Saturday, April 30

New Phyrexia

The Magic the Gathering New Set prerelease is going out soon! I have my eyes on lot of interesting rare cards, but let be realistic here, what are the odds of me opening a sweet rare? They dont call it "rare cards" for no reason. So instead I'm going to watch my eyes on "cool" commons cards that will commonly be in my card pool and hopefully my pre-release deck!

A 3/1 first strike for 2 and 2 life? The nut beatdown! (Hopefully not fighting againts instill infection)

A better upgrade from instill infection most of the time!

Do I smell 2 for ones????

Cant wait to play them next saturday. ^_^

Tuesday, April 26


As I was looking through awesome pictures people have posted, I found this amazing photographs using animated GIF called cinemagraphs. This technique was known from a NYC photographer Jamie Beck and her husband. They describe it as "more than a photo but not quite the video"



This thing looks awesome but also looks like "A lot of work" :p

p/s - nab computer may lag XD

For her tumblr account visit:

Monday, April 25


Apparently my friend introduced me to this website called Sporcle. It is a website where you got to answer a bunch of fun quizzes. There is one about Malaysia which is interesting.

How much do you know about Malaysia? Give this a try :

Country Malaysia

Friday, April 22

Zomg *malu*

A chat with a friend:

Me:So you are from Brazil?
Friend: Yeah!
Me: Holla, Kom estas, Por Favor :D See I know a little bit Brazil Language! xD
Friend: Yea... That is Spanish :(
Me: ZOMG (realized brazilian dont speak spanish)
Me:Oh yea you speak Portugese right?
Me:So how do you speak hello in portugese? (haha cover baek nye :p)
Friend: Oi!

Oh well atleast that cleared the air =.=

Thursday, April 21

Pokok Lalu

img src:

One of my assignment for Recreational Graphics class is to create a 3 minute animation. That does not sound like much but really it took a long time to actually doing it. My housemate Mior suggested I did something about a tree and how it changes throughout the season. "like a time lapse? That sounds great!" I am a bit interested in time lapse video so I am eager to do it. That I did and it turn out alright. (Though it is not a time lapsed animation as I hoped)

Saturday, April 16


Just came back from Malaysian Night. Oh it was very tiring. All that people o_O Loved the performance especially the Asmara Dana.. The dancing was so in tune with the songs. They all seemed very well trained for the performance. Good Job. Now back to the normal life -__-"

Friday, April 15



While the idea of doing a "pre-order" is tempting, I usually find myself in a position where I never pre-ordered something even when I wanted it so badly. Why? Well I guess I think a lot when dealing with everything, and with money I guess it gets a bit more complicated for me and even for everyone. The most obvious question that I asked myself:

1. What if I have a change of heart - of not wanting the product anymore? ( Canceling a pre-order might be a pain, right?)

2. How do I know that the product is good? When I buy stuff, I usually refer to people's review. How they think about a product. Is it good, worth buying, things like that. By pre-ordering, its hard to get a review becoz u get it as early as any reviewer would!

3. How do I know that I'm not going to be in a money crisis? Perhaps I need money for something else. Something better?

4. The most crucial, PRICE. Pre-order price are mostly retail price. While this is not necessarily bad, sometimes you can be rewarded for a better price for simply wait for a month or two. Have you ever heard of a phrase "Good things come to those who wait"? Though you might not get it as soon those who pre-ordered, you'll get a good deal out of it and that in itself should compensate for the lost of time, or does it? :p

But this varies to personality I think. I guess some people just like to get things as soon as they come up due to excitement "OOOH I cant wait!!" kind of feeling. But even so, by ordering it on the day it came out, You probably get it around the same people who pre-ordered anyway. After all, they wont ship pre-ordered stuff until the release date anyway. Right???

And I guess some jerk just want to pre-order for braggin rights and think they are cool. "Oh I have pre-ordered the Ipad 3 and got it as soon as it came out".. Those are annoying people but I guess you gotta give them a bit of credit for being the kiasu ones. XD

In the end, its really hard for me to do a pre-order. EVER. I tried to click the "Submit cart" but I just can't :P *sigh* Patience is virtue but yeah let just wait for stuff to come out is EXTREMELY PAINFUL!! 7-8 May is a very long wait T___T

Sunday, April 10

Feel differently

img src:

Dont u ever wonder that you doing the same thing in life everyday that it feels redundant but u can't really run from it? I guess eating and sleeping are the most obvious example.

But I think, no matter how repetitive your "work" can be, if you really think about it, it is always different! For example, let say u cook something today and tomorrow (not that I cook). Even when you cook the same dish, the experience is different. You might have somebody else with you in the kitchen or you might be listening to music while cooking.. It amaze me how so many simple variation of works is seen as merely a single thing (if that make sense?)

Well my point is, sometimes people just doesnt aware or myb cared about the differences they might have experienced. If they do, I think they might feel more enjoyable doing what they do.

But for me, I can't help but to notice my time spent on a freaking bus.. I know, I know, is there really a story about riding a bus? I mean, its just repetitive and lame. There's nothing to tell about riding the long rectangle thing. But seriously, I beg to differ. Sure I have to take the bus about 45 minutes to campus. People said to me "Man, that sucks!".. Well it actually does. I mean who would want to take a bus so long to campus anyway? But sometimes, if I really feel the moment, I can feel the differences which I think was interesting..

Like some day, I notice that the bus driver drive SO FAST that u can feel the corners or there is a bunch of girls singing in the bus (sounded really bad and how relief I am once they get out from the bus upon reaching the mall).. And sometimes, u encounter people who answered their cellphone with very loud voice like they own the bus.. Know what i mean? "HEY MAN, WHATS UP? AboUT THAt Bla BLa, I'm In THE BUS ON THE WAY THERE" Seriously people, NOBODY CARES!!! Control ur voice a bit and let there be peace for other people in the bus :D and ofc I have lot more out-of-the-ordinary bus experience but I guess u could ask me if u wanted to know coz I dont think anyone wanted to. Atleast not after all this babbling of mine xD

I guess this thought come to mind because I red Detective Conan - Case Closed 700+ chapters marathon! (manga has never been this convenient ^_^) I think Conan said something like "Detective observe their surroundings and notice the things out of the norm"

So yea, take time to feel what ur doing at any point of time, u might just notice that interesting "this is not what I normally do/see" and maybe laugh and smile about it :) !! Heck, even "normal" is over rated o_O