Thursday, September 17


Wow I watched leverage first episode and it was really great! Its about a genius guy who lost his son to an insurance company. He then seeks justice to any corporate individual who runs dirty business.. Along with his team (1 computer specialist, 1 fighter, 1 thief, 1 actor, and he himself as the mastermind) they make an excellent combination!!

from left, fighter, actor, leader, thief, tech

Tuesday, September 15

a chat about god?

It was a fine evening where a class that should end at 315 ended up at 220.. lol.. Me and my friend was just hang out there, killing time..

H: So Barry, what are you going to do after this?
B: I think Im going to head home taking the bus at 240.
H: Im going to the Sue B to take new pictures.. I am over 21 now and I need to change my student ID...
B: Oh I already changed mine! Here look..
H:Oh wow, wtf thats really a long name.. Look at that!
B: haha.. yeah I know.. I get that a lot..
H: hey, do you drink?
B:I cant drink. My religion forbids. You drink?
H:All the time dude.
B:Why you dont believe in god?
H:Becoz I dont think god exist.
B:Then how do you explain where we come from?
H:DUDE, chemistry! You know like how early age things are different, and as time goes one, the world evolved..
B:lol but where does the early age things came from?
H:Well if god creates all the stuff, then who create god?
B:God is pre -existing.
H: And how do you explain that?
B: I cant. God just pre exist by its powerfull powers..
H:*Laughing in disbelief* I was before in buddhism but then i believe biology makes more sense to me..
B:OK, what if god does exist and u are raised after u die, n u go to hell?
H: then im screwed. Sh*t happens all the time!
B:but ur in hell forever! while life is at most about 100 years..
H:well then thats a risk im willing to take.. Dude, just live your life!
B:alright... I think its time.. lets go..

alright, failed to convince him that god exist.. he just doesnt want to believe :\

Monday, September 14

jet lag

How to cure jet lag? I found myself sleeping in the most bizarre time possible..

You would think that sleepy can be cured by washing your face or drink coffee.. turns out its not that simple ..

Friday, September 11

Traffic Jam in a small road?

It was a first time I have experienced a traffic jam at mt hope, rochester -.-"

As usual, I was riding the RTS bus to Mt Hope.. Suddenly it stopped at a road and OMG there's like 35+ cars in front of us. That road was never jammed before. "Maybe there's an accident at front?" Yes that seems like a typical hyphotesis when your on a road.

After what seems like forever, the car line never moved and more cars came from behind. People are starting to get impatient , honning and little by little they decided to take alternate route. In which the bus sticks to that road coz well it is really a skema bus to begin with. But we moving little by little(due to cars getting out of line to take alternate route).

From afar, the traffic light is still red.. what the??? And then, as if a spell casted to the traffic lights, it changes to green without going thru the yellow color. OMG GOGOGO!

Yes, car moved. But... They say miracles are too good to be true, well, turns out they are! After approximately 11 secs (yes I have no keje other then counting how long the green light last) it turned back to red!! the ??? Ok after a long hellish wait of red (I think its more than 7 mins coz it feels really long) the 11 sec green came back! GOOGOGOGOGOGOOOGO

(turns out the traffic light is the problem. I dont know if it is changed but the red light seems way longer than usual n the green was like as short as (cant seem to find a gd example)...)

BAM! Red again.. "........."

THe buss still 20m far from the bus stop.. But considering the situaation, I wanted to hop off. As my dad always says"Dont waste time!" .. I said"can I go out here?" Luckily where he stop got a bus stop sign.. Otherwise I got to hear that annoying yet familiar lecture "DO YOU SEE A STOP SIGN HERE?? THERES NO STOP.. I CANT JUST STOP AT WHERE YOU WANT! PEOPLE WILL GET MAD" if I was in malaysia I imagined the bus driver would say something like "IGT BUS NI BAPAK KO PUNYE? KANG KENE SAMAN SAPA NAK BAYAR" wakaka

Anyways, I did hopped off. To my amazement, I reached the next bus stop faster than the bus and saved like 5 mins ^^ YAY ME! lol.. Conclusion of this event? humans can be faster than machines :D