Monday, October 31


Indubitably, everything we do in life comes with choices. Some are easy while some are hard.

"Should I stay or should I go shopping today?"
"Should I take Engineering or Computer Science?"
"Should I buy an Iphone 4S, or Samsung Galaxy S2?"

Nevertheless, sometimes we regret doing things that we shouldn't have. Watching "Big Bang Theory" yesterday, Leonard quote out something interesting "People regret NOT doing things more than they regret doing it".

It is ok to try something new that we do not know whether its good or bad, at least then we know and would be able to reflect on it. Being at 23 already, there are lot of things that I regret not doing.

Now I hv opened up a bit, and trying to accept more things o__O

Ok Dah hilang point. Senanye nak ckp Khamis ni ade interview for CIMB Banker Programme and I am freaking out D:

Allah, grant give me the courage to pass through this obstacles! What I would kill for a bank job o__O

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