Thursday, September 23


Hurrm its been awhile!

oMg fall 2010 was so busy! Not just academically but also leisurely lol

I did not think that I took this magic the gathering thing so serius before.. It was fun and I really like to talk about it.. But since I have too much to talk about, I designed a new blog designed just for magic! lol.. ok probably no one would read it.. But here's the link anyway:

Ok so semester is going well so far! It much work, but doable.. And the class that I am taking this semester only has 2 exams! So most of the time I just write papers.. o_O

Since Summer, and Fall.. I have lived with new roomates/housemates.. They are all awesome!! At first I was kind of scared that we would have a lot of drama going on in the house.. You know.. But hey, nothing serious!!

Can't wait for my first pre-release magic tournament this saturday.. Have a nice weekend =D

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