Tuesday, December 22

Pet 2

Finally bought 3 fish! It is all the same type of fish which is molly fish.. three in color, gold, silver and black.. The black one has a yellow fin tail..( I like the black fish the most coz he is agressive and it look awesome -.-") Havent really decided to name them yet.. All of em are pretty traumatic at first but now they seem to get the hang of it in my small 5 gallon tank lol

A video during their snack time -.-"

Thursday, December 17


I never had a pet in my life..

Sure I have encountered different type of pet like cat, dog, fish, chicken and turtle.. But I nvr take care one of my own.. So I decided to take care of fish! Just bought a 5 gallon(18L) small aquarium tank! Havent really decided what fish should I buy but am considering neon tetra and angel fish o_O

Hopefully, I'll get to buy one soon ^_^

Angel Fish

Neon Tetra

Sunday, December 13


erm one day, I asked my friend "hey lets go eat outside to celebrate that class is over! Dinner on me"
Me:"Yeah! I'll invite Y too"
X:"where should we go?"
Me:"wherever you want"
X:"Your treating so you pick the place"
Me: Browsing* Yeah lets go here!
X:Its expensive!
Me: looking at the menu and it was about your average restaurant price.. "........." dude this is standard lol..
X:oh ok...

The moment have come..
X:"I cant find Y"
Me:"If Y not coming, im not coming......"
X:"Oh ok"
Me:"We could go some other time like tomorrow"


Y:"I dont think i have too much time to go to that restaurant. Why dnt go somewhere faster?"
Me:"faster like McDonalds?"
Y:"I'll IM X.."
Me:"X, Y said he wanted to go to somewhere faster"
X:"Forget it, I'm not going!"
Me:"erk why?"
X:"No reason"

lolz.. ended up not going anywhere.. my money is saved but actually i wanted to go out so that i can stop buy at walmart to buy stuff : (

Thursday, December 10

arctic dungeon

Snow! We meet again! Coz of u, the roads are slippery. Hence, the bus move slower.. Making me arrive late at campus.. Snows are beautiful but they are also extremely annoying.. Seeing snow, I just remembered the skill arctic dungeon from the game Blazblue. It was a really good 1v1 fighting game with superb graphics.. HD ftw~

Both Assip favorite character : Noel vs Laichi

I also started to play yugioh 5d - tag 4 on my psp.. You know how these days students are like extremely busy? Don't really have the time to duel to gain DP's to buy booster pack :p (Not to mention i was kinda dnt know how to use the new card combo so i had to watch the anime to learn about it XD) So why bother? Activate your cheat to get all the cards! Sure its not the same then getting the cards by urself .. but oh well.. I wish I could send my psp back to msia so that my little brother rahman can play it.. I know he's such a big fan of yugioh.. -.-"

Hrmm really.. Games is good and all.. But it would be more fun once in a while to go outside and chill with friends.. I think this friday im going to go out and celebrate the end day of class! Winter break here i come!!

Friday, December 4

American Culture

I really liked some american culture.. In general, American people are very polite.. I dont know if its true just in rochester but they are super polite! lol...

First of all, they never rebut2 when naek bus.. Usually like in malaysia, when they are many ppl wanted to take the bus, they usually rebut2 coz they dnt want to be the one who is standing inside the bus.. Americans do care about that too in some sense.. They wanted to go inside the bus early so they can sit, but they never go as far as too push ppl, himpit2, and all those crazy stuff just to go inside the bus -.-"

Secondly, let say if you are in a situation where you are in a hallway and you wanted to go through a door.. If an american guy is in front of you, even if he was a bit far, if he reach the door first, he would look back to see if there is any other ppl and he would literally hold the door open for you so that you can go inside without opening the door.. You'll say: "Of course everybody does that!" Not really... Im not being rude or anything, but I hardly see any Asian hold the door for you..Unless if your super close that he can notice you without looking back :P Well I guess its because of Asian culture are not used to that..

thirdly, when you want to cross a road, Cars will stop and let pedastrian cross the road first.. and when this happen, the american pedastrian will raise his hand to the driver of the car as a sign of thank you, and the driver would also raise his hand as a sign of your welcome... Ive seen this happen many time.. Even when Im driving with my friend he was like "look at this kid, i let him cross the road and he didnt even look at me or say thanks. V*tch!".

I hv become more familiar with this type of american culture and always remembering myself to hold the door for ppl and raise your hand for the driver that waits you cross the road.. Sure u dnt really hv to.. But being polite is what makes the world a better place ^^