Wednesday, January 14

Spring 2009

OmG Finally its here! Spring 2009 Class! This Semester is very important to me as it has the CSC172 in which I suppose to take last Spring :P I wonder if im still be able to do this CS major? LAst weekend Nasha, Kay yin and her bf came to visit me, mior and assip. Ky bf was previously majoring in CS however he now majoring in econs.. When I ask him why, he said "susah..... all the ppl major in CS dah tukar major" erk?? He said that new Junior came majoring in CS, and he was like smiling and said "good Luck" ... LOL..

Even so, I will try to make it work.. Myb its not that much harder here than taking CS there? ooh and I should totally find an elective subject to back me up :P

My schedule for this SPring is so imbalance!! (imba).. I only got 1 class on monday, wednesday amd friday but have like 3 class and 3 labs on tuesday and thursday :O

As for my living status, I am Still waiting for the director of reslife to reply my mail so that I can live off campus...kalo tak mmg takde duit ah.. nnt tak bole ikut g vegas T_T

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  1. barry good luck. class dh start, yeay !! lol.
    CS susah... huuuuuu :(