Thursday, July 22


Being extremely busy is stressful. Having all sorts of work to be completed, just so you can survive. But being extremely free is also stressful. Imagining all the free time go to waste, without any productive activity at all. I rarely ask for ppl to do activity with me.. So when I ask, it does take a lot of courage and I mean it..

And, turns out, they usually reject.. which kinda sucks.. But do I have to stop asking? No.. Maybe the timing isnt right.. One thing for certain, another evening goes wasted :p

Pffft.. whatever.. this saturday going out camping! Naje is the man of adventure!! also the man yg suke abeskan duit orang :P

Wednesday, July 21

hujan emas?


hujan emas dinegeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri.lebih baik di negeri sendiri.

So its safe to say that..

hujan emas dinegeri orang < hujan batu dinegeri sendiri

taking things out (hujan, dinegeri)..

emas orang < batu sendiri, so..

batu sendiri > emas orang

Seems logical? I didnt know my rocks worth more than peoples' gold :O OOO My!

Ok things just didnt go as planned. Needed more activities to make me feel alive..

Watched a few drama series.. Dark blue, human target, and dexter.. All are great..

Going camping this weekend. Not really liked camping but, its better than nothing. -.-

Saturday, July 17



Back home in Malaysia, my mother is not a fan of pets. So we don't have any pets in the house.. I remember bringing back home a small stray kitten.. the poor thing was in hunger and seek belonging.. I felt very bad for the kitten, bringing it back home and feeded it. Before you know it, the cat sh*ts on the cement floor.. LOOOOOOL... My mum was angry.. She asked us to put the cat away and well, obviously clean the poo poo..

Since then, I never really have the idea of owning pets.. I met my friend at U of R who's a big fan of fish... he has black moors goldfish, guppies, tetras, and some other... He influenced me.. and make me wanted to own fishes myself. We both talked about how we wanted a pet shark which we think was super awesome (ofc such thing remain a dream :/) .. watched some pet shark video on youtube.. notably:

So, I bough a 5 gallon fish tank 6 month ago. Some died, some survived. Ecah momo who shared the same passion have a goldfish and one zebra danios.. When she went back to malaysia, she did not wanted to bring back home her fish. So she gave it to me. I love the goldfish so much! The color of the goldfish have changed to white. Idk why? Probably due to the light or food.. But I thought, fish are boring.. They cant do much and u cant touch them :(

But I look up a youtube video online and found this:

I'll give this a try ^_^

Monday, July 12

Congratulation Spain

The FiFa World Cup 2010 was over last week. Congratulation Spain for winning! I never rooted for them in the beginning because they lost their first match. Who knew that lost become their milestone to become even more motivated to compete; heck even win the world cup!!

For me, this yeas World Cup and 1998 was more memorable compared to FiFa World Cup 2002 and 2006.

In 1998- I watched it with my mum and dad and my brothers at home. Still remember France Vs Brazil and watched Zidany Zidane got a goal from a corner kick.. Those were good times with my family! I thought France was awesome at that time.

When the world cup 2002 was broad casted, I was F2 in a boarding school. They are hardly any TV around, other than kedai makcik jah (if i remember correctly) and some other outside the wall. I know f5 always skipped isya or tazkirah to watch the world cup.. I was like "meeh, too much trouble.. World cup? who cares pffft".. As ignorant as I was, no one can resist the temptation of the WC FINAL! Not even me.. so I remembered I red news about how Oliver Khan, German keeper was the bomb and the reporter have high hopes on the German. So I rooted for German, but they lost to Brazil 2-0.. sigh~

In 2006, I was in intec when the WC was live. I didnt have TV in my apartment. I only watched a couple by coincidence if they are gathering of people watching soccer. Although I do read the news about the scores and stuff. I rooted for Brazil since they won the last world cup. But they lost to France in the quarter final.. Yes "Anything can happen with soccer!"

In 2010, I have a lot of free time and I have a big 46inch TV in my house. Watching soccer was never this fun!!.. :D Plus they are others watching like Syafrul who keeps on predicting the tournament winner. He predicted Spain vs Brazil and Spain will win. His prediction was slightly wrong but you got to give that man some credit I guess. Mior was rooting for the Germans. He even bought a German Jersey FOR THE LULZ! AAAh I hate the German team since Oliver Khan disappointed me.. I always rooted againts German.. Rooted for England, Lost. But Spain finally defeated German. That was probably my golden moments during this WC.. "Casillas kot!!!"said Me and Naje as Casillas was able to save a shot from the German. And they are others like JiJi Joe Napi and Aimii who'd come watching the match every now and then..

Lastly, the 2010 world cup was fun because the blog have very crazy yet entertaining entry.. Thanks for the awesome sokernet bloggers! You make my day!!

Saturday, July 10

Doing Psychology stuff for the summer and not being paid is not that fun...

Thursday, July 1

Out of my mind

How long has it been since I last write something to this tree of darkness?

I believe there is no point in talking about what happened to me for the past couple of weeks. (though lot of interesting things happened).. Heck such thing could be wrote in a dairy! (not that I have one but I do have some events entry that I didnt post due to, well, being too dark for people to comprehend)..

"people who forget the past will bound to repeat it".. SO??? If its going to happen, it happen.. lol

Well, so what should I say?

This is madness!!!