Tuesday, September 15

a chat about god?

It was a fine evening where a class that should end at 315 ended up at 220.. lol.. Me and my friend was just hang out there, killing time..

H: So Barry, what are you going to do after this?
B: I think Im going to head home taking the bus at 240.
H: Im going to the Sue B to take new pictures.. I am over 21 now and I need to change my student ID...
B: Oh I already changed mine! Here look..
H:Oh wow, wtf thats really a long name.. Look at that!
B: haha.. yeah I know.. I get that a lot..
H: hey, do you drink?
B:I cant drink. My religion forbids. You drink?
H:All the time dude.
B:Why you dont believe in god?
H:Becoz I dont think god exist.
B:Then how do you explain where we come from?
H:DUDE, chemistry! You know like how early age things are different, and as time goes one, the world evolved..
B:lol but where does the early age things came from?
H:Well if god creates all the stuff, then who create god?
B:God is pre -existing.
H: And how do you explain that?
B: I cant. God just pre exist by its powerfull powers..
H:*Laughing in disbelief* I was before in buddhism but then i believe biology makes more sense to me..
B:OK, what if god does exist and u are raised after u die, n u go to hell?
H: then im screwed. Sh*t happens all the time!
B:but ur in hell forever! while life is at most about 100 years..
H:well then thats a risk im willing to take.. Dude, just live your life!
B:alright... I think its time.. lets go..

alright, failed to convince him that god exist.. he just doesnt want to believe :\

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