Thursday, August 20


Went to genting last thursday!! It was a blast!! I guess u can get a detailed story from my facebook photo album : ) But if there's anything I learn from that trip, it is:

1. If you're going for a one day , no sleepover, go there early!(we reach there 215pm -.-)
2. Bring load of cash! (if you think of playing a lot..) Things there are expensive... eg Rumah hantu Rm17. Snowworld rm17 but you cant bring your camera.. have to buy picture from its merchant but cost like rm15+ or so..
3. Last bus to kl central is 830pm!! But there is another bus terminal going to stesen monorail titiwangsa at 11pm.. But it was really far from the skyway o_O
4. Last ktm train is before 12am!! (ended up sleeping at kl central becoz of this)
5. A lot of the indoor ride are for family thus making it unworthy if u get urself an indoor pass.
6. I cant seem to find a swimming pool!! penat bawak baju mandi segala -.-" So I think its better not aiming for mandi there at all.. (plus the weather is a bit cold)..
7. Jangan naek go kart!! Beratur 1 jam but the go kart was as slow as hell!! haha.. hardly use break at all.. but then again, i dnt think u can affort to not playing that when ur there.. Only after u play it u'll be like "oo what a waste of time" n i wish i was there to say "told u so! LoL"..
8.Erm an advice from an chinese uncle we met at the skyway which i doubt to be usefull " if you wanted to go inside the casino, get yourself a forged indon passport or something.. Malay arent allowed to go in for obvious reasons.." :P

Ramadhan datang lagi!! Selamat berpuasa rakan2.. Dont forget to puasa from all the bad deeds also.. May god bless u all.

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