Wednesday, December 10

Final is around the edge!!

Oh eventhough this week is not final week, I have 2 test to attend T_T
The first one is today, Psychology applied to work.. zomg sound interesting? Believe me, its not!! well then again, it still come to this.. the finals.. At 450 today.. wish me the best k XD

For tomorrow, I have Intro to computer exam.. there is so many things to read for that exam :-s I guess I might not sleep tonight.. But then again, I wonder if my body can take it if I don't sleep? Anyways, my past exam was absurdly bad.. Really now.. I issue my concern to my TA and she said "Barry come to the labs every time, we want him to pass this course!" Thank you Catty for your kind words T.T Still, I need to study for it tonight + tomorrow with all my might so that I would not disappoint her and myself :D

Next week I have 3 more exams... But lets just keep that aside for now xD

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  1. good luck bari! may Allah always be with you...