Sunday, March 1

No Mood

Lately, I dont feel so good.. Coz this thing keep bugging me all day!! Plus no one seems to be interested to my story so i guess i wont continue... Been watching how i met your mum lately and it was super awesome.. I need to study for Psychology exam this tuesday.. Already missing my housemate Mior.. And my friend Jiji and Pao.. Hope they return soon -.-" Phylosophy was a bad cluster choice but I cant really seem to back out now.. Its pretty much going to destroy my grade if i dnt take it seriously.. I should be playing poker or something but im not.. oh well.. life doesnt always turn out as u planned..



  1. none seems interested? I just began blogging back yesterday. Please continue your story. :-) Your story is going to be Legend~~ wait for it.....~~ dary! Legendary as mine! XD

  2. hoi..sambung cerita tu bole x?