Monday, October 31


Indubitably, everything we do in life comes with choices. Some are easy while some are hard.

"Should I stay or should I go shopping today?"
"Should I take Engineering or Computer Science?"
"Should I buy an Iphone 4S, or Samsung Galaxy S2?"

Nevertheless, sometimes we regret doing things that we shouldn't have. Watching "Big Bang Theory" yesterday, Leonard quote out something interesting "People regret NOT doing things more than they regret doing it".

It is ok to try something new that we do not know whether its good or bad, at least then we know and would be able to reflect on it. Being at 23 already, there are lot of things that I regret not doing.

Now I hv opened up a bit, and trying to accept more things o__O

Ok Dah hilang point. Senanye nak ckp Khamis ni ade interview for CIMB Banker Programme and I am freaking out D:

Allah, grant give me the courage to pass through this obstacles! What I would kill for a bank job o__O

Sunday, October 30

A penny for my thoughts

I cant believe I've work as programmer for 2 month already!! At first I kinda hate the fact that I hv to sit in front of the computer at all times to do work.. But actually it wasnt all that bad. I can move around for a bit and take a short break if I feel like my eyes is starting to hurt. Plus, my colleagues are awesome o____O

I'm still considering other jobs, but if I can't find anything better, I guess I'll stick around first for a year and see where it leads me.

A lot of my friend is getting married,, And I dnt hv anyone yet.. Should I be worried? o___O No but yet but no but yes?

I know its been months after I graduated. But I cant help but to be relieved that I actually did finish my degree. It was tough there believe me!! There isnt many malay at U of R that I Have to work extra hard and being independent. Luckily I have Hoang, and my supportive housemates which I MISS so much T___T


I know some of my friends even have to repay back MARA hundred of thousands ringgit becoz they failed to perform at the United States. Most of my colleagues owe the PTPTN..

Its good to be ambitious and always looking forward, but just don't forget that there are unfortunate souls behind us out there, that we should all be thankful to what we have today! Peace!! ^__^

Saturday, October 22

Take Care of Yourself

I am sure everyone of us have been told by friends and family alike "Take Care of Yourself". It comes in billions of forms such as "Jaga diri bebaik, TC, Watch out, ETC".. The term is so general that I sometimes wonder, what does it all even mean?

Sorry, being a thinker, I like to think about a lot of things, even simple things like this.. I haven't put much thought into this word until quite recently.. Ok so I guess we all have our set of definition and understanding, but being in the informational age and all, let see what google has to offer o_O

*Googled and the first link gives me out to this Yahoo ask*


What does "take care of yourself" mean?

When someone leaves and that person says, "Take care of yourself, good-bye" what does that mean?

Does that mean... "be careful in the meantime?"

Thanks and will choose most helpful answer.

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker

I think that's exactly what it careful, don't get into trouble/arrested/killed, I'd like to see you again or I wish the best for you so please try and do your best so that I will see you again...

But I like the answer that this girl give:

I think it basically means to eat healthy, and live healthily so u dont get sick from neglecting ur needs or health. And also the obvious things like not to do anything potentially dangerous, that would all be encompassed in the saying.

In my case, when I were giving this word, I feel like there are many things that NEEDS TO BE TAKEN CARE OF! SELF is a pretty big word. Anything that we are, physically and mentally, and anything we do or associate with can be apart of that SELF. Does this guy/girl really expect me to take care of this myriad stuff?


-health, beauty, finance, friendship, mind, religion, time management, relationship, study, work, IQ, EQ, community, home, cleanliness, fitness, sports, happiness, mode, ethics dsb..
And even if that's it, do they ask us to just take care (MAINTAIN CARE) or to to take BETTER care of that particular SELF?

If the latter, then how thoughtful of them!!!

So whenever I were given this, I always think about what I am currently and how I could take better care of that SELF. Hrmmm..

So guys, Take care of yourself. And I mean: Take BETTER care of your
health, beauty, finance, friendship, mind, religion, time management, relationship, study, work, IQ, EQ, community, home, cleanliness, fitness, sports, happiness, mode, ethics (and a 1001 other attributes) haha :D

Food for thought. Sorry if dont understand. Not quite good at explaining though I am aiming to become a Lecturer o___O Myb one day...