Friday, April 15



While the idea of doing a "pre-order" is tempting, I usually find myself in a position where I never pre-ordered something even when I wanted it so badly. Why? Well I guess I think a lot when dealing with everything, and with money I guess it gets a bit more complicated for me and even for everyone. The most obvious question that I asked myself:

1. What if I have a change of heart - of not wanting the product anymore? ( Canceling a pre-order might be a pain, right?)

2. How do I know that the product is good? When I buy stuff, I usually refer to people's review. How they think about a product. Is it good, worth buying, things like that. By pre-ordering, its hard to get a review becoz u get it as early as any reviewer would!

3. How do I know that I'm not going to be in a money crisis? Perhaps I need money for something else. Something better?

4. The most crucial, PRICE. Pre-order price are mostly retail price. While this is not necessarily bad, sometimes you can be rewarded for a better price for simply wait for a month or two. Have you ever heard of a phrase "Good things come to those who wait"? Though you might not get it as soon those who pre-ordered, you'll get a good deal out of it and that in itself should compensate for the lost of time, or does it? :p

But this varies to personality I think. I guess some people just like to get things as soon as they come up due to excitement "OOOH I cant wait!!" kind of feeling. But even so, by ordering it on the day it came out, You probably get it around the same people who pre-ordered anyway. After all, they wont ship pre-ordered stuff until the release date anyway. Right???

And I guess some jerk just want to pre-order for braggin rights and think they are cool. "Oh I have pre-ordered the Ipad 3 and got it as soon as it came out".. Those are annoying people but I guess you gotta give them a bit of credit for being the kiasu ones. XD

In the end, its really hard for me to do a pre-order. EVER. I tried to click the "Submit cart" but I just can't :P *sigh* Patience is virtue but yeah let just wait for stuff to come out is EXTREMELY PAINFUL!! 7-8 May is a very long wait T___T

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