Tuesday, December 23

Happy Holidays!

Finally i watched Saw 5 on my laptop! alone :(
Omg it was scary watching it alone.. at first i watch it using my earphone.. but then i decided that it was too scary (since the sound is so direct to my ear) so i just used the speaker and lower down the voice xD

Well, i did not predict the good guys still lost in this Saw movie! Just when I thought the good police was about to capture the villain, he was then trapped and crushed between two walls T__T AH my apologise for the spoiler if you havent watch it o.O you should! It makes you appreciate your own body xD though in a weird way i guess :-s

Been at Mior's for awhile now... who knows that this might end up being my house too XD

So jealous some of my friends whent to florida.. I really wanted to go to but no1 invited me T_T
but yeah i am kinda broke so i guess i will go later someday..

ok so cuti nak g mane? lepak kat trap? lol... I always wanted to make a snowman.. i guess i should try that if the weather is less colder -.-"

And yeah, happy holidays everybody!和 新 年快了!(and a happy new year :D )

Saturday, December 13


zomg zizi tagged me! Well, seems like this is kinda fun.. =)

1. 5 Ciri Wanita/Lelaki Idaman Anda :

a) Cute!
b) Cun!
c) Caring!
d) Sporting -___-
e) Fun xD

2. 5 Wanita/Lelaki Yang Tak Pernah Anda Minati Sepanjang Hidup :

zomg thats a weird question... Kalau ask "Yg pernah anda minati" makes more sense to me :-s

3. 5 Perasaan Anda Sekiranya Keluar Dengan Orang Yang Minati :

a) Nervous XD
b) Mula2 segan pastu ok xD
c) Best -____-
d) feel like want to give everything she need -.-"
e) sometime feels like out of place, walking together talking without a sense of direction until i realise, hey? its that way! o.O

4. 5 Tempat Istimewa Yang Ingin Dilawati Bersama Pasangan Anda :

Well, if I could, or would i rather say "can afford", I would want to go to
1.Paris!(for obvious reasons -__-")
3-Theme Park (Omg I love Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point!)
4-Movies ( in which case it is easier to afford xD)
5-Good Place to eat and talk about stuff -.-"

5. 5 Barangan/Sesuatu Istimewa Yang Akan Anda Hadiahkan Kepada Si Dia :

Yg "akan" but tak semestinye beli? XD

a) Fridge Magnet!! ahaha im so obsessed with fridge magnets now.. They're like the best souvenire ever for me.. N they are kinda cheap too xD
b) Stuffed animals :-s
c) baju but cam tak sure size so mostly tak jd beli :-s
d) lingerie =P (Just kidding!!)
e) buku Twilight series LOL

6. Tajuk Lagu Yang Akan Anda Nyanyikan Untuk Pasangan Anda..

a)Tokio Hotel - Monsoon

b) Avenge Sevenfold - A Little Piece of Heaven XD

c) In Team - Kasih Kekasih zomg this song so tak leh belah one.. was legendary when i was f1 :p

d) Farawahida - Tanpamu xD

e)Basshunter - Dota.. Kidding LOL! :p

7. Rakan Yang Anda Tag Dan Mahu Mereka Buat 5 PERIHAL Ini. Wajib!!!!
3.Ecah Momo
5.Noa -.-"

*Sorry guys ^_^*

Wednesday, December 10

Final is around the edge!!

Oh eventhough this week is not final week, I have 2 test to attend T_T
The first one is today, Psychology applied to work.. zomg sound interesting? Believe me, its not!! well then again, it still come to this.. the finals.. At 450 today.. wish me the best k XD

For tomorrow, I have Intro to computer exam.. there is so many things to read for that exam :-s I guess I might not sleep tonight.. But then again, I wonder if my body can take it if I don't sleep? Anyways, my past exam was absurdly bad.. Really now.. I issue my concern to my TA and she said "Barry come to the labs every time, we want him to pass this course!" Thank you Catty for your kind words T.T Still, I need to study for it tonight + tomorrow with all my might so that I would not disappoint her and myself :D

Next week I have 3 more exams... But lets just keep that aside for now xD

Sunday, December 7

Dota Tournament at U of R

Who would have thought that the U of R Pi Delta Psi fraternity group hosting the dota tournament? Since Dota is not really famous in US, they aren't really many players so the host decided that they make a 3v3 tournament. Since the time is short, they decided the mode to be -rdem (random draft easy mode).

When I arrived at the scene and finally meet Nick and Steve, we were kind of overwhelmed by the chinese team that was beside us. They say they beat the best chinese team, Ehome , but while Ehome played in lags lol.. At first, we thought that it is going to be a round robin style of tournament since there is only 6 team.. But suddenly, two more team came and it turn out to be a single elimination tournament!! So by all means, we must not lost otherwise we will go home lol.. As we pray that we dont want to meet the chinese team in the first round, the tournament match up was up and we fight againts a team which have a girl in it!! I'm not saying that girls can't play dota but usually boys are better than girls in dota XD So we are kind or relief and so the tournament begin..

First Match -Broodmother (nick)+ Invoker(Me) + Warlock(Steve) VS Ursa Warrior + Demon Witch + Morphling
Because our teammate ,Steve choose hero so late in rdem mode, the computer randomly pick invoker instead of silencer!! Is this a bad sign? I was supposed to use Warlock but since Steve does not know how to use Invoker I decided to swap hero with him. My lane was with mophling and he has a ring of health so early in the game so I cannot really harass his hero.. I'm the one who's being harassed and was killed when Demon witch came bot to gank me XD
After awhile the enemy tried to push mid.. On the 2nd tower, we defended it by my casting the Chaos meteor , warlock with his infernal and brood with bkb + ult! Its basically a team kill for them and we pushed it till the end afterwards after my Invoker get Hex ^_^..

Semi-Final - Chaos Knight (Nick)+ Lich(me) + Mophling(Steve) VS Axe + Tidehunter + Kunkka
It was annoying that they pick kunkka since Nick and Steve havent played the new hero before and they dont know what Kunkka ability is!! Nick :"Whats with this giant ship??" LoL I used Lich mid lane with Kunkka and I was basically harassing him so bad that he has to call Tide to gank me XD Yeah, i died A few times :-s and they starting to push mid and we got our middle rax destroyed.. However, Nick was farming and he got gay item already... I think its bad for them to have 3 melee in their team.. When mophling wave in and they all attack him, I cast the frost nova and Nick was killing all of them.. Tripol!! And it was basically GG after Nick got aegis + bf + sny + hod on ck lvl at 21+ -.-"..

Final!! - (Our team) Broodmother(me) + Queen of Pain(Nick)+Magnus(Steve) VS Phantom Assasin + Tidehunter + Dazzle
I thought we were going to meet the chinese team in the final, but surpirsingly they lost to the host team(Pi Delta Psi frat team) .. We were a bit nervous but i said to Nick "We come so far, we have to win this".
Yes it surprise me that they choose Dazzle!! He's a great support hero but I dont think he is worth in 3v3.. But it was a though game! Nick QoP died a couple of times to PA.. But its funny that PA did not get Bf instead he go for Hod +threads+ Vitality booster? So I asked them to hold the game until Nick got Hex.. After that we pushed, Magnus ult + qop spam all and hexed PA.. I attacked and killed dazzle with a few hit lol and killed PA too.. We all attacked the Fat tide last and yeah he cant run due to my slow orb.. They all died and we pushed with my spiderling and the "gg" was called xD

From left, Nick, Steve Me

Our happy face after winning the tournament along with our prize which is a bunch of Japanese snacks LOL... But then again its ok since the feeling of being a champion is the greatest feeling ever XD Plus the tournament is free ^_^

Thursday, December 4

Siapa lagi kacak???


Sape lagi kacak?? Nate Archibald from Gossip girl or Edward Cullin from Twilight?
haha I vote for Nate !! go Nate! XD

Wednesday, December 3

2nd last class week

zomg I havent been writing to my blog for awhile now.. Yeah, i figured there's nothing too interesting to write.. sure some event happened yet nothing is worth told.. Spend all my thanksgiving break hanging out at Mior's house and went shopping a lil bit.. XD Unfortunately, I did not go to Black Friday.. Heard from my friends that there are people actually died in black friday coz kene trample ngan crowd : |

Idk for some reason I've been having strange dreams lately.. Well not horror dream, thank god.. Just weird2.. Ah remmbr in school there is something like "If you can dream and not make dream your master" Dnt know what it really mean but it sounds cool XD

Final week is just around the corner.. Less then 2 weeks.. It is really weird because I have 2 exams even BEFORE the final exam week... w t ? that means I only have 3 exams in the final week which is chinese, math and CS171... I should try to do super well in the final because I am trying really hard to live off-campus next semester.. will i really get it though? sigh~..

Pray for my success.

Oh and yeah, I think the movie twilight is overrated (Nate Archibald is more hensem than Edward )-.-"