Tuesday, October 12

Puzzling Words

Weather is getting colder here at Rochester..

Seemed like snow is just around the corner (Yucks!)

Adapting to the weather, I stop cycling to school (actually my bicycle tire got flat again and uuukh how I hate to repair it!)

Taking the public bus again.. pfft.. ok

So taking the public bus, although it seems mundane, sometime interesting things can occur.. Like today,

I was in the bus, somebody play the bell to stop the bus. The bus stopped somewhere (not sure if its a bus stop coz its at the side of the road with darkness and all) and the guy who was going out of the bus said:

"Thank you! Thank you for being gracious and ignorant!" As he went out of the buss - having this weird expression on his face ..


So I was thinking.. "wait, that doesnt sound right.. Gracious with Ignorant??? Doesn't go together in my dictionary"..

Is the bus driver gracious because he stopped at the bus stop exactly where he wanted? Or is it coz he stopped not at the bus stop but close to where the guy should have gotten off?
Is the bus driver ignorant because he did not hear the bell? Or is he ignorant because he stopped at some place where theres no bus stop (ignoring the road/bus rule)?
Or is simply because the guy was being sarcastic?

Either way, I could not decide what really happened and my mind was wondering about this conundrum for hours.. It's interesting, isn't it?

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