Sunday, December 13


erm one day, I asked my friend "hey lets go eat outside to celebrate that class is over! Dinner on me"
Me:"Yeah! I'll invite Y too"
X:"where should we go?"
Me:"wherever you want"
X:"Your treating so you pick the place"
Me: Browsing* Yeah lets go here!
X:Its expensive!
Me: looking at the menu and it was about your average restaurant price.. "........." dude this is standard lol..
X:oh ok...

The moment have come..
X:"I cant find Y"
Me:"If Y not coming, im not coming......"
X:"Oh ok"
Me:"We could go some other time like tomorrow"


Y:"I dont think i have too much time to go to that restaurant. Why dnt go somewhere faster?"
Me:"faster like McDonalds?"
Y:"I'll IM X.."
Me:"X, Y said he wanted to go to somewhere faster"
X:"Forget it, I'm not going!"
Me:"erk why?"
X:"No reason"

lolz.. ended up not going anywhere.. my money is saved but actually i wanted to go out so that i can stop buy at walmart to buy stuff : (

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