Thursday, March 26


Well I havent written anything for so long.. There isnt much interesting things to say.. Oh, last weekend we played Mafia... I really hate playing that game!! What a bunch of friggin liars!! especially Mior and JiJi!! Here I quote one of their line when they are Mafia that totally makes me want to kill them! -.-"

JiJi : "Bari aku percaya kau. Aku percaya kau bukan mafia".
Mior: "Aku tak tau la. Aku dah confuse ni".

Anyways, I've been busy working on this CS project which look something like in the link.. Its not really that bad, but I'm just a bit confuse and this does take a lot of my time.. T.T
CS Project

Congrats to all my brothers and sisters for getting good results in upsr, pmr, and spm.. I MIGHT buy u guys something special when I return to Malaysia soon ^^ You guys still have a long way to go..

I hope I got to finish the project soon.. its been like 5 days already since I work on it.. Still figuring out how to use the intersection method to check whether a line segment is on which side o.O help any1? probably not -.-"

Sunday, March 15

terlepas bus..

oh we were about to go to abang nazrul house naek bus which moves 324 from gleason.. usually it takes 5 mins to reach the bus stop.. however, today it came 3 mins early so me n mior was stunned as we tgk the bus going just 5 meters aways from us.. theres nothing we can do.. and its not like we have a next bus.. we can however go take a bus to the mall and take the 436 from the mall.. but me n mior agreed that it would be too late to do so..

i invited hazirah to come along.. but she already took the bus then.. sorry we werent there... but theres nothing we can do...

Pao called and suggest us to call abang Nazrul to pick us up... well i talk about that to mior. but he said he already deleted the invitiational email he receive from Nazrul.. and he and me was segan to ask him to pick us up too -.-"

so we didnt go.. asip was going back home saying all those words like "sedap gile.." ah he even said "kalau aku boleh mkn bnyk dah lame dah aku makan"... he also said that if we had called Abang Nazrul, he would have picked us up since he also picked 2 girls lived close to our apartment.. how ironic -.-"

urkh... i am hungry.. but fortunately mior cooked something for dinner :D
sorry Abang Nazrul we cant come.. and happy birthday Tasneem =.="

Wednesday, March 11

Homeless ftw? part 2..

I just gulped and let him continue his story... So he was saying about how he has to work hard in the streets in order to live.. He collects bottles, cans, paper and anything that can be trade for a bit money for him to survive.. He also finds things at the junkyard.. He said "Dont underestimate the trash".. People there at California throws away many still useable stuff.. He told me about how he found a new bike still sealed in a box... Not to mention he found a lot of weed, drugs and crack which I guess is useful for him -.-"

He continues.. "When i was still at the street, there is this girl having a conversation with me... She then invited me to live with her.. So i figured why not since I dont have a place.. She was an alchoholic and she do drugs.. One day, she asked me to clean his gun.. It was a beautiful gun.. It was &**^@ type. (haha i was a bit ignorant about gun type -.-").. So as I was cleaning the gun, i ran out of beer.. So I went to buy beer while carrying the gun on my wrist... I dont know what the hell was i thinking (you drunk myb?), I went along randomly shooting everything at my sight.... bang! bang! it was crazy!
I: ":O ............."
And then the police came along with the media and i was put to jail again...

He then asked me, How do you think about my life? Before I can answer it, he continue to speak "I am really SCARED of my life.. I know you have you feel comfortable with your life.. You live in a very comfortable place.. You know what your going to do.. Going to school.. But for me, I dont know what to do.. If I can go to the School and get my degree TODAY and start working, I will... Im SCARED to live as a human being.."

Ok, this is getting awkward.. So I really wanted to go.. I really felt pity for him.. I dont know if I should say this, but I give him some money and said, "I really have to go, you can have this, go buy a beer or something" ... OMG did I really say that? "Go buy a beer or something"?? What is wrong with me? -.-"
Oh noes...

While feeling guilt, I went to class...

-THe end-

Sunday, March 1

No Mood

Lately, I dont feel so good.. Coz this thing keep bugging me all day!! Plus no one seems to be interested to my story so i guess i wont continue... Been watching how i met your mum lately and it was super awesome.. I need to study for Psychology exam this tuesday.. Already missing my housemate Mior.. And my friend Jiji and Pao.. Hope they return soon -.-" Phylosophy was a bad cluster choice but I cant really seem to back out now.. Its pretty much going to destroy my grade if i dnt take it seriously.. I should be playing poker or something but im not.. oh well.. life doesnt always turn out as u planned..