Monday, October 31


Indubitably, everything we do in life comes with choices. Some are easy while some are hard.

"Should I stay or should I go shopping today?"
"Should I take Engineering or Computer Science?"
"Should I buy an Iphone 4S, or Samsung Galaxy S2?"

Nevertheless, sometimes we regret doing things that we shouldn't have. Watching "Big Bang Theory" yesterday, Leonard quote out something interesting "People regret NOT doing things more than they regret doing it".

It is ok to try something new that we do not know whether its good or bad, at least then we know and would be able to reflect on it. Being at 23 already, there are lot of things that I regret not doing.

Now I hv opened up a bit, and trying to accept more things o__O

Ok Dah hilang point. Senanye nak ckp Khamis ni ade interview for CIMB Banker Programme and I am freaking out D:

Allah, grant give me the courage to pass through this obstacles! What I would kill for a bank job o__O

Sunday, October 30

A penny for my thoughts

I cant believe I've work as programmer for 2 month already!! At first I kinda hate the fact that I hv to sit in front of the computer at all times to do work.. But actually it wasnt all that bad. I can move around for a bit and take a short break if I feel like my eyes is starting to hurt. Plus, my colleagues are awesome o____O

I'm still considering other jobs, but if I can't find anything better, I guess I'll stick around first for a year and see where it leads me.

A lot of my friend is getting married,, And I dnt hv anyone yet.. Should I be worried? o___O No but yet but no but yes?

I know its been months after I graduated. But I cant help but to be relieved that I actually did finish my degree. It was tough there believe me!! There isnt many malay at U of R that I Have to work extra hard and being independent. Luckily I have Hoang, and my supportive housemates which I MISS so much T___T


I know some of my friends even have to repay back MARA hundred of thousands ringgit becoz they failed to perform at the United States. Most of my colleagues owe the PTPTN..

Its good to be ambitious and always looking forward, but just don't forget that there are unfortunate souls behind us out there, that we should all be thankful to what we have today! Peace!! ^__^

Saturday, October 22

Take Care of Yourself

I am sure everyone of us have been told by friends and family alike "Take Care of Yourself". It comes in billions of forms such as "Jaga diri bebaik, TC, Watch out, ETC".. The term is so general that I sometimes wonder, what does it all even mean?

Sorry, being a thinker, I like to think about a lot of things, even simple things like this.. I haven't put much thought into this word until quite recently.. Ok so I guess we all have our set of definition and understanding, but being in the informational age and all, let see what google has to offer o_O

*Googled and the first link gives me out to this Yahoo ask*


What does "take care of yourself" mean?

When someone leaves and that person says, "Take care of yourself, good-bye" what does that mean?

Does that mean... "be careful in the meantime?"

Thanks and will choose most helpful answer.

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker

I think that's exactly what it careful, don't get into trouble/arrested/killed, I'd like to see you again or I wish the best for you so please try and do your best so that I will see you again...

But I like the answer that this girl give:

I think it basically means to eat healthy, and live healthily so u dont get sick from neglecting ur needs or health. And also the obvious things like not to do anything potentially dangerous, that would all be encompassed in the saying.

In my case, when I were giving this word, I feel like there are many things that NEEDS TO BE TAKEN CARE OF! SELF is a pretty big word. Anything that we are, physically and mentally, and anything we do or associate with can be apart of that SELF. Does this guy/girl really expect me to take care of this myriad stuff?


-health, beauty, finance, friendship, mind, religion, time management, relationship, study, work, IQ, EQ, community, home, cleanliness, fitness, sports, happiness, mode, ethics dsb..
And even if that's it, do they ask us to just take care (MAINTAIN CARE) or to to take BETTER care of that particular SELF?

If the latter, then how thoughtful of them!!!

So whenever I were given this, I always think about what I am currently and how I could take better care of that SELF. Hrmmm..

So guys, Take care of yourself. And I mean: Take BETTER care of your
health, beauty, finance, friendship, mind, religion, time management, relationship, study, work, IQ, EQ, community, home, cleanliness, fitness, sports, happiness, mode, ethics (and a 1001 other attributes) haha :D

Food for thought. Sorry if dont understand. Not quite good at explaining though I am aiming to become a Lecturer o___O Myb one day...

Tuesday, September 13

Ready to work

Dear Blog,

Oh ur still alive and running?
For a moment there I thought I never found u again.. College graduation marks a new stage in my life. Work!

It has been slightly worrisome month. After I came back to Malaysia 3 months ago, so many questions about work were asked by peers and families alike.

"Dah keje belom?" was the default question to go to.

Months I've been given excuses like "tunggu lepas raya", "nak relek dulu". "Nak jmpe member2"..

Now finally I have a job :D

As a software developer at ATQMultimedia.. The pay is no much but that'll do for now. Plus I got to make new awesome friends!! *like*

Ok its 740 u hv to go to work.. Lambat nnt jem T__T

Monday, June 20

Trip to home

Its a very long flight!!!!

I started off alone from ROC and on Chicago o'haire airport.. The terminal change was very far from my arrival gate.. I made there on time n boarded to la... Me alone in the big LAX airport.. As i going outside, i realised my bag was a bit thin... I checked n OMG i left my laptop on the american airline carrier!!!

I ran towards the kastam but they wont let me through.. Said i need a boarding pass.. I tell her my situation and she advised me to contact AA employees... They are a lot of em.. But when asked, they can only say " ask the supervisor"... Pffft ... I finally found the said supervisor and OMG, it looks like she already hv a handful herself!! idk.. To ask or not to ask... As she was busy withva group of tourist checkin, i act worrysome while raising my hand... She saw but ignored me... I stood there, silenced...

After a couple of minutes, she muttered "what do u need?" ... Thank god.. I explained like my laptop life depends on it, she began to make some phonecalls... Making an indifference face, she said "we found it"... Wait here.. A relief, felt from my inside out... I waited, yes... It took so long but i dnt care... Its worth it as my next flight to malaysia is in 6 hours.. I smiled :)

Saturday, June 18

Ok this is my first time blogging thru my iphone...

Im currently at rochester airport , Alone t-t

Such a sad day today.. I said my gd byes to my fellow friends..

Bought 12 farewel cards which i assume was enough but clearly its not!!! But as long as u guys know that i appreciate u guys as my friend is more than enough,.. In this world, i learned that we cant easily satisfy everyone..

Omg curently dgr lagu taylor swift yg ade "by the water" trus igt eriba lavachovs!!!!

Aaaaa i miss everyone

Tuesday, June 14

Imba pickup

3 guys pretending to be on a wheelchair, picking up girls.. :D

Clearly im bored

Friday, June 3

Midwest was a blast! I cannot believe that I get to meet a lot of people, my friends especially after 3-4 years... For the most part, they seem just like how I remembered them. Well, khai was a little thinner (good for him)... Time moved so fast... But its nice that we all have something in common to talk about:

"Kau balek Malaysia bile?"
"Ape plan lepas balek Malaysia?"
"Pergi mane2 ke balek Malaysia lambat/awal ni?"

I cannot believe that I will be leaving the United states in 3 more weeks. 4 years feels so long yet so short! I wonder what lies ahead in my future, hopefully I can find a decent job. It seems that I'm in that age where a lot of people are either working, doing master or phd or getting married! I'm happy for them and I hope I could come to people's wedding and look at their happy faces :D
Especially when I'm unemployed and dont know what to do back home :p

Every journey comes to an end. I feel joyful and satisfied with a slight regret. I learned and explored new things, good and bad. Hope every experience I gained here can put me on the next level, making me become all the better, faster, stronger xD

Sunday, May 15

I is Done

Yeaaah !!! College is officially over baby~

I want to thank everyone for all the love and friendship we shared.. And especially for those who come to my graduation today!!! Lan, Ray, Jiji, Mio, Akmal & Muni, Naje and Adam..

I know it was hard for them to come today, having to wake up before 9am when they sleep like 3 am in the morning.. The weather is also tough with a moderate rain and oh it was freezing!! Plus, some even have big exams on monday.. I appreciate all of you for being there.. No, really,,,

Hopefully, next friday, I could join your guys graduation and we can all celebrate and throw our hat-thing together!! the more the merrier, right? :D

i'm overfill with joy right now.. I just cant believe it!! Thanks again ^___^

Wednesday, May 11

I cannot believe I'm graduating this weekend. Time sure flies. What am I going to do after this? What will I work as? There are so many unanswered questions that keep on bugging me. Maybe I do not have to worry about this yet. I hope I can make up something good with my future. :)

In addition to that, I want to take everybody for being there with me through out this whole 4 years. Especially to my housemates, Asip, Mior, Jiji, Joe, Ray.. They have been very good friends for me and I appreciate them for all the good and maybe bad things that brings to all the bittersweet memory of my life.
Asip - For all those COUNTLESS amazing cooking, being there for me all the time.. Sharing stories and problems.. Always invited me to go to events.. making me feel welcomed in RIT when I am not really comfortable with the environment.

Mior - For all the moral support in studying and indirect motivator by being kiasu.. Also for being the secondary chef in the house.. And for all the jokes and laughter.. All the trading card we played.. the LOTION TRAP lol

Jiji - For being Jiji.. You thought me NEVER TO GIVE UP when I can't really take the pressure.. It means a lot to me.. thanks for letting me sleep at your bed at night.. (kejut aku bole tak?).. and also all the entertainment k-pop stuff videos and songs.. sarang butan!! I will always "like" it.

Joe - Probably the most FRIENDLIEST guy I ever met. He is everybody's friend.. I am really glad to know you.. You thought me a lil bit about being social and confident.. Also very caring and pulsa but in a good way.. You always make me people want to hug you. *hug*

Lan - For being a great mum.. Wlupun mak sgt diva and susah utk dpt attention mak, I still appreciate you.. (coz that is what anak do right?) Thanks for all the nice cook, dota moments, the annoying bass speaker.. Terharu sgt ble mak call suruh dtg malaysian night ^_^

Ray - Such a nice guy. Sometimes he would give me a ride to campus in the morning and we talk about some stuff.. Always being THOUGHTFUL by helping me fill in the blanks when I cannot understand what he was talking about with some other friends.. really friendly and make some funny american jokes too..

Also thanks to all my friends.. Semua orang la yg pernah kenal.. korang memang terbaek... Thanks sangat2 and sorry jika ade salah and tersilap.. A couple more shoutout:

Muni - For being such a nice friend.. Muni ni memang friendly (wlupung garang2 sikit).. muni ni mmg rajin tegur2 and datang rumah melawat.. appreciate it!

Hoang - The best friend that I have in U of R.. He is a true friend.. We've been through so much together. taking class, lunch breaks, watching opera, concert, and shared a lot of stories about our college life.. Sometimes we stumble across some issues, but nevertheless we still can maintain friendship.. I'm gonna miss him so much..

Manche - for all the counseling!! there is nothing to hate about manche.. he tell normal stories and make it funny.. he is cool and we share a lot in common (mtg, manga, dota) He is the first person I would recommend a manga to ^__^

Ecah kentang - for the awesome chicken wings and nice 2008 midwest trips that we hv..

Afnan - For all the lol moments... Oreno turn, draw!

Hizami, Adlil - Really, really, really nice Juniors.. They will come visit our house, saying hi, sharing gossip.. melawat rumah org tua katenye.. They really love the RIT seniors.. Even if I am from U of R, they also layan me :p I cannot count how many times zami said "Boleh tak korang jangan grad lagi?" I know they probably aimed at all the other cm boys, but it did touched my heart T_T

Chot, wak, eriq, matt - For welcoming me to Park Point last summer and introduce me to magic! Stuck with it ever since and hope we can play again sometimes..

Adam - For being my friend and sharing our awkwardness together huhu ^_^

Jie - For being a good friend to me.. Thanks for your baked birthday cake that you give to my birthday.. its my first homemade cake ever.. thanks T_T

Shah - Shah ni senanye baek je.. haritu kat msia ajak kua g pc fair, pastu makan nandos.. Shah ni can take care of himself which i respect.. thanks for everything. especially our awesome NYC trip !!

MySA - For inviting me to the awesome Graduation Night even if I am from U of R.. terharu sangat..

For all the others I didn't mention, its not like I dont appreciate you guys, I appreciate everyone!! I really do.. You guys have lifted part of my cold darkness heart and make it slightly red and warm.. I am still far from being a great guy but friends do make a difference and I have to thank you all for that!! XOXO

Thursday, May 5

Smart Consumer

Everybody desire something in their life. Coming from an average class family, is hard to get my hands on anything. The thing is, it is only natural for parents to be selective of what stuff they be giving to their children because childrens needs can sometimes be exaggerated and pretty much unnecessary.

A typical conversation you could see in shopping malls:
Son:"Mommy, I want that toy!"
Mother:"No no, you cant have that now. We will get that later" (an obvious lie that works againts little kid)....

Coming to US, I am thankful for the monthly allowance we received. Suddenly, there are lot of stuff that I can afford to buy. But the thing is, I can sometimes be a bad consumer. I would buy stuff that I think I want, but in the end, the stuff was just lie there, unused. LoL..

So I guess it is important to note that whenever u wanted to buy stuff, ask urself "Do I really need this right now and the foreseeable future?"

Saturday, April 30

New Phyrexia

The Magic the Gathering New Set prerelease is going out soon! I have my eyes on lot of interesting rare cards, but let be realistic here, what are the odds of me opening a sweet rare? They dont call it "rare cards" for no reason. So instead I'm going to watch my eyes on "cool" commons cards that will commonly be in my card pool and hopefully my pre-release deck!

A 3/1 first strike for 2 and 2 life? The nut beatdown! (Hopefully not fighting againts instill infection)

A better upgrade from instill infection most of the time!

Do I smell 2 for ones????

Cant wait to play them next saturday. ^_^

Tuesday, April 26


As I was looking through awesome pictures people have posted, I found this amazing photographs using animated GIF called cinemagraphs. This technique was known from a NYC photographer Jamie Beck and her husband. They describe it as "more than a photo but not quite the video"



This thing looks awesome but also looks like "A lot of work" :p

p/s - nab computer may lag XD

For her tumblr account visit:

Monday, April 25


Apparently my friend introduced me to this website called Sporcle. It is a website where you got to answer a bunch of fun quizzes. There is one about Malaysia which is interesting.

How much do you know about Malaysia? Give this a try :

Country Malaysia

Friday, April 22

Zomg *malu*

A chat with a friend:

Me:So you are from Brazil?
Friend: Yeah!
Me: Holla, Kom estas, Por Favor :D See I know a little bit Brazil Language! xD
Friend: Yea... That is Spanish :(
Me: ZOMG (realized brazilian dont speak spanish)
Me:Oh yea you speak Portugese right?
Me:So how do you speak hello in portugese? (haha cover baek nye :p)
Friend: Oi!

Oh well atleast that cleared the air =.=

Thursday, April 21

Pokok Lalu

img src:

One of my assignment for Recreational Graphics class is to create a 3 minute animation. That does not sound like much but really it took a long time to actually doing it. My housemate Mior suggested I did something about a tree and how it changes throughout the season. "like a time lapse? That sounds great!" I am a bit interested in time lapse video so I am eager to do it. That I did and it turn out alright. (Though it is not a time lapsed animation as I hoped)

Saturday, April 16


Just came back from Malaysian Night. Oh it was very tiring. All that people o_O Loved the performance especially the Asmara Dana.. The dancing was so in tune with the songs. They all seemed very well trained for the performance. Good Job. Now back to the normal life -__-"

Friday, April 15



While the idea of doing a "pre-order" is tempting, I usually find myself in a position where I never pre-ordered something even when I wanted it so badly. Why? Well I guess I think a lot when dealing with everything, and with money I guess it gets a bit more complicated for me and even for everyone. The most obvious question that I asked myself:

1. What if I have a change of heart - of not wanting the product anymore? ( Canceling a pre-order might be a pain, right?)

2. How do I know that the product is good? When I buy stuff, I usually refer to people's review. How they think about a product. Is it good, worth buying, things like that. By pre-ordering, its hard to get a review becoz u get it as early as any reviewer would!

3. How do I know that I'm not going to be in a money crisis? Perhaps I need money for something else. Something better?

4. The most crucial, PRICE. Pre-order price are mostly retail price. While this is not necessarily bad, sometimes you can be rewarded for a better price for simply wait for a month or two. Have you ever heard of a phrase "Good things come to those who wait"? Though you might not get it as soon those who pre-ordered, you'll get a good deal out of it and that in itself should compensate for the lost of time, or does it? :p

But this varies to personality I think. I guess some people just like to get things as soon as they come up due to excitement "OOOH I cant wait!!" kind of feeling. But even so, by ordering it on the day it came out, You probably get it around the same people who pre-ordered anyway. After all, they wont ship pre-ordered stuff until the release date anyway. Right???

And I guess some jerk just want to pre-order for braggin rights and think they are cool. "Oh I have pre-ordered the Ipad 3 and got it as soon as it came out".. Those are annoying people but I guess you gotta give them a bit of credit for being the kiasu ones. XD

In the end, its really hard for me to do a pre-order. EVER. I tried to click the "Submit cart" but I just can't :P *sigh* Patience is virtue but yeah let just wait for stuff to come out is EXTREMELY PAINFUL!! 7-8 May is a very long wait T___T

Sunday, April 10

Feel differently

img src:

Dont u ever wonder that you doing the same thing in life everyday that it feels redundant but u can't really run from it? I guess eating and sleeping are the most obvious example.

But I think, no matter how repetitive your "work" can be, if you really think about it, it is always different! For example, let say u cook something today and tomorrow (not that I cook). Even when you cook the same dish, the experience is different. You might have somebody else with you in the kitchen or you might be listening to music while cooking.. It amaze me how so many simple variation of works is seen as merely a single thing (if that make sense?)

Well my point is, sometimes people just doesnt aware or myb cared about the differences they might have experienced. If they do, I think they might feel more enjoyable doing what they do.

But for me, I can't help but to notice my time spent on a freaking bus.. I know, I know, is there really a story about riding a bus? I mean, its just repetitive and lame. There's nothing to tell about riding the long rectangle thing. But seriously, I beg to differ. Sure I have to take the bus about 45 minutes to campus. People said to me "Man, that sucks!".. Well it actually does. I mean who would want to take a bus so long to campus anyway? But sometimes, if I really feel the moment, I can feel the differences which I think was interesting..

Like some day, I notice that the bus driver drive SO FAST that u can feel the corners or there is a bunch of girls singing in the bus (sounded really bad and how relief I am once they get out from the bus upon reaching the mall).. And sometimes, u encounter people who answered their cellphone with very loud voice like they own the bus.. Know what i mean? "HEY MAN, WHATS UP? AboUT THAt Bla BLa, I'm In THE BUS ON THE WAY THERE" Seriously people, NOBODY CARES!!! Control ur voice a bit and let there be peace for other people in the bus :D and ofc I have lot more out-of-the-ordinary bus experience but I guess u could ask me if u wanted to know coz I dont think anyone wanted to. Atleast not after all this babbling of mine xD

I guess this thought come to mind because I red Detective Conan - Case Closed 700+ chapters marathon! (manga has never been this convenient ^_^) I think Conan said something like "Detective observe their surroundings and notice the things out of the norm"

So yea, take time to feel what ur doing at any point of time, u might just notice that interesting "this is not what I normally do/see" and maybe laugh and smile about it :) !! Heck, even "normal" is over rated o_O

Friday, February 11

A chat with Troll

Barry: ?????
Barry: and im supposed to click that link
troll: 463 yrs
troll: o_O
troll: nope
Barry: effing spammer
troll: =(
troll: im a spam
troll: dun clik meh
Barry: xD
Barry: kinda busy doing work
Barry: mind explaining to me b4 click
troll: zzz
troll: its self explnaatory
troll: zzzz
troll: its quickie
troll: ]bai
Barry: oh
Barry: i always use upper
Barry: lower
Barry: and numbers
Barry: so go figure ^_^
troll: =_=
Barry: busy?
troll: exam
troll: Q_________________________________________Q
Barry: lol nice
Barry: i just got my exam back
Barry: got 60
Barry: :(
troll: ooo
troll: o_O
troll: well just first exam
troll: u can stil score othersz.
Barry: yea
Barry: just that
Barry: its
Barry: 60/60 xD
troll: wdf...
Barry: lol first time getting a 100
Barry: in college
troll: ..
troll: first time got zero
troll: in college for me
Barry: lol
Barry: i think i got 0 on some quizes
Barry: but they nvr return it back
Barry: so idk really the true mark
Barry: so nvr officially receive a 0
troll: ..
troll: 0 in exam
troll: WDF
troll: satgi ade exam
troll: ^__^
troll: u freee eh
troll: i think by tonite or tomorow
troll: we can play
Barry: k
troll: ...dota
troll: xD
troll: Dx
troll: 1) Carbohydrate = 4 kcal/g
2) Protein = 4 kcal/g
3) Lipid = 9 kcal/g
4) Alcohol = 7 kcal/g (Non-nutritive kcals)
Barry: /..'
troll: .../
Barry: //m,;/k
troll: ///,/m/msaskj//jkje
Barry: jkljkljm ,;,./bye
troll: .//./jn//./noo/..noo/./.

Monday, February 7


Lately I feel weird.. Idk.. Its just.. maybe because I havent seen people?.. Lol.. should I see people more?? I guess.. But im not much of a people person.. I wish I can go out more, do stuff with friends and stuff.. Idk.. Whaa?

Ok i miss Malaysia T_T

Wednesday, January 26

Hi Blog, how's it going?

Wow, the last time I write something in this blog is October?? Did not realize its been that long :/ Well then I guess there is a lot to talk about? :p Well sure, there is but thing is I dont meant to bore my readers (ade ke?) with pesky mundane life of myself xD.. Wait, this is my blog??

Hrmm... Well if u must know, Last semester I did well despite the fact having to take 26 credits.. Well mostly is research stuff and TAs that got me there, but I did do well on all the other class to.. Its Ironic how I got my highest GPA (yet) when taking the most amount of credits.. lol only one subject I didnt get an A. Well its a writing/group discussion class. Reading my blogs u'll know that my english is not Shakespeare, so go figure :p

Nevertheless, getting 3.5 CGPA seemed possible now.. I'm at 3.45 now, but its doable! Who would think?? After all these years of not getting Aces, I guess its true when people say "It's not over till its over".. I give up too fast, I agree.. BUT Thankfully, I have friends who been there supporting me, saying "Bole Bari, Aku Yakin ko Bole"and my mum who understands my situation.. When I get bad results, I am really scared to told my mum coz I dont want to get scold at, but surprisingly she just accepted it, ask myself to be strong and do better next in the future.. Thanks everyone for your support. Definitely could not make it without it ^_____^

Now one last semester to go~