might get annoyed by how much mistakes i made.. no joke :o ) my father is going to kill me.. he's always like "So barry, what does 2 years in America teach u?" Me:"...." Though in my heart, I wanted to say "NOTHING!"

Ok myb not nothing.. I am doing something here.. Or so I thought o_O Last week the University of Rochester Pi Delta Psi is hosting yet another dota tournament! It was cohosting with the CSUG (computer science undergraduate council) Lan Party where ppl bring Xbox to play Hailo and Brawl.. There is free pizza and pepsi :p Gladly to say that, I won the tournament!! I am so happy and I could not believe it.. Credit to my teammates Farmer and Nick for such awesome teamwork ^^ I hope this tournament can be continued in the future..

What it is like inside the room

People playing brawl! Nick own them with Yoshi.

4 ppl Hailo :o

Financially, I am doing quite bad.. A lot of money is spent on food.. CAN I NOT EAT? lol.. Nevertheless, I am trying to do stocks exchange.. Investing! yeah! Apparently I have a nice friend that are willing to help me learn.. Yeah I need money to buy a car.. Everyday I waste 45 mins to go to campus and another 45 mins to go back home.. Would be nice to own car..Hope I make enough money to buy it..

I am happy that people use my PS3 to play games notably little big planet.. I bought the ps3 but i realise I am not really a fan of games other than dota.. -.-"

Travel? Well I havent moved a lot.. I did go to DC before but that was like ages ago.. It was fun seeing the white house and the nice environment near the Abraham Lincoln Monument with some nice friends.. I also went to the Eastmen Kodak Theater with 2 awesome friend to watch an Orchestra playing! It was such an awesome orchestra with a violin solo!! It was so good that I falled asleep halfway! LoL Yes Orchestra is not for me :-s So we went out and have a nice coffee drink at Spot .. My friend likes to make gay jokes.. At that coffee cafe, I asked "Is there any other interesting place to go at Rochester?" and he was like "Well you could go to a gay stripper club". ZZZZZz Yeah there are lot of things that i wanted to say but cant due to its censority. Lolz..

Regardless, Hope u guys doing fine too and Have a nice weekend ~


Friday, October 2

I'll be going to DC this weekend.. I didnt wanted to go.. but was forced due to peer pressure.. Abraham Lincoln, here i come.. I hope u become animated like in the night at the muzeum 2 -.-"

I am broke! I should have saved my money for traveling. But instead I bought a PS3, an Acoustic guitar (In which I dont know how to play and havent tuned it yet) and a Digital drum ( dnt know play drums either).. I bought it coz i think its cool to learn it.. . Ironically enough, my motivation for music actually starts from playing the rock band game from ps3 o_O.. However, it seems very heard to learn as time is of the essence.. Mind got confused between dota, music, movies, studying ???

Trivial - i also bought a lots of other stuff like headphones, amplifier, netflix, a new ram for my netbook, textbooks.. Clearly im too boros atm..

Have a nice weekend ^_^