Monday, January 26


I finally bought a new PsP 3000! I am so happy with it! it has such a big screen ( for a handheld game), such good quality images with wonderful graphics, it is so fast to open games, it can also play videos, music and other download other games! However I am still having problems wanting to open games that I downloaded. Anybody can help?

The reason I bought this becoz i think waiting in the bus when going to U of R from RIT is so long (30 mins ++ ) and bored so I needed something to entertain myself, while keeping myself conscious so that i wont miss the bus stop at mt hope -.-" Reading books in bus is not an option since it makes my head dizzy.. i nvr tried playing in bus before, but if i get dizzy too, i guess i just use it to hear music while in the bus >.< You guys are welcome to come and play my Psp :P Though for now it only have one game(Ratchet and Clank- size does matter, I remembered I played this game at Naje PS3 once -.-"). (Help me if u know how to play games that is downloaded.)

Tuesday, January 20

I am so happy!

I am so happy right now!!! Know why? Coz I finally "legally" able to live off-campus!! Though then again I would "illegally" stay at Perkins Green, (rumah mior and assip) xD and owh now its Mior assip and Bari! Who would have thought, the three of us, who sat in the same row when we were in Intec in Chicago class, would then stay together in a same house in the US : )

Oh I am so happy! Words cant even describe half of the happiness I feel! Before, people keep bugging me by asking "Where do you live? Have you really moved to RIT?" and I kept saying half-heartedly that I got no response from the Director of restlife(Laurel) so my future living is yet to be determined. As of today, I kept spamming my mail hoping to get an email from Laurel and I finally got it at 315pm! Anxiously, here was what I red:

Dear Ahmad,

I am sorry I haven't been able to respond sooner - I've just returned from China. (Like Finally!)

I am going to release you from your housing contract, effective January 10, 2009.(for real?) I still remain somewhat concerned that your contact with the University may be limited due to the fact that you are living over by RIT with RIT friends. (aww~gaye zizi) Please do not lose sight of the fact that much of your education is focused here and that you will need to work hard on maintaining connections with this campus. (-.-")

With your request and my official release, your housing contract is officially terminated as of January 10, 2009 and your claim to a future housing assignment for 2008-09 is forfeited. A credit will be applied to your student account for the spring term. I do not know if you have cleared your belongings out of your room yet - if you haven't, then they need to be removed as soon as possible (but no later than Saturday, January 24th). Please be sure to check out officially at your area office.

You should contract Cheryl Kilts ( in the ID Center to have your meal plan reduced to the commuter plan. Nancy Dailey ( is your contact in the Parking Office.


Laurel Contomanolis

OMG!! Thank you Laurel. You make my day xD And thank God, Auntie Huda, my mum, and my friends for helping me making this event possible. You're the best *thumbs up*

Thursday, January 15

Miss Bus = Miss class XD

LoL did i mention before this my class all starts at 2 everyday. I just want the class start late so that I can wake up late XD erk.. and I also thought I can study in the morning coz i feel much better study in the morning than at night..

But Mio was saying that "Lambatnye ko habis kelas bari.. Duuh~ amik la kelas awal2.. kite bole pergi same2 n balik same2.." aaaaaaa how touching.. but hey,too late mio! too late! (bak kate abg apis).. coz i alrdy registered for Lab TAing that ends at 730 on tuesday and thursday so I cant really change that.. (need to re-request and be approved to another session while other ppl might as well snatch the limited job offered) Mio was like "berhenti je keje jd TA" uuh i replied "nnt no money :-s"

And so, my schedule were as it was today.. so many class on tuesday and thursday, but too lenient on the other.. well yeah, my class suppose to start at 1105 today but I wake up at 10! Seems that I can make it? well no : ( since i live of campus, the bus going to U of R from RIT is by all means limited.. I suppose to go at 9 coz the next bus is at 11! (going to campus from here will take about 25 mins on the bus and 15 mins walk) 40 mins in total.. going back and forth will waste me ATLEAST 1 hour and 20 mins
: P

so if i go at 11, I can still make it to class but i already missed the first 35 mins of class.. well yeah i cn still listen half of it.. Not that they teach much on the first day anyways XD.. they might just go through the syllabus and doing some ice breaker for that matter -.-"

So why bother? lol.. I will go to the next class though.. yeah its not a good habit to skip class.. people please, dont do this at home lol..

Wednesday, January 14

Spring 2009

OmG Finally its here! Spring 2009 Class! This Semester is very important to me as it has the CSC172 in which I suppose to take last Spring :P I wonder if im still be able to do this CS major? LAst weekend Nasha, Kay yin and her bf came to visit me, mior and assip. Ky bf was previously majoring in CS however he now majoring in econs.. When I ask him why, he said "susah..... all the ppl major in CS dah tukar major" erk?? He said that new Junior came majoring in CS, and he was like smiling and said "good Luck" ... LOL..

Even so, I will try to make it work.. Myb its not that much harder here than taking CS there? ooh and I should totally find an elective subject to back me up :P

My schedule for this SPring is so imbalance!! (imba).. I only got 1 class on monday, wednesday amd friday but have like 3 class and 3 labs on tuesday and thursday :O

As for my living status, I am Still waiting for the director of reslife to reply my mail so that I can live off campus...kalo tak mmg takde duit ah.. nnt tak bole ikut g vegas T_T

Thursday, January 1

新年快了二〇〇九 - Happy New Year 2009

Happy new year everybody! My this new year aim is to study harder, simpan money and
go travel xD Am now Still requesting to live of campus.

Well winter break was fun -.-" Eventhough I havent gone far from rocehester, I have been to Niagara fashion outlet and walden galleria at buffolo to shopping.. Mind you, I spend more than 300 dollars xD
We also watch 2 movies: The curios case of benjamin button and slumber dog..
I also watched this drama called yasha which is about a man who was biologically enhanced to be strong and genius.. well it wasnt that fun so i stopped at ep 3 :-s I guess ill continue later -.-"
I also made a snowman with Z before she went to muktamar.. Oh yeah how i missed her.. I know i am a lousy bf but Please come back soon dear xD

and yeah, wth is with this tagging thing? Do i really hv to do it afnan? -.-" well i guess i can spend a bit of my winter break to answer ur tagging questions.. Regardless of how bored or 'common' as it might be, just make sure u read it, coz u tagged me :p

1. What's your ambition?
>to be rich and live an easy life. LoL

2. Who is more important for you. friend or boy/girl friend?
>both are equally important i guess

3. How often do you think of commiting suicide?
>Never. well i guess once xD But yeah, suicide is too stupid even for monkeys -.-"

4. Do you think you have enough confidence?
>Nope, but I always try to brave myself at times.

5. How many babies do you want?
>4 myb

6. Favourite perfume/fragrance?
>abrecrombie and fitch..smells so nice :p

7. What's your goal for this year?
>save money, travel better.

8. Do you believe in eternity love?

9. What's a perfect partner to you?-list 10
>Nobody perfect. But then again, it is by nature that humans like good things.
so my "perfect partner" is "supposed" to be beautiful, charming, smart, smells nice, generous, loyal, cool, and all the good stuff -.-"
and ofc it is an imaginary partner, i would be stunned if i ever found such thing as a "perfect partner"..
and yeah, i am more than satisfied with the current partner. Hope she is too :p

10. What feeling do you love most?
>Ownage. Dota player should understand why xD

11. What is your bad habit?
> and yes, i was supposed to tell my bad things here in which i refused coz it would make me feel bad xD

12. Is there anything you want to tell people that hates you? Is there?
>sorry if i did anything wrong. Hope we can still be friends :p

13. Do you cherish every single friendship of yours?
>well, no. But i wish I can -.-"

14. Describe yourself?

I am simple and care-free.

15. What do you crave the most currently?
>wow I am literally surprised that I dont have anything that i crave the most atm! I guess i am satisfy with what i had now :p

16. What's currently on your mind?
>well yeah i am still anxiously waiting for my approval of living of campus.. : (

17. What would you really like to do, like right now?
>stretching and eating cereal xD.

18. What will you become in another 10 years to come?

>LoL.. Like who knows? I can give you the bs and all, but in the end it, it is uncertain on what i would become.. But i wish i would live a satisfactory life : D

19. What do you hate the most?
>when i have no food to eat when i am hungry -.-"

20. Who else do you want to answer these?
>No one coz I know its troublesome to answer 20 questions.. Just do it if u feel like it.. be my guest and claim to be tagged me xD