Sunday, August 30

Time is running short, mortal..

There are lots of things that is happening to me during the summer.. Although I love summer very much, I felt ready.. Ready to feel the hardship and the complexity of the Fall. Maybe Im too overconfident. Maybe Im too eager. Maybe I have underestimate the Fall.. The quote from the movie transformers "The Fallen shall rise again" somehow seems to bug me.

Nevertheless, I cant afford to stay here much longer.. The thought of missing class is already worrying me enough. This Fall, just myb, I am aiming to get above 3.7.. Although it might not seems like much to some, yet it is already a hardcore target for me -.-" Yes there's a lot of things in life that I began to see its importance. It might be too late for me. But even late is better than nothing.

My only regret is I wasnt able to meet my old best friend.. Naimullah (not a real name).. He was fun to be with, cunning and a romeo to girls.. (or should I say an alligator? lol).. I guess we can meet up after another 2 years -.-".. he did send a message however, stating "Friendship Never Die" and yes it kinda touch my heart a bit and I hope we will hv a chance to rendezvous sometime in the future..

Packing.. wait.. what is there to pack? FOOD.. lol.. I'm not really a good cooker myself, but I do hope that buying more perencah n stuff will help me improve :D lalala.. I was impressed
by Hawa's cooking.. the taste is so rich.. Ah, tgh puasa right now, cant think of food o_O

Friday, August 28


Seeing my brother, rauf so good in playing guitar n drums, I am inspired to learn to play musical instrument.. I know, at this age, it might be hard for me to learn. Aiming to buy a cool n hopefully not-to-expensive digital drum set and a acoustic guitar once I reach US (thanks for the convenience online shopping) -.-"

Planning on myb buying this. AN OSP DD-502 MKII Digital Drum Set... Is it gd? o_O

Aaah still, There's are a lot of things that needs to be done when I'm back in US like

1. Catch up with class. ( I'm already absent for 3 day of class when I reach there).
2. Catch up with Hong. (Need to discuss about psychology class n our plan to try market investment)
3.Catch up with Mior and Hasif (About house stuff, storage, unpacking, cleaning, billing)
4. Catch up with Prof Zucherman (Social Psychology research class, need contach him asap?)..
5.Catch up with Nick ( For CS issue n planning n myb yet another Fall dota tournament? lol)
6.Catch up with Marty (for CS advising - so confused coz the cs department has moved from an art and science department to the engineering department thus making some changes in the major requirement).
7.Catch up with other friends ( for life sake :D)

So much to do!! SO MANY CLAM SO LITTLE TIME!! :D

Thursday, August 20


Went to genting last thursday!! It was a blast!! I guess u can get a detailed story from my facebook photo album : ) But if there's anything I learn from that trip, it is:

1. If you're going for a one day , no sleepover, go there early!(we reach there 215pm -.-)
2. Bring load of cash! (if you think of playing a lot..) Things there are expensive... eg Rumah hantu Rm17. Snowworld rm17 but you cant bring your camera.. have to buy picture from its merchant but cost like rm15+ or so..
3. Last bus to kl central is 830pm!! But there is another bus terminal going to stesen monorail titiwangsa at 11pm.. But it was really far from the skyway o_O
4. Last ktm train is before 12am!! (ended up sleeping at kl central becoz of this)
5. A lot of the indoor ride are for family thus making it unworthy if u get urself an indoor pass.
6. I cant seem to find a swimming pool!! penat bawak baju mandi segala -.-" So I think its better not aiming for mandi there at all.. (plus the weather is a bit cold)..
7. Jangan naek go kart!! Beratur 1 jam but the go kart was as slow as hell!! haha.. hardly use break at all.. but then again, i dnt think u can affort to not playing that when ur there.. Only after u play it u'll be like "oo what a waste of time" n i wish i was there to say "told u so! LoL"..
8.Erm an advice from an chinese uncle we met at the skyway which i doubt to be usefull " if you wanted to go inside the casino, get yourself a forged indon passport or something.. Malay arent allowed to go in for obvious reasons.." :P

Ramadhan datang lagi!! Selamat berpuasa rakan2.. Dont forget to puasa from all the bad deeds also.. May god bless u all.

Thursday, August 13

Name tak serius maen dota?

I was playing dota with my Taiping friends zahir, yed, afirul.. suddenly an annonimous people join our game..
User account name : Seluar
LoL! Kicked by host(zahir)..
Seluar: Why kick me?
Zahir(krictz): Name macam tak serius je nak maen dota..
Me(bri_boomer): Nak sgt seluar pegi la beli kat kedai levi ke.. ade ke username name seluar??? takley belah tol..
Firul(berlios):Weh biar la dia maen.. aku nak maen ngan seluar!!
Zahir: Karang leaver?
Firul: Takpe seluar meh top..
*ended playing with seluar anyway despite the ridiculous name* -.-"

Monday, August 10


In dilemma of buying tickets from Newark to Rochester!! If I buy a ticket from newark airport to rochester, it would cost me $238.. However, if I went there from JFK airport, that would cost me only $74! But then I had to deal with travelling from Newark to JFK!! Well It only cost $30 to take a bus to JFK airport.. But I guess I have no choice.. I have to take the NEwark -> JFK -> Rochester if I want cheaper flight..(238 - 30-74 = $134 saved)... Aaah.. what a pain -__-"

Sunday, August 9

Nokia 5800 Xpress Music

I went to Mines Wonderland with my brother to buy hand phones. My budget was around RM600 with Sony Ericsson Brand in mind... However, after an exhausting search I want to buy a sony ericsson W595 for Rm700.. Im a lil bit off budget but the phone seems really cool o_O
But then I look at a Sony Ericsson W705 cost about rm980.. Wah ini ade wi-fii 3g segala.. screen pun besar..

Then the promoter says : Kalo awak nak WiiFii n screen besar baek awak amek ni : He show me a Nokia 5800..

It has a really big-touch screen.. I was in Love!! literally.. I dnt know if its the design or the touch feature, but I decided I wanted it and asked for the price.. It seems quite reasonable and I bought it.. OMG im so broke after this -_-"

Btw, I found this interesting article"21 Reasons Why Nokia 5800 is better than Apple Iphone"

Well I cant really say it is better than iphone coz both has its special quality I guess? But one thing for sure, I <3 align="center">21 Reasons Why Nokia 5800 is better than Apple Iphone

We get lots of requests to compare in detail Nokia 5800 with Apple Iphone 3G. Here are some reasons we believe Nokia 5800 is way ahead than Iphone-

1) Size
The iphone is bigger in size and uneasy for one hand grip. Nokia 5800 is designed to fit well into your hands. Being smaller in width, it’s easy to operate single handedly.
Iphone size: 115.5 X 62.1 X 12.3 mm
Nokia 5800 size: 111 X 51.7 X 15.5 mm

2) Weight
Iphone is much bulkier than Nokia 5800. Nokia 5800 is 25g lighter than Iphone in weight.
Iphone: 133g
Nokia 5800: 109g

3) Screen Resolution
The Iphone has 3.5” screen while Nokia 5800 has 3.2” but the resolution of 5800 is far more superior to Iphone.
Iphone: 480 by 320
Nokia 5800: 640 by 360

4) Storage
Iphone comes with two options- 8GB & 16GB internal memory. Nokia has a more flexible option to offer 8GB with micro SD card which is expandable upto 16GB. Nokia owners can expand memory size according to needs which the Iphone guys can’t do.

5) Input Methods
Iphone: Finger only.
Nokia 5800: Finger, stylus, plectrum, handwriting recognition.

6) Features
Apple Iphone has lots of missing features like cut and paste function, saving email attachments, no support for third party headphones, ringtones, applications, many software bugs and other technical glitches. Nokia 5800 Tube has no such issues plus many more amazingfeatures included.

7) Colors
Iphone: Black for 8 & 16 GB, White for 16 GB only.
Nokia 5800: Red, Blue and Black.

8 ) Battery
Nokia 5800 provides upto 35 hrs of music playing time against Apple Iphone which claims just 24 hrs. Overall battery power (talktime/standby) is also about 30% more in Nokia 5800. What more, 5800 has a removable battery which Iphone lacks.
Iphone: 5 hrs talk-time, 300 hrs standby, not removable.
Nokia 5800: 8.8 hrs talk-time, 406 hrs standby, removable battery.

9) Camera
Iphone: 2 MP, no flash, no zoom, no additional camera.
Nokia 5800: has a 3.2mp camera, 3x digital zoom with Carl Zeiss lens,
professional optics, autofocus, zoom, and flash compared to the iphones 2mp cheap optics. A second camera in front is available for video calling/conferencing.

10) Video Calling
Iphone: No Video calling possible in Iphone.
Nokia 5800: Video calling is possible.

11) Video Recording
IPhone: No option for video recording.
Nokia 5800: Video recording is included.

12) Music Service
Iphone: Paid service with Apple Itunes Store. You pay and download music to your Iphone.
Nokia 5800: “Comes with music” service is bundled with Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic phone by which you can download as much music as you want for 1 year- FREE!!

13) Voice Dialing
Iphone: Not Available
Nokia 5800: Available

14) Voice Recording
IPhone: Not Available
Nokia 5800: Available

15) Web Browser
Iphone: Webkit based Safari browser, no flash available.
Nokia 5800: Webkit based browser, supports flash lite.

16) FM Radio
Iphone: Not Available
Nokia 5800: Available

17) Bluetooth
Iphone: Bluetooth is available for just handsfree, no file sharing possible.
Nokia 5800: Bluetooth available for handsfree and file sharing is possible. Better audio quality on bluetooth in 5800 with A2DP technology which Iphone lacks. The 5800 supports stereo bluetooth. The iphone does not.

18) Messaging
Iphone: It does not support message forwarding, multiple SMS deletion, sending SMS to multiple recipients and multimedia messages (MMS).
Nokia 5800: All the above is possible plus it has MMS ver 1.3, message size upto 600kb, and automatic resizing of Images for MMS.19) GPS The Nokia 5800 has a GPS receiver with turn by turn directions. The iphone does not have turn by turn

20) The OS
The 5800 runs symbian s60 which means that you have the ability to install any number of programs on it, such as a different internet browser or multimedia player. Apple does not allow apps in the app store that mimic the official apps. there are internet browsers available for the 5800 that have embedded flash. the safari browser on the iphone is html only.

21) Experience
Nokia: Ages of experience, hundreds of success stories and dozens of smart handsets in current portfolio. Nokia has about 40% market share with the No.1 spot with no close competitors. Certainly the king when it comes to brand value, service and experience.
Apple: First phone ever launched by Apple is Iphone, no prior experience in the telecom market. It’s a novice in the market with a very less market share despite having millions of Iphone sold.

Friday, August 7

Mobile Fair

Went to a mobile fair at Giant taman connought.. the phone there wasnt really that cheap... but it was a fair price.. There was this CSL phone which just have basic color phone sell at RM78.. LoL.. I figured I want to try it but eventually decided not to.. (thinking that people might call me cheap o_O)

As I move along with my nephew, we found an odd booth.. It sell a simcard with 010.. Its called XOX.. Not your ordinary celcom, maxis, or digi huh? the amoi promoting the simcard was cute or so my nephew said.. -.-"

Amoi: "Come2, buy 1 simcard free 1 simcard.. Special promotion punye.. Dalam simcard ade rm5, Simcard cume rm8.80, dlm tu ade rm5 so 2 dah rm10, u beli manyak untung. "

Us:"Beli 1 dpt 1? (mcm tak percaye)"

Amoi: Betul punye.. U beli la nombor manyak cantik. baru2... you beli 1 utk girlfren you laa.

Us:*tersentap coz takde gf* "Tp rate call camne pulak?"

Amoi:"nah ni pamplete dia.. rate2 ade situ.. You beli simcard ini dpt 100 msg percume setiap bulan selama setahun.. kalo mcm itu kirenye2, 12 ribu mesej percume ye?

Us:"1200 la..mane 12 ribu!"

Amoi:"ha tu la bnyk untung.. Also kalo u topup rm10 aa, kite bagi ini percume (rantai ape ntah), pastu kalo u topup rm30 , kte bagi ini t-shirt percume *showing her t-shirt)..

My nephew whispering to me: "cakap kat dia kalau kite topup rm30 kte nak tshirt yg dia pakai bole tak?"
Me: "ahahha ko ckp la.. mcm ko nak topup.. rate dia agak mahal.. tepon seminit 35 sen kire standard ke cane?"...
Nephew: "Tak tahu la.. kite men mesej je la."

Us:"oo.. tp kalo orang msj nombo ini mahal tak?"

Amoi:"kene tengok la dia pakai ape, maxis ke celcom ke digi ke."

Us:"ok kalau maxis?"

Amoi:"kalo maxis aa, urm, kene tgk juga dia pakai ape.. prepaid ke postpaid ke laa."

Us:"ok kalau prepaid?"

Amoi:"urm kalau prepaid aa, urmm... saya pun tak tahu juga! saya cume promote ini simcard saje.."

Us*LOL????* tadi cakap kene tgk tu mcm tau je .. haiz..

Amoi:"ala nombor ini awak bole upgrade punye.. kalo u rase mahal, bole tukar nombo ini jd maxis ke celcom ke ikut u la.."

Us:"oo ok la kami beli" *pilih2 nombo*

End up buying a XOX number.. 0103177647.. Message me when u have the chance :P will be disposed after the rm5 abes -.-"

quote of that day "Aku beli nombo ni sbb amoi ni cun n baek layan kite" Yes, Trees can move LOL..