Thursday, November 12

elevator conandrum..

On One hectic day, I was running through the library office, searching for my lecturer mailbox to take a book I left on her office yesterday. It was such a pain because it was on the 4th floor (the highest floor possible for the library).. *Searching* Found it! As I was planning on going back to go down by the stairs, I saw the elevator! (Its annoying coz the elevator was as slow as a turtle can possibly move even though the library only has 4 floors!)
Still, I decided to take the elevator for now..

Waiting... 1 min passed.. 2 mins.. (AAAA might as well take the stairs?) *getting impatience and started to stare at the door that leads to the stairs* Suddenly, and old lady came out from the stairs door(Lets call her Mrs X). Oh I watched Mrs X as she approached me and waited by my side at the elevator..

Took me a few seconds to notice something odd. Do you? LoL.. This is the highest floor, and she just came from a lower floor BY STAIRS and she wanted to go down? That doesnt make sense to me.. I look at her and I look at the elevator button. (No up button).. Look at her again, look at the button.. She noticed that I look at her so she looked at me.. No choice.. have to talk :\

Me:"Is this elevator going up?" (Later I realized how dumb this question was.. :|)
Mrs X:"Haha there is no up from here. Of course I'm going down!"(wow sarcastic makcik!!)
Me:"*confused* Well I just want to make sure"
Mrs X *giggled*
Me:??? "well the reason I asked because I saw you came from downstairs. Why you want to go down from here when you can go down from the lower level elevator?"
Mrs X:"Actually...I.."

*cant seem to hear what she says.. the answer remain a mystery TT

Sunday, November 8

halloween costume

I know I probably should have written about this a long time ago.. turns out i kept delaying to the point where speaking it now might be lame lol.. but what the heck.. ill talk about halloween :D

Our house held a halloween party last friday.. "Well, basically we just want to have fun. No intention in celebrating Halloween."(afnan, 2009)

Hrmm I was reluctant to buy halloween costume.. Simply coz its too expensive.. ($30+ for a one night costume? Luck that! XD) Still, I have to wear something? "asip, Can I be a boxer?"(simply becoz i bought a boxing gloves 3 days back for fun)
Asip"yes you can! anything works!" Me:"....." (monologue:"If i were to be a boxer, dnt I have to wear shorts with no shirt? zomg no way)

So I went to southtown plaza with my fren Hoang and a new fren Tim.. Tim was like "You should be a pedophile! Come in the party half naked" .. LoL Tim.. Hoang" You know what you shoulld be Barry?" Me"What?" HOang:"A Jamaican Pot dealer!" Tim" haha yeah! It would be cool if you have the real pot too !" Me"...... yeah,, a jamaican pot dealer with an asian face!" lol.. Browsing through the adult costume section "WOW $70! its demm expensive! No way im buying this **it " Alright lets go to the kids part ^_^ Oh wow, $12 bucks! It said "UNKNOWN PHANTOM" : D

Well I dnt think anybody can guess what kind of ghost i am.. The name speaks for itself "Unknown phantom" LOL.. and also I hardly wear the thing on my head coz it clouds my vision and makes it a bit harder to breathe.

the unknown phantom : P

We played a lot of Spontan Games too... I record it but it was a bit dark in the house so you can hardly see it..

The first game "Perbualan mengikut abjad." Each of them have to make conversations alphabettically ordered. They start from J so, will be followed by K, L, M, N etc..

The last game was "soal menyoal". THey have to answer a question USING a question!

and some other games from my youtube video:

Barry Youtube