Tuesday, December 22

Pet 2

Finally bought 3 fish! It is all the same type of fish which is molly fish.. three in color, gold, silver and black.. The black one has a yellow fin tail..( I like the black fish the most coz he is agressive and it look awesome -.-") Havent really decided to name them yet.. All of em are pretty traumatic at first but now they seem to get the hang of it in my small 5 gallon tank lol

A video during their snack time -.-"

Thursday, December 17


I never had a pet in my life..

Sure I have encountered different type of pet like cat, dog, fish, chicken and turtle.. But I nvr take care one of my own.. So I decided to take care of fish! Just bought a 5 gallon(18L) small aquarium tank! Havent really decided what fish should I buy but am considering neon tetra and angel fish o_O

Hopefully, I'll get to buy one soon ^_^

Angel Fish

Neon Tetra

Sunday, December 13


erm one day, I asked my friend "hey lets go eat outside to celebrate that class is over! Dinner on me"
Me:"Yeah! I'll invite Y too"
X:"where should we go?"
Me:"wherever you want"
X:"Your treating so you pick the place"
Me: Browsing* Yeah lets go here!
X:Its expensive!
Me: looking at the menu and it was about your average restaurant price.. "........." dude this is standard lol..
X:oh ok...

The moment have come..
X:"I cant find Y"
Me:"If Y not coming, im not coming......"
X:"Oh ok"
Me:"We could go some other time like tomorrow"


Y:"I dont think i have too much time to go to that restaurant. Why dnt go somewhere faster?"
Me:"faster like McDonalds?"
Y:"I'll IM X.."
Me:"X, Y said he wanted to go to somewhere faster"
X:"Forget it, I'm not going!"
Me:"erk why?"
X:"No reason"

lolz.. ended up not going anywhere.. my money is saved but actually i wanted to go out so that i can stop buy at walmart to buy stuff : (

Thursday, December 10

arctic dungeon

Snow! We meet again! Coz of u, the roads are slippery. Hence, the bus move slower.. Making me arrive late at campus.. Snows are beautiful but they are also extremely annoying.. Seeing snow, I just remembered the skill arctic dungeon from the game Blazblue. It was a really good 1v1 fighting game with superb graphics.. HD ftw~

Both Assip favorite character : Noel vs Laichi

I also started to play yugioh 5d - tag 4 on my psp.. You know how these days students are like extremely busy? Don't really have the time to duel to gain DP's to buy booster pack :p (Not to mention i was kinda dnt know how to use the new card combo so i had to watch the anime to learn about it XD) So why bother? Activate your cheat to get all the cards! Sure its not the same then getting the cards by urself .. but oh well.. I wish I could send my psp back to msia so that my little brother rahman can play it.. I know he's such a big fan of yugioh.. -.-"

Hrmm really.. Games is good and all.. But it would be more fun once in a while to go outside and chill with friends.. I think this friday im going to go out and celebrate the end day of class! Winter break here i come!!

Friday, December 4

American Culture

I really liked some american culture.. In general, American people are very polite.. I dont know if its true just in rochester but they are super polite! lol...

First of all, they never rebut2 when naek bus.. Usually like in malaysia, when they are many ppl wanted to take the bus, they usually rebut2 coz they dnt want to be the one who is standing inside the bus.. Americans do care about that too in some sense.. They wanted to go inside the bus early so they can sit, but they never go as far as too push ppl, himpit2, and all those crazy stuff just to go inside the bus -.-"

Secondly, let say if you are in a situation where you are in a hallway and you wanted to go through a door.. If an american guy is in front of you, even if he was a bit far, if he reach the door first, he would look back to see if there is any other ppl and he would literally hold the door open for you so that you can go inside without opening the door.. You'll say: "Of course everybody does that!" Not really... Im not being rude or anything, but I hardly see any Asian hold the door for you..Unless if your super close that he can notice you without looking back :P Well I guess its because of Asian culture are not used to that..

thirdly, when you want to cross a road, Cars will stop and let pedastrian cross the road first.. and when this happen, the american pedastrian will raise his hand to the driver of the car as a sign of thank you, and the driver would also raise his hand as a sign of your welcome... Ive seen this happen many time.. Even when Im driving with my friend he was like "look at this kid, i let him cross the road and he didnt even look at me or say thanks. V*tch!".

I hv become more familiar with this type of american culture and always remembering myself to hold the door for ppl and raise your hand for the driver that waits you cross the road.. Sure u dnt really hv to.. But being polite is what makes the world a better place ^^

Thursday, November 12

elevator conandrum..

On One hectic day, I was running through the library office, searching for my lecturer mailbox to take a book I left on her office yesterday. It was such a pain because it was on the 4th floor (the highest floor possible for the library).. *Searching* Found it! As I was planning on going back to go down by the stairs, I saw the elevator! (Its annoying coz the elevator was as slow as a turtle can possibly move even though the library only has 4 floors!)
Still, I decided to take the elevator for now..

Waiting... 1 min passed.. 2 mins.. (AAAA might as well take the stairs?) *getting impatience and started to stare at the door that leads to the stairs* Suddenly, and old lady came out from the stairs door(Lets call her Mrs X). Oh I watched Mrs X as she approached me and waited by my side at the elevator..

Took me a few seconds to notice something odd. Do you? LoL.. This is the highest floor, and she just came from a lower floor BY STAIRS and she wanted to go down? That doesnt make sense to me.. I look at her and I look at the elevator button. (No up button).. Look at her again, look at the button.. She noticed that I look at her so she looked at me.. No choice.. have to talk :\

Me:"Is this elevator going up?" (Later I realized how dumb this question was.. :|)
Mrs X:"Haha there is no up from here. Of course I'm going down!"(wow sarcastic makcik!!)
Me:"*confused* Well I just want to make sure"
Mrs X *giggled*
Me:??? "well the reason I asked because I saw you came from downstairs. Why you want to go down from here when you can go down from the lower level elevator?"
Mrs X:"Actually...I.."

*cant seem to hear what she says.. the answer remain a mystery TT

Sunday, November 8

halloween costume

I know I probably should have written about this a long time ago.. turns out i kept delaying to the point where speaking it now might be lame lol.. but what the heck.. ill talk about halloween :D

Our house held a halloween party last friday.. "Well, basically we just want to have fun. No intention in celebrating Halloween."(afnan, 2009)

Hrmm I was reluctant to buy halloween costume.. Simply coz its too expensive.. ($30+ for a one night costume? Luck that! XD) Still, I have to wear something? "asip, Can I be a boxer?"(simply becoz i bought a boxing gloves 3 days back for fun)
Asip"yes you can! anything works!" Me:"....." (monologue:"If i were to be a boxer, dnt I have to wear shorts with no shirt? zomg no way)

So I went to southtown plaza with my fren Hoang and a new fren Tim.. Tim was like "You should be a pedophile! Come in the party half naked" .. LoL Tim.. Hoang" You know what you shoulld be Barry?" Me"What?" HOang:"A Jamaican Pot dealer!" Tim" haha yeah! It would be cool if you have the real pot too !" Me"...... yeah,, a jamaican pot dealer with an asian face!" lol.. Browsing through the adult costume section "WOW $70! its demm expensive! No way im buying this **it " Alright lets go to the kids part ^_^ Oh wow, $12 bucks! It said "UNKNOWN PHANTOM" : D

Well I dnt think anybody can guess what kind of ghost i am.. The name speaks for itself "Unknown phantom" LOL.. and also I hardly wear the thing on my head coz it clouds my vision and makes it a bit harder to breathe.

the unknown phantom : P

We played a lot of Spontan Games too... I record it but it was a bit dark in the house so you can hardly see it..

The first game "Perbualan mengikut abjad." Each of them have to make conversations alphabettically ordered. They start from J so, will be followed by K, L, M, N etc..

The last game was "soal menyoal". THey have to answer a question USING a question!

and some other games from my youtube video:

Barry Youtube

Thursday, October 29

Finally, an entry. Yes I've been busy. At least I pretend to be.. -.-"

This past few week had been impossible for me. I dont like to talk about academics simply coz ppl dnt really care even though I have like a 5-10 pages single spaced due last week! Yeah and my grammar sucks.. I just realize it.. ZOMG .. Here's a comment from my TA "Finally, if you fail to get help with your writing in the next paper, I will take off substantial credit in each assignment. Please see me if you do not understand this." Seriously, how could I do not understand that? LoL.. (myb some1 with good grammar sense can help me correct my paper.. Though you might get annoyed by how much mistakes i made.. no joke :o ) my father is going to kill me.. he's always like "So barry, what does 2 years in America teach u?" Me:"...." Though in my heart, I wanted to say "NOTHING!"

Ok myb not nothing.. I am doing something here.. Or so I thought o_O Last week the University of Rochester Pi Delta Psi is hosting yet another dota tournament! It was cohosting with the CSUG (computer science undergraduate council) Lan Party where ppl bring Xbox to play Hailo and Brawl.. There is free pizza and pepsi :p Gladly to say that, I won the tournament!! I am so happy and I could not believe it.. Credit to my teammates Farmer and Nick for such awesome teamwork ^^ I hope this tournament can be continued in the future..

What it is like inside the room

People playing brawl! Nick own them with Yoshi.

4 ppl Hailo :o

Financially, I am doing quite bad.. A lot of money is spent on food.. CAN I NOT EAT? lol.. Nevertheless, I am trying to do stocks exchange.. Investing! yeah! Apparently I have a nice friend that are willing to help me learn.. Yeah I need money to buy a car.. Everyday I waste 45 mins to go to campus and another 45 mins to go back home.. Would be nice to own car..Hope I make enough money to buy it..

I am happy that people use my PS3 to play games notably little big planet.. I bought the ps3 but i realise I am not really a fan of games other than dota.. -.-"

Travel? Well I havent moved a lot.. I did go to DC before but that was like ages ago.. It was fun seeing the white house and the nice environment near the Abraham Lincoln Monument with some nice friends.. I also went to the Eastmen Kodak Theater with 2 awesome friend to watch an Orchestra playing! It was such an awesome orchestra with a violin solo!! It was so good that I falled asleep halfway! LoL Yes Orchestra is not for me :-s So we went out and have a nice coffee drink at Spot .. My friend likes to make gay jokes.. At that coffee cafe, I asked "Is there any other interesting place to go at Rochester?" and he was like "Well you could go to a gay stripper club". ZZZZZz Yeah there are lot of things that i wanted to say but cant due to its censority. Lolz..

Regardless, Hope u guys doing fine too and Have a nice weekend ~


Friday, October 2

I'll be going to DC this weekend.. I didnt wanted to go.. but was forced due to peer pressure.. Abraham Lincoln, here i come.. I hope u become animated like in the night at the muzeum 2 -.-"

I am broke! I should have saved my money for traveling. But instead I bought a PS3, an Acoustic guitar (In which I dont know how to play and havent tuned it yet) and a Digital drum ( dnt know play drums either).. I bought it coz i think its cool to learn it.. . Ironically enough, my motivation for music actually starts from playing the rock band game from ps3 o_O.. However, it seems very heard to learn as time is of the essence.. Mind got confused between dota, music, movies, studying ???

Trivial - i also bought a lots of other stuff like headphones, amplifier, netflix, a new ram for my netbook, textbooks.. Clearly im too boros atm..

Have a nice weekend ^_^

Thursday, September 17


Wow I watched leverage first episode and it was really great! Its about a genius guy who lost his son to an insurance company. He then seeks justice to any corporate individual who runs dirty business.. Along with his team (1 computer specialist, 1 fighter, 1 thief, 1 actor, and he himself as the mastermind) they make an excellent combination!!

from left, fighter, actor, leader, thief, tech

Tuesday, September 15

a chat about god?

It was a fine evening where a class that should end at 315 ended up at 220.. lol.. Me and my friend was just hang out there, killing time..

H: So Barry, what are you going to do after this?
B: I think Im going to head home taking the bus at 240.
H: Im going to the Sue B to take new pictures.. I am over 21 now and I need to change my student ID...
B: Oh I already changed mine! Here look..
H:Oh wow, wtf thats really a long name.. Look at that!
B: haha.. yeah I know.. I get that a lot..
H: hey, do you drink?
B:I cant drink. My religion forbids. You drink?
H:All the time dude.
B:Why you dont believe in god?
H:Becoz I dont think god exist.
B:Then how do you explain where we come from?
H:DUDE, chemistry! You know like how early age things are different, and as time goes one, the world evolved..
B:lol but where does the early age things came from?
H:Well if god creates all the stuff, then who create god?
B:God is pre -existing.
H: And how do you explain that?
B: I cant. God just pre exist by its powerfull powers..
H:*Laughing in disbelief* I was before in buddhism but then i believe biology makes more sense to me..
B:OK, what if god does exist and u are raised after u die, n u go to hell?
H: then im screwed. Sh*t happens all the time!
B:but ur in hell forever! while life is at most about 100 years..
H:well then thats a risk im willing to take.. Dude, just live your life!
B:alright... I think its time.. lets go..

alright, failed to convince him that god exist.. he just doesnt want to believe :\

Monday, September 14

jet lag

How to cure jet lag? I found myself sleeping in the most bizarre time possible..

You would think that sleepy can be cured by washing your face or drink coffee.. turns out its not that simple ..

Friday, September 11

Traffic Jam in a small road?

It was a first time I have experienced a traffic jam at mt hope, rochester -.-"

As usual, I was riding the RTS bus to Mt Hope.. Suddenly it stopped at a road and OMG there's like 35+ cars in front of us. That road was never jammed before. "Maybe there's an accident at front?" Yes that seems like a typical hyphotesis when your on a road.

After what seems like forever, the car line never moved and more cars came from behind. People are starting to get impatient , honning and little by little they decided to take alternate route. In which the bus sticks to that road coz well it is really a skema bus to begin with. But we moving little by little(due to cars getting out of line to take alternate route).

From afar, the traffic light is still red.. what the??? And then, as if a spell casted to the traffic lights, it changes to green without going thru the yellow color. OMG GOGOGO!

Yes, car moved. But... They say miracles are too good to be true, well, turns out they are! After approximately 11 secs (yes I have no keje other then counting how long the green light last) it turned back to red!! the ??? Ok after a long hellish wait of red (I think its more than 7 mins coz it feels really long) the 11 sec green came back! GOOGOGOGOGOGOOOGO

(turns out the traffic light is the problem. I dont know if it is changed but the red light seems way longer than usual n the green was like as short as (cant seem to find a gd example)...)

BAM! Red again.. "........."

THe buss still 20m far from the bus stop.. But considering the situaation, I wanted to hop off. As my dad always says"Dont waste time!" .. I said"can I go out here?" Luckily where he stop got a bus stop sign.. Otherwise I got to hear that annoying yet familiar lecture "DO YOU SEE A STOP SIGN HERE?? THERES NO STOP.. I CANT JUST STOP AT WHERE YOU WANT! PEOPLE WILL GET MAD" if I was in malaysia I imagined the bus driver would say something like "IGT BUS NI BAPAK KO PUNYE? KANG KENE SAMAN SAPA NAK BAYAR" wakaka

Anyways, I did hopped off. To my amazement, I reached the next bus stop faster than the bus and saved like 5 mins ^^ YAY ME! lol.. Conclusion of this event? humans can be faster than machines :D

Sunday, August 30

Time is running short, mortal..

There are lots of things that is happening to me during the summer.. Although I love summer very much, I felt ready.. Ready to feel the hardship and the complexity of the Fall. Maybe Im too overconfident. Maybe Im too eager. Maybe I have underestimate the Fall.. The quote from the movie transformers "The Fallen shall rise again" somehow seems to bug me.

Nevertheless, I cant afford to stay here much longer.. The thought of missing class is already worrying me enough. This Fall, just myb, I am aiming to get above 3.7.. Although it might not seems like much to some, yet it is already a hardcore target for me -.-" Yes there's a lot of things in life that I began to see its importance. It might be too late for me. But even late is better than nothing.

My only regret is I wasnt able to meet my old best friend.. Naimullah (not a real name).. He was fun to be with, cunning and a romeo to girls.. (or should I say an alligator? lol).. I guess we can meet up after another 2 years -.-".. he did send a message however, stating "Friendship Never Die" and yes it kinda touch my heart a bit and I hope we will hv a chance to rendezvous sometime in the future..

Packing.. wait.. what is there to pack? FOOD.. lol.. I'm not really a good cooker myself, but I do hope that buying more perencah n stuff will help me improve :D lalala.. I was impressed
by Hawa's cooking.. the taste is so rich.. Ah, tgh puasa right now, cant think of food o_O

Friday, August 28


Seeing my brother, rauf so good in playing guitar n drums, I am inspired to learn to play musical instrument.. I know, at this age, it might be hard for me to learn. Aiming to buy a cool n hopefully not-to-expensive digital drum set and a acoustic guitar once I reach US (thanks for the convenience online shopping) -.-"

Planning on myb buying this. AN OSP DD-502 MKII Digital Drum Set... Is it gd? o_O

Aaah still, There's are a lot of things that needs to be done when I'm back in US like

1. Catch up with class. ( I'm already absent for 3 day of class when I reach there).
2. Catch up with Hong. (Need to discuss about psychology class n our plan to try market investment)
3.Catch up with Mior and Hasif (About house stuff, storage, unpacking, cleaning, billing)
4. Catch up with Prof Zucherman (Social Psychology research class, need contach him asap?)..
5.Catch up with Nick ( For CS issue n planning n myb yet another Fall dota tournament? lol)
6.Catch up with Marty (for CS advising - so confused coz the cs department has moved from an art and science department to the engineering department thus making some changes in the major requirement).
7.Catch up with other friends ( for life sake :D)

So much to do!! SO MANY CLAM SO LITTLE TIME!! :D

Thursday, August 20


Went to genting last thursday!! It was a blast!! I guess u can get a detailed story from my facebook photo album : ) http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=100681&id=528328166&l=49632495ed But if there's anything I learn from that trip, it is:

1. If you're going for a one day , no sleepover, go there early!(we reach there 215pm -.-)
2. Bring load of cash! (if you think of playing a lot..) Things there are expensive... eg Rumah hantu Rm17. Snowworld rm17 but you cant bring your camera.. have to buy picture from its merchant but cost like rm15+ or so..
3. Last bus to kl central is 830pm!! But there is another bus terminal going to stesen monorail titiwangsa at 11pm.. But it was really far from the skyway o_O
4. Last ktm train is before 12am!! (ended up sleeping at kl central becoz of this)
5. A lot of the indoor ride are for family thus making it unworthy if u get urself an indoor pass.
6. I cant seem to find a swimming pool!! penat bawak baju mandi segala -.-" So I think its better not aiming for mandi there at all.. (plus the weather is a bit cold)..
7. Jangan naek go kart!! Beratur 1 jam but the go kart was as slow as hell!! haha.. hardly use break at all.. but then again, i dnt think u can affort to not playing that when ur there.. Only after u play it u'll be like "oo what a waste of time" n i wish i was there to say "told u so! LoL"..
8.Erm an advice from an chinese uncle we met at the skyway which i doubt to be usefull " if you wanted to go inside the casino, get yourself a forged indon passport or something.. Malay arent allowed to go in for obvious reasons.." :P

Ramadhan datang lagi!! Selamat berpuasa rakan2.. Dont forget to puasa from all the bad deeds also.. May god bless u all.

Thursday, August 13

Name tak serius maen dota?

I was playing dota with my Taiping friends zahir, yed, afirul.. suddenly an annonimous people join our game..
User account name : Seluar
LoL! Kicked by host(zahir)..
Seluar: Why kick me?
Zahir(krictz): Name macam tak serius je nak maen dota..
Me(bri_boomer): Nak sgt seluar pegi la beli kat kedai levi ke.. ade ke username name seluar??? takley belah tol..
Firul(berlios):Weh biar la dia maen.. aku nak maen ngan seluar!!
Zahir: Karang leaver?
Firul: Takpe seluar meh top..
*ended playing with seluar anyway despite the ridiculous name* -.-"

Monday, August 10


In dilemma of buying tickets from Newark to Rochester!! If I buy a ticket from newark airport to rochester, it would cost me $238.. However, if I went there from JFK airport, that would cost me only $74! But then I had to deal with travelling from Newark to JFK!! Well It only cost $30 to take a bus to JFK airport.. But I guess I have no choice.. I have to take the NEwark -> JFK -> Rochester if I want cheaper flight..(238 - 30-74 = $134 saved)... Aaah.. what a pain -__-"

Sunday, August 9

Nokia 5800 Xpress Music

I went to Mines Wonderland with my brother to buy hand phones. My budget was around RM600 with Sony Ericsson Brand in mind... However, after an exhausting search I want to buy a sony ericsson W595 for Rm700.. Im a lil bit off budget but the phone seems really cool o_O
But then I look at a Sony Ericsson W705 cost about rm980.. Wah ini ade wi-fii 3g segala.. screen pun besar..

Then the promoter says : Kalo awak nak WiiFii n screen besar baek awak amek ni : He show me a Nokia 5800..

It has a really big-touch screen.. I was in Love!! literally.. I dnt know if its the design or the touch feature, but I decided I wanted it and asked for the price.. It seems quite reasonable and I bought it.. OMG im so broke after this -_-"

Btw, I found this interesting article"21 Reasons Why Nokia 5800 is better than Apple Iphone"

Well I cant really say it is better than iphone coz both has its special quality I guess? But one thing for sure, I <3 align="center">21 Reasons Why Nokia 5800 is better than Apple Iphone

We get lots of requests to compare in detail Nokia 5800 with Apple Iphone 3G. Here are some reasons we believe Nokia 5800 is way ahead than Iphone-

1) Size
The iphone is bigger in size and uneasy for one hand grip. Nokia 5800 is designed to fit well into your hands. Being smaller in width, it’s easy to operate single handedly.
Iphone size: 115.5 X 62.1 X 12.3 mm
Nokia 5800 size: 111 X 51.7 X 15.5 mm

2) Weight
Iphone is much bulkier than Nokia 5800. Nokia 5800 is 25g lighter than Iphone in weight.
Iphone: 133g
Nokia 5800: 109g

3) Screen Resolution
The Iphone has 3.5” screen while Nokia 5800 has 3.2” but the resolution of 5800 is far more superior to Iphone.
Iphone: 480 by 320
Nokia 5800: 640 by 360

4) Storage
Iphone comes with two options- 8GB & 16GB internal memory. Nokia has a more flexible option to offer 8GB with micro SD card which is expandable upto 16GB. Nokia owners can expand memory size according to needs which the Iphone guys can’t do.

5) Input Methods
Iphone: Finger only.
Nokia 5800: Finger, stylus, plectrum, handwriting recognition.

6) Features
Apple Iphone has lots of missing features like cut and paste function, saving email attachments, no support for third party headphones, ringtones, applications, many software bugs and other technical glitches. Nokia 5800 Tube has no such issues plus many more amazingfeatures included.

7) Colors
Iphone: Black for 8 & 16 GB, White for 16 GB only.
Nokia 5800: Red, Blue and Black.

8 ) Battery
Nokia 5800 provides upto 35 hrs of music playing time against Apple Iphone which claims just 24 hrs. Overall battery power (talktime/standby) is also about 30% more in Nokia 5800. What more, 5800 has a removable battery which Iphone lacks.
Iphone: 5 hrs talk-time, 300 hrs standby, not removable.
Nokia 5800: 8.8 hrs talk-time, 406 hrs standby, removable battery.

9) Camera
Iphone: 2 MP, no flash, no zoom, no additional camera.
Nokia 5800: has a 3.2mp camera, 3x digital zoom with Carl Zeiss lens,
professional optics, autofocus, zoom, and flash compared to the iphones 2mp cheap optics. A second camera in front is available for video calling/conferencing.

10) Video Calling
Iphone: No Video calling possible in Iphone.
Nokia 5800: Video calling is possible.

11) Video Recording
IPhone: No option for video recording.
Nokia 5800: Video recording is included.

12) Music Service
Iphone: Paid service with Apple Itunes Store. You pay and download music to your Iphone.
Nokia 5800: “Comes with music” service is bundled with Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic phone by which you can download as much music as you want for 1 year- FREE!!

13) Voice Dialing
Iphone: Not Available
Nokia 5800: Available

14) Voice Recording
IPhone: Not Available
Nokia 5800: Available

15) Web Browser
Iphone: Webkit based Safari browser, no flash available.
Nokia 5800: Webkit based browser, supports flash lite.

16) FM Radio
Iphone: Not Available
Nokia 5800: Available

17) Bluetooth
Iphone: Bluetooth is available for just handsfree, no file sharing possible.
Nokia 5800: Bluetooth available for handsfree and file sharing is possible. Better audio quality on bluetooth in 5800 with A2DP technology which Iphone lacks. The 5800 supports stereo bluetooth. The iphone does not.

18) Messaging
Iphone: It does not support message forwarding, multiple SMS deletion, sending SMS to multiple recipients and multimedia messages (MMS).
Nokia 5800: All the above is possible plus it has MMS ver 1.3, message size upto 600kb, and automatic resizing of Images for MMS.19) GPS The Nokia 5800 has a GPS receiver with turn by turn directions. The iphone does not have turn by turn

20) The OS
The 5800 runs symbian s60 which means that you have the ability to install any number of programs on it, such as a different internet browser or multimedia player. Apple does not allow apps in the app store that mimic the official apps. there are internet browsers available for the 5800 that have embedded flash. the safari browser on the iphone is html only.

21) Experience
Nokia: Ages of experience, hundreds of success stories and dozens of smart handsets in current portfolio. Nokia has about 40% market share with the No.1 spot with no close competitors. Certainly the king when it comes to brand value, service and experience.
Apple: First phone ever launched by Apple is Iphone, no prior experience in the telecom market. It’s a novice in the market with a very less market share despite having millions of Iphone sold.

Friday, August 7

Mobile Fair

Went to a mobile fair at Giant taman connought.. the phone there wasnt really that cheap... but it was a fair price.. There was this CSL phone which just have basic color phone sell at RM78.. LoL.. I figured I want to try it but eventually decided not to.. (thinking that people might call me cheap o_O)

As I move along with my nephew, we found an odd booth.. It sell a simcard with 010.. Its called XOX.. Not your ordinary celcom, maxis, or digi huh? the amoi promoting the simcard was cute or so my nephew said.. -.-"

Amoi: "Come2, buy 1 simcard free 1 simcard.. Special promotion punye.. Dalam simcard ade rm5, Simcard cume rm8.80, dlm tu ade rm5 so 2 dah rm10, u beli manyak untung. "

Us:"Beli 1 dpt 1? (mcm tak percaye)"

Amoi: Betul punye.. U beli la nombor manyak cantik. baru2... you beli 1 utk girlfren you laa.

Us:*tersentap coz takde gf* "Tp rate call camne pulak?"

Amoi:"nah ni pamplete dia.. rate2 ade situ.. You beli simcard ini dpt 100 msg percume setiap bulan selama setahun.. kalo mcm itu kirenye2, 12 ribu mesej percume ye?

Us:"1200 la..mane 12 ribu!"

Amoi:"ha tu la bnyk untung.. Also kalo u topup rm10 aa, kite bagi ini percume (rantai ape ntah), pastu kalo u topup rm30 , kte bagi ini t-shirt percume *showing her t-shirt)..

My nephew whispering to me: "cakap kat dia kalau kite topup rm30 kte nak tshirt yg dia pakai bole tak?"
Me: "ahahha ko ckp la.. mcm ko nak topup.. rate dia agak mahal.. tepon seminit 35 sen kire standard ke cane?"...
Nephew: "Tak tahu la.. kite men mesej je la."

Us:"oo.. tp kalo orang msj nombo ini mahal tak?"

Amoi:"kene tengok la dia pakai ape, maxis ke celcom ke digi ke."

Us:"ok kalau maxis?"

Amoi:"kalo maxis aa, urm, kene tgk juga dia pakai ape.. prepaid ke postpaid ke laa."

Us:"ok kalau prepaid?"

Amoi:"urm kalau prepaid aa, urmm... saya pun tak tahu juga! saya cume promote ini simcard saje.."

Us*LOL????* tadi cakap kene tgk tu mcm tau je .. haiz..

Amoi:"ala nombor ini awak bole upgrade punye.. kalo u rase mahal, bole tukar nombo ini jd maxis ke celcom ke ikut u la.."

Us:"oo ok la kami beli" *pilih2 nombo*

End up buying a XOX number.. 0103177647.. Message me when u have the chance :P will be disposed after the rm5 abes -.-"

quote of that day "Aku beli nombo ni sbb amoi ni cun n baek layan kite" Yes, Trees can move LOL..

Friday, July 31

The proposal Review

I just watched this movie: The Proposal!! At first, I was like "proposal? *sigh~*" Im not really into romantic movie ya know? :| But since my friend wanted to watch that so I watched it.. To my surprise, It is so good! It has all the sarcastic, jokes, n sexiness an american movie has to offer o_O I highly recommend to those who like to watch romantic comedy movie and even for those who are not.. I think I'll give it a 4.99/5 ^_^

Thursday, July 30

An interesting pick up line I heard from a friend.

*jiwang alert* LOL

On a free day, I went to my friend house living not far from my home.. He was very good with girls.. I then asked him "Ajar la aku camne ko ngorat awek ahaha" with a no serius tone.. He then show his skills talking to a girl and it was rather impressive.. (I found it hard to copy though).. My friend then bragged about how he has a friend so good at picking up girls even better than him??.. I doubt such a man exist (coz he already too good LOL) but being curios, I asked how good??

*He began his story*
Lets call his friend Mr X

It was a busy day, there are many ppl waiting at the bus stop at the University.. There is this girl, so white, so cun and all the good things I guess ( or so he say) -.-" Mr X wanted to get her phone number and possibly tackel her. They hardly know each other that much... Mr X approached her and said:

Mr X: Awak, awk boleh tolong miscall nombo sy tak.. Sy punye hp ni rasenye rosak la .. Tak bole terima call..
Awek Y: "?" Kenape awk tak suruh kwn awk je miscall awk?
Mr X: Dyorang dah try tadi tapi tak dpt2 jugak.. tak tahu kenape.. Awk try la pulak miscall sy... ^_^
Awek Y calling.. Hp Mr X berbunyi ..
Mr X: Eh, boleh la pulak!! Terima kasih la awk..
Awek Y: Sama- sama.
Mr X: Awak, alang2 dah ade no telepon ni, boleh sy tahu nama awk siape?
Awek Y: Saya TTYLLOL#!
Mr X: oo Saya ROFLLMAO!

And they continued to talk and my friend did not go into the details,... but that definitely is some pick up line LOL!

My friend said Mr X finally got her to be his gf, n they couple up until now.. Hope they'll last coz their first encounter is quite something :D

Tuesday, July 28

Memang Larat

On one sunny day, me and my nephew went to my dad new house to help him clean up and move some stuff..(jadi buruh berupah kejap utk 1 hari).. One of the thing that we have to move is 5 packet of cement... It is about the size of when you buy a 10kg rice . .

Then I said:" Zaim (my cousin name), bole tak ko tlg aku angkat simen ni.. Mmg larat kalo ak angkat sorang, tapi penat ah.."

Then he laughed and said: "hahahha MEMANG LARAT?? Hhaha"..
Me:"haha? *laughing a bit*"
He:"Cube ko tgk kat kampit tu ko tgk berat dia berapa!"
Me:*belek2*" WoW 50KG!!! Memang larat!"
*laughing together*

Ok jom angkat same2.. With 2 ppl carrying it is also really heavy.. But dueable.. after the 2nd pack I said "No more! Berat nak mati!" Then I called my dad saying is tiresome and asked him to finish up the rest... Buruh upahan menyuruh Boss wat keje ^_^..

"what lies in this very packet is a monster.. So heavy, it kills! You would think 'ade batu ke dlm ni!' But no, its something even more devastating.. That is cement."

Saturday, July 25

PC Fair 2009

Come On everyone lets go to the PC fair!! I think this is the good time to change my laptop RAM (or is it easier at lowyat or jj?) , buy some stuff, and a good time to meet people!! =P Im going there this Sunday (2 August) at KLCC with Manche,Adam, Shah, my cousin etc.. Sape lg nak ikut? Jom! Lol... Hope to see you guys there!! ^_^

From : http://www.pikom.org.my/cms/General.asp?whichfile=PC+Fair+InfoCentre&ProductID=22461&CatID=12(


29 - 31 July 2009 (10:00am - 10:00pm)
University Utara Malaysia, Sintok, Kedah


31 July - 2 August 2009 (11:00am - 9:00pm)
· KL Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur - Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50888 Kuala Lumpur
· Village Mall, Sungai Petani - Kedah
· Dewan Perbandaran Taiping - Perak
· Batu Pahat Mall, Batu Pahat - Johor
7 August - 9 August 2009 (11:00am - 9:00pm)
· Penang International Sports Arena, Penang - Jalan Tun Dr Awang, 11900 Relau
· Mahkota Parade Melaka, Melaka - Jalan Merdeka, 75000 Bandar Hilir
· Sabah Trade Centre, Kota Kinabalu - Sabah
· Berjaya Megamall, Kuantan - Pahang
13 August - 15 August 2009 (11:00am - 9:00pm)
· KB Mall, Kota Bharu - Kelantan
· Terengganu Trade Centre, Kuala Terengganu - Terengganu
14 August - 16 August 2009 (11:00am - 9:00pm)
· Persada Johor International Convention Centre, Johor Bahru - Jalan Abdullah Ibrahim, 80000 Johor Bahru
· Stadium Indera Mulia, Ipoh, Perak - Jalan Ghazali Jawi, 31400 Ipoh

Friday, July 24

I hate my laptop

Why is my laptop easily over heating !!! I cant play games like this... Would it change if I upgrade its RAM? I tried to open it to clean it but the screw was just too tight..
Should I buy a new one? -_-"

Wednesday, July 22


I am at PD right now.. It is not very interesting because there arent many people here. I just went with my mum (who had activities like all the time) and my little sister (whos like to watch tv like 70% of the time) so Im pretty much stuck with nothing to do and no one to do with! lol

However I did found the hotel food there is really good and it is buffey... And theres this new manga Kekkaishi that I am started to have interest with :D

spaghetti + black pepper meat + sesame & curry chicken + fish soup + dessert..
who could ask for more? ^^

A typical lunch there..

We did not went to the beach yet.. I guess because I was still dazzled by the Pulau perhentian beach that I have less interest on the PD beach.. I might go tomorrow...

Till then, hope u guys enjoy ur holiday ~

Friday, July 17

First of everything

These are my firsts. If I tag you, it means I want to know yours. Copy and paste this note into your notes, delete my answers, and fill yours in.

I tag Mio, Pao, Najmi. :P

1. Who was your FIRST prom date? I figured her name was Dianna or something.. lol!

2. Do you still talk to your FIRST love? As of now I am still confused who is my first love... :O

3. What was your FIRST alcoholic drink? I don't drink

4. What was your FIRST job? Being a factory worker and worked on puting a bookmark on a daily planner book at my uncle's factory! :p

5. What was your FIRST car? No cars. But I wish I have a Lancer Evo, it seems cool in the Initial D story XD

6. Who was the FIRST person to text you today? Cant remember.. Dont think its important..

7. Who is the FIRST person you thought of this morning? My dad coz he was a bout to take me to his unfinished house to make me work as a construction worker.

8. Who was your FIRST grade teacher? Hrm.. I remembered Miss Brown from my kindagarten school - Fox heyas first school :D

9. Where did you go on your FIRST ride on an airplane? To United Kingdom following my mum studying there..

10. Who was your FIRST best friend? Johny during kindagarden.

11. Where was your FIRST sleep over? At my cousins house.

12. Who was the FIRST person you talked to today? My dad. He call me to get ready for work.. urgh..

13. Whose wedding were you in the FIRST time? If it were someone significant for me, I'd say it was when my aunt get married. I remembered it coz it was a double wedding's day! n they are still together untill now ^^

14. What was the FIRST thing you did this morning? Answer my phone call from dad..

15. What was the FIRST concert you ever went to? Ive been to the one on tv1 at angkasapuri thanks to my friend.. But it was a show to be put on tv. I wondered if that can be considered as concert? :P

16. FIRST tattoo? none

17. FIRST piercing? None.

18. FIRST foreign country you've gone to? UK.

19. FIRST movie you remember seeing? Michael Jackson! cant remember its title though -.-"

20. When was your FIRST detention? Hrmm there is this one time when me n my friend were caught staying in class during midnight (in boarding school) by the warden and we were to stand with our hands held up in the field for like 2 hours while hearing him preaching about whatever...

22. Who was your FIRST roommate? In boarding school it was khalid my best friend from elementary school! I wonder how he's doing now..

23. If you had one wish, what would it be? I want to live an interesting life and be put to heaven...(something i need to work on myself).. Wait that was two wish? aaa~

24. What is something you would learn if you had the chance? Playing guitar..

25. Did you marry the FIRST person to ask for you/ you asked to marry? Not married until I'm secured I guess..

26. What was the first sport you were involved in? Football. I played it with our neighbour Hidayat. He was a really lively neighbour.. It was fun back then..

27. What were the first lessons you ever took? ............

28. What is the first thing you do when you get home? open my laptop.

29. Who do you think will be the next person to post this? Mior I think.. or Pao..

Thursday, July 16

Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince Review*spoiler alert*

So how was your harry potter movie experience?

For those who had read the book, the movie might come as disappointing, at least for me. The movie is very fast paced, the flow is not very smooth, and very less action in terms of using spells and fighting against the Death Eater. I understand they have to pack all the things in one. Maybe Im asking too much, maybe I should n't have red the book in the first place? But I guess what the viewer would of expected from a story this caliber is the "magic" of this story in which I found it less amusing in this movie.

Though I have to admit some part of the story are fun, like when Draco discover Harry Potter using the invisibly clock ,paralyze and stomp him. Also when Ron drank a love potion and almost poisoned to death..

On the bad side, The fighting scene were surprisingly short, and there is really no point in the death eater invading hogwarts if all they do is burning Hagrid's hut and watching draco trying to kill dumbledore -_-" (in the book the death eater is actually fighting the other wizards too.) And whats with this half blood prince? In this movie it looks like the half blood prince in not even important!! Why ##### even bother to declare himself the half blood prince? As if anyone cares.. I bet harry potter was saying to himself "whatever" when it happens:P For those who blur in why ##### is callling himself as the half blood prince, it is because ##### family name is called Prince and ##### parents are one from wizard family and another one from the muggles (ordinary human.).Thus making him half human blood, half wizard blood.. But they dont explain that in the movie because like i told u, the half blood prince is not even worth to be curios at in this movie

Nevertheless, regardless of how bad the movie may be, Harry Potter and the half blood prince is a movie that you must watch if youre a Harry Potter fan, Just so you can cross it out from your bucket list. So enjoy the 2 hours and 30 mins of this noob Potter -.-"

Wednesday, July 15


This past few days, I've been aiding and following my nephew progress to find an work for a job. Surely, I myself is not looking for any job. You would think that I'm being picky.. Well truth be told, I am -.-" Of course there are lot of things to be considered when you looking for a job. Firstly, regardless of how other reasons outweigh this one, people always want to know this: "how much it pays". (yes I cant deny its an important element coz you want to know how much ur effort and time are worth).. Still, I think it is more crucial to be 'in synch' with the job. Which means you doing something you love or well at the least, you don't hate it or get bored over it. Hold that thought.

See, My cousin is a hardworking man. Or so I thought. He just went back from school abroad and he will be here at msia until December. Thats really long so it is only natural for him to go looking for a job to fill his free gap. He work as a worker in 7eleven which is pretty cool I guess. I think he says that you get rm800+ per month.. After 5 days working there, he quit..

Im like, wt ef? why? Didnt I mention that my cousin is "fairly good" in terms of religion.. He said the reason he quit is because he has to handle the beer, liquor etc. In Islam, it is said that any1 who brings, serve, drinks or anything related to bringing the beer to be drink is committing a sin... So he went on a tantrum, rebel and finally on strike (erk a bit exaggerated..) Hrm, I remember last time when I work at the corner store, I also has deal with providing pork in a packet.. I wonder if I'd committed sin there -_-"

Well now he and his friend (along with me as a bystander) continue to pursue a job in Alamanda Putrajaya... He found a job in the bowling place, but sadly only 1 spot is open when he and his friend wants both of them to get hired.. So they still loooking for a job, wish them luck ^_^ i gtg nature calls... urrgh~

Sunday, July 12

## Ujian Penguasaan Bahasa Melayu ##

Syarat-syarat :
1. 'Tag' dijawab dalam Bahasa Melayu sahaja.
2. Tag orang yang telah men'tag' anda.
3. Tag orang yg anda mahu tag.

(Saya rasa syarat 2 dan 3 itu sangat tidak perlu)

Sila jawab soalan-soalan ini dalam Bahasa Melayu sahaja.

1. Apakah yang anda sedang lakukan 30 minit yang lalu?
Saya mengemas bilik pusaka keluarga yang sudah lama tidak dipenghuni kerana panas yang sangat bahang dan satu2nya bilik yang berada di tingkat bawah.

2. 2 jam yang lalu?
Saya pergi ke UniKL MIAT. Adik saya berdaftar di sana untuk memasuki program maritim. Saya berayau2 di sekitar kapal terbang sambil mengambil gambar bersama adik.

2. Anda suka
Mendengar lagu sambil membaca komik. Game pun suka juga tetapi sudah berkurangan kerana terdapat segilintir manusia yang bermain muslihat dan tipu dengan menggunakan Peta Godam. Tambahan pula, Game mesti mempunyai sepuluh orang untuk dimulakan maka berlakulah kes seperti menunggu orang, orang hilang, komputer rosak, orang meninggalkan game dan sebagainya.

3. Minggu lepas
Saya pergi ke Masa kuasa dua untuk berjumpa dengan kawan yang sudah lama tidak bertemu. Kami bersama menonton wayang berunsur 18SG yang bertajuk "Musuh Awam".

4. Tiga lagu yang boleh anda dengar berulang-ulang kali
Kami buat awak - Eminem
Jangan percaya saya - 3oh!3
Biar rentak batu! - Peas bermata hitam

5. 3 binatang yang anda tak suka

6. 5 fakta tentang anda
Saya tidak suka tunggu orang.
Saya tak suka buat orang tunggu saya.
Saya suka minum air.
Saya takut gelap.
Saya mahu jadi seperti Jim carrey dalam cerita "Orang Ya". -.-"

7. Tahun depan mungkin
saya mahu belajar dengan lebih tekun. Mungkin XD

8. Saya tak reti
bermain gitar. Saya mahu belajar tetapi jarang berpeluang.

9. Saya pandai
main game. Tapi memang ramai yang pandai main game maka ianya bukanlah satu benda yang istimewa.. Saya harap saya pandai bermain gitar. Saya setuju dengan saudara Azizi bahawa nasi Miorlah nasi yang terpaling sedap sekali!

10. Kawan saya
telah pergi ke Port Dickson dengan kawan-kawannya.

11. Saya ada
adik beradik yang ramai. Ada 13 termasuk adik beradik tiri.

12. Saya seorang
yang masih belajar erti-erti kehidupan. -.-"

13. Adik saya
semuanya baik-baik sahaja.

14. Saya tak pernah bosan dengan (senaraikan 4)
Tidak ada. Saya mesti pernah bosan akan sesuatu apabila tiada mood. Tetapi apabila mood itu ada, saya akan kembali meminati benda tersebut.

15. Bilakah pertama kali anda bercinta?
Apakah itu cinta? Saya sampai sekarang masih kurang memahami. Tetapi Rasanya saya pernah meminati seseorang semasa darjah tiga.

16. Perkara yang selalu orang tak percaya tentang anda
Orang tak percaya saya pernah menghisap rokok.

17. Saya rindu

18. Saya tak sabar
untuk pergi ke Langkawi nanti bersama ayah dan keluarga.

19. 5 laman yang anda selalu layari:

Monday, July 6

A Maid To Remember

Setelah sekian lame takde cerita yang nak diceritakan, maka pada hari ini, ada la satu cerita yang mahu saya ceritakan...

Pada suatu hari, saya seorang diri, menaiki bus dr Pudu ke Ipoh.. Yea perjalanan sejauh 3 jam itu semata2 untuk menggantikan ibu bapa yang tidak dapat hadir ke sekolah adik saya di Ipoh untuk mengambil report card dan berjumpe dgn Guru..

Ibu berkata "biarlah makcik A yg kat Ipoh tu pergi."
Ayah pula berkata "Bari, kamu pergilah tgk adek kamu tu."
Saya:"Suruh Makcik A je pegi tak boleh ke?"
Ayah:"Adek tu nak PMR tahun ni, kene la bg moral support."

Walaupun sedikit berat hati, tapi mengingatkan yg saya dahulu mendapat semangat untuk study PMR sbb ayah saya punye nasihat time dia datang untuk jumpe guru selepas exam pertghn tahun, maka saya pergilah Ipoh seorang diri.

Setelah saya berjumpe dgn adek , jmpe guru dan memberikan dia nasihat, kami pun bersiar2 di ipoh megoplex dan balek kerumah makcik A di Ipoh. Semuanye kelihatan normal.. Tetapi apabila malam menjelma, berlakulah peristiwa yang sangat mengejutkan.

Maid A, nama dirahsiakan di atas alasan keselamatan, telah membawa seorang lelaki masuk kerumah tanpan kebenaran mak cik A , pak cik A dan lain2. Saya pada waktu itu tengah tido ketika tengok cerita The Beast yang macam wokevo tu.. Makcik A ternmpak lelaki itu maka menjeritlah dia memanggil pak cik A then kejut saya "Bari, ade pencuri masuk rumah!". Saya sangatlah terkejut apabila mendengarnye, namun Pak cik A segera bertindak pantas menangkap orang yg masuk kerumah itu.. Dia menanya sambil memarahi laki tersebut "MACAM MANA KAMU MASUK KE RUMAH INI?"

Lelaki itu kate maid A yg benarkan dia masuk... maid A pula berpura2 tidak mengenali lelaki itu. Namun setelah di soal dengan Nama Allah, baru lah maid itu mengaku dia kenal lelaki itu. Pak cik A dan Mak cik A sangat marah... Rupenye lelaki itu masuk dengan memanjat pagar belakang rumah dan masuk apabila Maid A membuka pintu blakang.! Mak cik A sangatlah marah,.. Tambahan pula Maid A sudah ada suami dan anak... Maid A sangat malu dengan tindakannya dan cube membunuh diri dengan mengambil pisau. Mujurlah Pak cik A sangat pandai berbahasa "XX, kamu jangan buat keje bodoh la! macam ni ke kamu islam!"

Maid A mungkin tersentap atas kata2 Pakcik A, tapi pisau masih ditangannya dan rapat ditujukan ke perutnya.. "Biarlah saya mati daripada menanggung malu ini." Yeah... sungguh tak sangka-sangka. Kata yang saya bikin hanya wujud di dalam drama, terdengar dengan telinga saya sendiri. Maid A berjaya ditenangkan dan disuruh memasuki bilik. Lelaki yg masuk rumah itu berjaya ditangkap dan di soal siasat di balai polis.

Namun, kes ini belum lagi selesai...

Keesokkannya, 2 kereta pak cik A di potong cerminnya. Barang2 di dalam kereta kelihatan berselerak. Setelah di panggil Unit Forensik, CSI, The Beast dan segalanya, kereta di siasat dan di dapati tiada barang yang hilang. Polis di gesa untuk membuat rondaan di waktu malam di Taman tersebut untuk mengawasi tindakan ganas yang mungkin berlaku.

Setelah sepurnama, tiada apa-apa yang berlaku. Semuanya kelihatan seperti sedia kala. Di harap pakcik makcik sekeluarga dapat teruskan hidup tanpa sebarang trauma dan gembira-gembira selalu. Yeah the end :P

Monday, June 29


Its been a month since I came to Malaysia for summer vacation.. There arent much changes .. Except maybe the price for everything went up a bit from before..

I've been to a lot of places, eat a lot of things and met a handful of people.. I still want to do those things... Not because of me being greed. Rather to open my eyes and expose myself to a world were I've never been before ^_^

After been through all that, in a sense I am more motivated to study harder.. Studying has always been hard, but I hope I will find a path to success.. -.-"

Monday, June 22


Cant wait to watch transformers tonight ^^

Monday, June 15

Blog must go on

Hi all,
Its been awhile since I last blog something.. There are so many things that I want to say in my blog.. But since I did not say it, it lost it "freshness".. And saying it now might not be the best idea, or so I thought..

A lot of things happened.. To say it all is going to be troublesome, not to mention tedious.. I guess its easier to show a picture and then point out some interesting story from it...They say a picture can explain a thousand words.. Well.. let assume that's true, for this blog sake...

opening scene

We went to see the Kooza - Cirque du Soleil. A circus company which means Circus of the Sun.. I think it is my first time seeing a circus act and it literally blew me away! The act was very professional and I think some of the performer make a guinness world record.. No wonder they so good -__-" I also like the song they play during the act (Dnt understand a thing though) :P

Me and Britney Spears o.O
muahaha.. well not quite.. It was Britney made out of wax at the Madame Tussaud's Muzeum... A lot of celebrity made out of wax are there and we just take pictures.. Whats funny is, there are 2 man, who pretend to be a wax statue and just stay at one place without moving.. Everybody who saw them were like "???? Who is this celebrity??" LOL and there is this one guy who wants to capture picture with them (thinking it was a wax) and suddenly they move and all the ppl there were laughing lol!

yeeey! spongebob square pants!!! on the streeets of NY!! how awesome~ until he show a green bag say $2 after i take a picture with him! what an interesting way to make a living..-_-
see how he hide his left arm.. thats were he have the green bag.. Fair enough Mr sponge!

AAAAAAAAAa i hate xx airlines!! the small tv is bad... how can u expect me to watch a movie using this small tv ? even the color in the movie doesnt seems good.. I remember when I was 10 or so, we used to watch movie in a plan with a really big screen.. I miss that..
and whats with this menu for the morning = A.omelette B. Nasi lemak -and then come to us and say "Nasi lemak dah habis" When they skip us and give the person behind and infront us nasi lemak??? AAA!! Btw dah tau orang dari US ramai melayu nak balek msia ramai mengidam nasi lemak they should make the portion of nasi lemak greater la.... like 70:30 or something... ZZZZZZZZZz

We went to pulau perhentian terengganu! I think it is my first time seeing a blue ocean.. Manche says that malaysia pulau are all talk when he see Hawaii.. But i think manche should go to pulau perhentian coz it is really good! -__-" The water is so clear and u can see fish even at the shore.. I also went snorkling to see a lot of other fish(krapu, nemo, todak, mcm2 ikan warne), turtle, corell and many more ^^ The only thing i regret is i dnt have a sunscreen.. maken hitam jadi -__-"
Thanks for my parents for making such a trip possible..

Thursday, May 14

MoMo can u Stay still PLEASE!!

Momo arrived here yesterday.. All of us are happy to see the cat.. However this morning, somebody knocked our house door.. I look it through the glass and see 3-4 men waiting outside..

As far as pets are concerned, cats and dogs arent really allowed here at the university apartment.. So I was a bit worried.. Think... think.. where to hide this fat cat?? lol.. So I decided to put him under the cupboard (hopefully he would stay still..)

I opened the door.

Mr Anonymous:"Hi, We come here to check the house because we're trying to put a wireless connection in the apartment.. Can we check the house for a minute. Just a Minute..."

Me:"No, can you come a bit later.. I dont think now is the right ti...."

Momo came and moved between me and the Mr Wireless cable ...


Mr Wireless:"You do know we dont allow pet here? "


Mr Wireless:"Is that your cat?"

Me:"No, thats my friend cat.. it will be here for just awhile..."

Mr Wireless:"If you let us check in the house we would do you a favor of not reporting the cat.. Dont worry about it."

Me:"Really? ok. Come in." Dalam hati ( eee MOMO ni tak bole duduk diam,.... kan dah kantoi..momo sdp je jalan lengang lengok..)

2 min after..

Mr Wireless: Ok , we're done.Thank you..

Me:"wow that was fast.. Thank you.. Bye."

Momo survived!! for now -.-"

Saturday, May 9

Spring semester is officially over!

I cannot believe that the Spring Academic Yeas is finally Over!! It really is!! I did a bit bad , but yeah, Its over!! It feels like it was just yesterday that I open my eyes, being at my old apartment on-campus and go to school by the Parking lot shuttle bus with my housmate Dylan! OMG I can finally go back home.. Malaysia that is! Its been like 2 years.. I wonder how my house would be like? my Room? My family? and the cities and stuff..

Today is the senior graduation night! Wow they finally graduating... Zali, Din, Ina, Fendi, Ajim, Pekan ,Ibah and the others.. As a U of R student, i havent really spend much time with the RIT seniors, but I do have some memories with them.. Zali had taken me to Darien Lake with Ina and Din... Ajim was totally cool and Fendi, well.. I guess even now he doesnt know my name -.-" I guess it make sense coz when he see me, all he really see is my brother Muiz that he knews at KISAS.. :-s

Congrats ALL RIT Senior's for your graduation!! FOr Real!! It must be really hard to reach that point..It must have been a wonderful experiance.. I hope I one day will graduate too..

Tuesday, May 5

U of R

LoL I was bored and I found this amazing video on youtube about U of R :D

Friday, May 1

shhh for secrets..

I dont understand why sometimes people still insist on getting some1 secret or info even when the person itself decided not to tell.. Yeah I dont really mind if people ask about stuff, but they should understand that individuals have their own secret in which they dont wanna share with others but themeselves.. Maybe the secret can be embarassing, harmful, or can even effect the way ppl see that person.. So stop asking people if they really dnt want to tell...
n sometimes they even threaten u to get secrets from u... Like(how the would reveal ur other secret if you dnt tell them about the new secret..

aah i rmmbr this story, when i read books like when i was small but not really sure if i rmbr it rite^^..

A long ago, there is this couple living beside the sea... the husband was a fisherman.. he caught this magical fish but the fish asked to released him and he will grant him the ability to talk to animals.. however, he cant tell any1 how to otherwise he will die...

And so he kept it a secret to his wife... after what seems like awhile, the husband and wife were attacked by a big snake.. The husband has no choice but to talk to the snake so that it go away.. the wife were shocked that he can do that and was merajuk for not telling her...... being a total pantai (pardon my words) as she is, she asked the husband to teach her how to talk to animals, even knowing that he might die..

This husband, as kind as he may look, felt really troubled.. He does not know what to do.. he really loves his wife despite her being a @$$%@ xD he said to her wife, he needs time to finally tell about it.. and so he wondered around, meditating and overheard the animals talking bad about his wife.. like how she was stingy and stuff... Still, the man ready to sacrifice his life and decided to tell her soon( how touching lol)..

And days before the day, he saw an interesing event occurred between a sheep couple.. the female said "Honey, I like that fruit, it looks so fresh, can you grab it for me?" But the fruit was like on the edge of a cliff.. For Love, the male sheep attempted to take the fruit.. but he falled and falled and but the female sheep stilll asked him to try and get the fruit for her.. The male sheep tried again and again(while the female sheep still begs for it) until he cant take it anymore and he hits the female sheep and bellowed " Are you trying to kill me? I love you but you have to know when to stop asking! " ... the female sheep was stunned..(owned if u ask me).. So, obeying his husby, they both left the scene..

The fisherman was rather impressed on how the male sheep reacted towards the situation. If it were him, he would have just tried to take the fruit till he die .. like seriously?? lol XD and so the day when he will tell her about the ability to talk to animal came.. The wife were unexpectedly happy about it.. When they finally met, the wife said "Whats with the whip?" and yeah he whipped his wife for obvious reasons XD (and he explain about what the sheep thing).. The wife admitted her guilt and her selfishness.. and they both make up and live happily again..(without the wife knowing how to speak to animals :p)

Yeah so some secrets are better to remain secret.. Thats why sometime ppl says:

"The less you know about it, the better."

-The End-

*but ofc it feels awesome to know some1 secrets :P*

Wednesday, April 22


Dear Blog,

How are things? While ur busy watching trees moving blocking the sceneriec view behind of it, I was having a handful of stuff to take care of.

Sure its been awhile, I even forgot u existed.. Well I guess that statement was a bit too much.. There's no way I forgot about you! There's no way I forgot when one of my homies were shouting “Jom tgk Pokok LALu~” but all he did is using my blog to jump to other ppls blog.. urkh annoying as always..

Sure there's lots of stuff goin on,.. Theres this citrawarna festivel and also the malay bbq... It was fun but I dnt really wanna talk about it -.-”

Lastweek I just watched soutpark.. It was about Cartmen Ego.. He claimed to be the one who owned a joke that wasnt really his. The joke was pretty funny though,, It was:

Person1: hey do you like fish sticks?

Person2:Yes, I do.

Person1:What are you, gayfish?

LoL,Yeah it was really funny u should watch it ^__^

I have been a lab TA for 2 semester and this is the first time I encountered with a girl whos voice is really funny.. Not that I wanna make fun of her, but yeah, I think becoz the way she talks was too getik.. She was talking about how she do this and that and it doesnt work.. While listening, I actually laughed a bit.. She noticed and said “Why are you laughing? Is my code really that wrong?? Ignore this top part because I just write stuff there.” I said “Oh, so you didnt finish the top part yet” (When in reality I was literally laughing at the way she speaks xD).. and she always says “That Make Sense”.. In cs, sometimes understanding the logic can be a bit hard and its a mere ordinary to hear ppl says “It / that make sense” I myself said it maybe like a hundred times now.. Even so, gosh, you dnt have to say it like for every sentence u make in the code!! Of course I play with her a bit and asked “does it make sense?” She”THAT MAKE SENSE” - (with the getik voice!! :D).. God I love my job :) Too bad I cannot do it next semester coz the class is not offered anymore :(


Monday, April 6

A happy weekend


This day, I was feeling a little relieved.. The reason being is that I just finished my project 3 - pointer locations!! I was so happy that I figured I wanna go outside with some1 and treat them to dinner.. Yes, i was indeed happy...I jumped in the house and screaming.. I said to assip Im happy, but he was unaffected by my happines?? :| I guess that no biologist would understand how it feels like to finish an annoying yet confusing CS project -.-" So I ym Muni coz she also learn cs and said to her how happy i was and i want to treat her.. But I didnt,... yet.... -.-"

I was angry at my laptop.. ! For some reason, it kept on shut downing whenever i used it to watch videos, games or just reading manga... arrh im so angry with it.. So i decided to buy a new laptop... It seems that the netbook is pretty popular these days.. Yes, all of my cs friends were showing off their netbook during lecture... Its a common thing to see students playing video games while hearing the dull CS lectures.. One day, the professor was like "students, can you not hide your face behind your laptop... I want to see your faces coz you might watch porn or something" ... LoL.. So I ask my friend for help , and decided to buy the ASUS ee pc 1000HE .. Cost me about $389 + $30(tax) .. Not bad for a netbook I guess.. Cant wait for the netbook to be in my hand :D

Saturday :

It was the dota tournament Second round! Me, Nick and a new member Mike formed Team TEAM 2, (we cant call ourselves team TEAM coz Steve didnt play :( ).. It was an epic battle againts my previous hallmate friends when I was a freshman... John, Syafayat and Andrew... They were saying "Its not fair, we meet Barry in the first round of this Single Elimination tournament!" Ahahaha.. They said "gun for Barry".. Yeah I dont know what they mean... I ask them and it basically means they want to aim and kill me first... Ofc they were underestimating me and they were owned pretty bad.. =.="

The second round was a disaster.. We Lost.. We, the defending champion lost! and it is all Mike fault!! Well It's ok Mike.. We're all once a noob too... :-s

But in the end, we win the tournament by combining with the team that beat us in an epic 5v5 againts the other semi finalist xD Joe and Assip take me from U of R back to RIT.. Thanks guys..

At night, we do the poster thing for next weekend MySa event..


Just when I thought that the sunday will be a day to relax and do nothing, an event occured.. Well cant really say much as they say "Things in Perkins stay in Perkins" :p


A new CS Project, project 4 is out... GREEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAT!! D: