Sunday, October 30

A penny for my thoughts

I cant believe I've work as programmer for 2 month already!! At first I kinda hate the fact that I hv to sit in front of the computer at all times to do work.. But actually it wasnt all that bad. I can move around for a bit and take a short break if I feel like my eyes is starting to hurt. Plus, my colleagues are awesome o____O

I'm still considering other jobs, but if I can't find anything better, I guess I'll stick around first for a year and see where it leads me.

A lot of my friend is getting married,, And I dnt hv anyone yet.. Should I be worried? o___O No but yet but no but yes?

I know its been months after I graduated. But I cant help but to be relieved that I actually did finish my degree. It was tough there believe me!! There isnt many malay at U of R that I Have to work extra hard and being independent. Luckily I have Hoang, and my supportive housemates which I MISS so much T___T


I know some of my friends even have to repay back MARA hundred of thousands ringgit becoz they failed to perform at the United States. Most of my colleagues owe the PTPTN..

Its good to be ambitious and always looking forward, but just don't forget that there are unfortunate souls behind us out there, that we should all be thankful to what we have today! Peace!! ^__^

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