Wednesday, January 26

Hi Blog, how's it going?

Wow, the last time I write something in this blog is October?? Did not realize its been that long :/ Well then I guess there is a lot to talk about? :p Well sure, there is but thing is I dont meant to bore my readers (ade ke?) with pesky mundane life of myself xD.. Wait, this is my blog??

Hrmm... Well if u must know, Last semester I did well despite the fact having to take 26 credits.. Well mostly is research stuff and TAs that got me there, but I did do well on all the other class to.. Its Ironic how I got my highest GPA (yet) when taking the most amount of credits.. lol only one subject I didnt get an A. Well its a writing/group discussion class. Reading my blogs u'll know that my english is not Shakespeare, so go figure :p

Nevertheless, getting 3.5 CGPA seemed possible now.. I'm at 3.45 now, but its doable! Who would think?? After all these years of not getting Aces, I guess its true when people say "It's not over till its over".. I give up too fast, I agree.. BUT Thankfully, I have friends who been there supporting me, saying "Bole Bari, Aku Yakin ko Bole"and my mum who understands my situation.. When I get bad results, I am really scared to told my mum coz I dont want to get scold at, but surprisingly she just accepted it, ask myself to be strong and do better next in the future.. Thanks everyone for your support. Definitely could not make it without it ^_____^

Now one last semester to go~