Sunday, August 30

Time is running short, mortal..

There are lots of things that is happening to me during the summer.. Although I love summer very much, I felt ready.. Ready to feel the hardship and the complexity of the Fall. Maybe Im too overconfident. Maybe Im too eager. Maybe I have underestimate the Fall.. The quote from the movie transformers "The Fallen shall rise again" somehow seems to bug me.

Nevertheless, I cant afford to stay here much longer.. The thought of missing class is already worrying me enough. This Fall, just myb, I am aiming to get above 3.7.. Although it might not seems like much to some, yet it is already a hardcore target for me -.-" Yes there's a lot of things in life that I began to see its importance. It might be too late for me. But even late is better than nothing.

My only regret is I wasnt able to meet my old best friend.. Naimullah (not a real name).. He was fun to be with, cunning and a romeo to girls.. (or should I say an alligator? lol).. I guess we can meet up after another 2 years -.-".. he did send a message however, stating "Friendship Never Die" and yes it kinda touch my heart a bit and I hope we will hv a chance to rendezvous sometime in the future..

Packing.. wait.. what is there to pack? FOOD.. lol.. I'm not really a good cooker myself, but I do hope that buying more perencah n stuff will help me improve :D lalala.. I was impressed
by Hawa's cooking.. the taste is so rich.. Ah, tgh puasa right now, cant think of food o_O

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