Thursday, September 23


Hurrm its been awhile!

oMg fall 2010 was so busy! Not just academically but also leisurely lol

I did not think that I took this magic the gathering thing so serius before.. It was fun and I really like to talk about it.. But since I have too much to talk about, I designed a new blog designed just for magic! lol.. ok probably no one would read it.. But here's the link anyway:

Ok so semester is going well so far! It much work, but doable.. And the class that I am taking this semester only has 2 exams! So most of the time I just write papers.. o_O

Since Summer, and Fall.. I have lived with new roomates/housemates.. They are all awesome!! At first I was kind of scared that we would have a lot of drama going on in the house.. You know.. But hey, nothing serious!!

Can't wait for my first pre-release magic tournament this saturday.. Have a nice weekend =D

Friday, September 3

Mtg M11 First Tourney

Card of the day. Simple but Powerful,,

I tried to play MTGO online tournament. I dont know much about previous set like Rise of Eldrazi and Zendikar. So I decided to join M11 Sealed deck tournament..

Sealed Deck is a format where every player receive 6 booster, and build a 40 cards deck out of it.. I like this format compared to "bring ur own deck" because it challenges ur ability to choose good cards from a pile.. It also eliminates the fact that opponent can have so many rares in one deck (since they are rich and buy all the rares in the world :/ )..

Ok, I have to admit that I do have outside help.. Mior and Syafrul helped me creating the deck..

Although it is my first time playing in Magic online tournament, I have confidence and excited to do well.. And that I did! I won 3 out of 4 games, losing to ranked 2 in the tournament.

Event Results:

Rank= 8,

bri boomer

Points: 9

Versus : Mihauliuc (2-0), HelloSir (0-2), OrphanOphidian2 (2-1), FaMuLa (2-1)

Made it to the top 8 o_O certainly better than expected.

My M11 First Sealed Deck

Lands (17)

8 Island

9 Plains

Creatures (12)

2 Æther Adept

1 Air Servant

1 Assault Griffin

1 Elite Vanguard

1 Infantry Veteran

1 Palace Guard

1 Phantom Beast

2 Serra Angel

1 Water Servant

1 Wild Griffin

Spells (11)

1 Brittle Effigy

1 Crystal Ball

1 Elixir of Immortality

1 Pacifism

2 Mana Leak

1 Mighty Leap

1 Negate

1 Safe Passage

1 Jace Beleren

1 Preordain


(Didnt really change at deck content at all during break time between matches)


1 Kraken's Eye

1 Gargoyle Sentinel

1 Triskelion


1 Arc Runner

1 Armored Cancrix

1 Barony Vampire

1 Berserkers of Blood Ridge

1 Bloodcrazed Goblin

1 Bloodthrone Vampire

1 Captivating Vampire

2 Chandra's Spitfire

1 Child of Night

1 Duskdale Wurm

1 Earth Servant

1 Garruk's Companion

1 Goblin Piker

1 Greater Basilisk

1 Harbor Serpent

1 Liliana's Specter

1 Llanowar Elves

1 Maritime Guard

1 Merfolk Sovereign

1 Merfolk Spy

1 Prodigal Pyromancer

2 Rotting Legion

1 Silvercoat Lion

1 Viscera Seer

1 Vulshok Berserker


2 Dryad's Favor

1 Holy Strength

1 Primal Cocoon

1 Volcanic Strength

1 Autumn's Veil

1 Cancel

2 Chandra's Outrage

1 Combust

1 Fog

1 Hornet Sting

1 Incite

2 Inspired Charge

1 Lightning Bolt

1 Naturalize

1 Safe Passage

1 Rootbound Crag

1 Terramorphic Expanse

1 Deathmark

2 Demolish

1 Disentomb

1 Duress

1 Fireball

1 Lava Axe

1 Mind Rot

1 Pyroclasm

1 Sign in Blood

1 Solemn Offering

Won 6 Mtgo M11 booster.. Should I enter the next tournament? lol,,

Wednesday, September 1

start !


Today it all began!

A new day of a new Semester!
A new beginning of a previous ending!
A new age in a new era! (ok tipu)

While I survive the 16 weeks of 28 credits of madness?
Or will I fall to the blades of Quel'thalaz?

Stay tuned on the next episode of "Not a School's day"..

summer break is over ... bye mtg, mtgo, cf, dota, movies, dramas, etc .. T_T