Thursday, January 15

Miss Bus = Miss class XD

LoL did i mention before this my class all starts at 2 everyday. I just want the class start late so that I can wake up late XD erk.. and I also thought I can study in the morning coz i feel much better study in the morning than at night..

But Mio was saying that "Lambatnye ko habis kelas bari.. Duuh~ amik la kelas awal2.. kite bole pergi same2 n balik same2.." aaaaaaa how touching.. but hey,too late mio! too late! (bak kate abg apis).. coz i alrdy registered for Lab TAing that ends at 730 on tuesday and thursday so I cant really change that.. (need to re-request and be approved to another session while other ppl might as well snatch the limited job offered) Mio was like "berhenti je keje jd TA" uuh i replied "nnt no money :-s"

And so, my schedule were as it was today.. so many class on tuesday and thursday, but too lenient on the other.. well yeah, my class suppose to start at 1105 today but I wake up at 10! Seems that I can make it? well no : ( since i live of campus, the bus going to U of R from RIT is by all means limited.. I suppose to go at 9 coz the next bus is at 11! (going to campus from here will take about 25 mins on the bus and 15 mins walk) 40 mins in total.. going back and forth will waste me ATLEAST 1 hour and 20 mins
: P

so if i go at 11, I can still make it to class but i already missed the first 35 mins of class.. well yeah i cn still listen half of it.. Not that they teach much on the first day anyways XD.. they might just go through the syllabus and doing some ice breaker for that matter -.-"

So why bother? lol.. I will go to the next class though.. yeah its not a good habit to skip class.. people please, dont do this at home lol..


  1. talk about skipping class... i hv skipped class for four consecutive days! teruk gler!! my bad,my bad...

  2. erk afnan teruk gle ko... u need to go see a counselor or something to boost your motivation to study wakaka..

    aku skip ni sbb terbgn lmbt.. tak set alarm coz igt bole bgn ngan alarm mio.. wont happen again -.-"

    afnan stop ponteng ok!!

  3. that is the challenge. Hey, i don't know you have started staying at Mior's house. Sigh...

  4. well I have started to stay at Miors but I wasnt officially staying here yet.. still waiting the director to release me from the housing madness -.-"

    and Pao, you're geds too. : )