Wednesday, December 3

2nd last class week

zomg I havent been writing to my blog for awhile now.. Yeah, i figured there's nothing too interesting to write.. sure some event happened yet nothing is worth told.. Spend all my thanksgiving break hanging out at Mior's house and went shopping a lil bit.. XD Unfortunately, I did not go to Black Friday.. Heard from my friends that there are people actually died in black friday coz kene trample ngan crowd : |

Idk for some reason I've been having strange dreams lately.. Well not horror dream, thank god.. Just weird2.. Ah remmbr in school there is something like "If you can dream and not make dream your master" Dnt know what it really mean but it sounds cool XD

Final week is just around the corner.. Less then 2 weeks.. It is really weird because I have 2 exams even BEFORE the final exam week... w t ? that means I only have 3 exams in the final week which is chinese, math and CS171... I should try to do super well in the final because I am trying really hard to live off-campus next semester.. will i really get it though? sigh~..

Pray for my success.

Oh and yeah, I think the movie twilight is overrated (Nate Archibald is more hensem than Edward )-.-"


  1. edward lebih kacakk lah! pbbhtt! :P

  2. dare i ask who is that Nate guy??? nooooooo. Edward is wayyy sgt hensem lg kacak amat sekali la bars. ;) and even if i had a boyfriend skang pn i still admit that edward kacak lg. :D hahahaa

  3. Nate is from Gossip girl :p
    I think Nate agi kacak aah! well then again, beauty is relative.. thats why they say "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" -.-"

  4. barry, good luck !
    smthing abt twilight, i think both guys & girls will have different opinion.
    i watched it too, but didn't feel the aura at all. sorryyyyy... LoL.