Tuesday, January 20

I am so happy!

I am so happy right now!!! Know why? Coz I finally "legally" able to live off-campus!! Though then again I would "illegally" stay at Perkins Green, (rumah mior and assip) xD and owh now its Mior assip and Bari! Who would have thought, the three of us, who sat in the same row when we were in Intec in Chicago class, would then stay together in a same house in the US : )

Oh I am so happy! Words cant even describe half of the happiness I feel! Before, people keep bugging me by asking "Where do you live? Have you really moved to RIT?" and I kept saying half-heartedly that I got no response from the Director of restlife(Laurel) so my future living is yet to be determined. As of today, I kept spamming my mail hoping to get an email from Laurel and I finally got it at 315pm! Anxiously, here was what I red:

Dear Ahmad,

I am sorry I haven't been able to respond sooner - I've just returned from China. (Like Finally!)

I am going to release you from your housing contract, effective January 10, 2009.(for real?) I still remain somewhat concerned that your contact with the University may be limited due to the fact that you are living over by RIT with RIT friends. (aww~gaye zizi) Please do not lose sight of the fact that much of your education is focused here and that you will need to work hard on maintaining connections with this campus. (-.-")

With your request and my official release, your housing contract is officially terminated as of January 10, 2009 and your claim to a future housing assignment for 2008-09 is forfeited. A credit will be applied to your student account for the spring term. I do not know if you have cleared your belongings out of your room yet - if you haven't, then they need to be removed as soon as possible (but no later than Saturday, January 24th). Please be sure to check out officially at your area office.

You should contract Cheryl Kilts (CKILTS@services.rochester.edu) in the ID Center to have your meal plan reduced to the commuter plan. Nancy Dailey (ndailey@facilities.rochester.edu) is your contact in the Parking Office.


Laurel Contomanolis

OMG!! Thank you Laurel. You make my day xD And thank God, Auntie Huda, my mum, and my friends for helping me making this event possible. You're the best *thumbs up*


  1. seronoknya barry! it's good to hear dat u finally able to get out from the expensive house...

    so,almost everyday ko blk rit la kan? nk tempah dunkin lg bley x? haha :P

  2. haha thanks afnan :P
    aah almost everyday.. except tuesday kot which is today ! coz abis kelas at somewhere at 10 T_T tgk ah kalo bole balik selasa nak balik gak :D
    bes sgt ke dunkin? -.-"