Saturday, July 17



Back home in Malaysia, my mother is not a fan of pets. So we don't have any pets in the house.. I remember bringing back home a small stray kitten.. the poor thing was in hunger and seek belonging.. I felt very bad for the kitten, bringing it back home and feeded it. Before you know it, the cat sh*ts on the cement floor.. LOOOOOOL... My mum was angry.. She asked us to put the cat away and well, obviously clean the poo poo..

Since then, I never really have the idea of owning pets.. I met my friend at U of R who's a big fan of fish... he has black moors goldfish, guppies, tetras, and some other... He influenced me.. and make me wanted to own fishes myself. We both talked about how we wanted a pet shark which we think was super awesome (ofc such thing remain a dream :/) .. watched some pet shark video on youtube.. notably:

So, I bough a 5 gallon fish tank 6 month ago. Some died, some survived. Ecah momo who shared the same passion have a goldfish and one zebra danios.. When she went back to malaysia, she did not wanted to bring back home her fish. So she gave it to me. I love the goldfish so much! The color of the goldfish have changed to white. Idk why? Probably due to the light or food.. But I thought, fish are boring.. They cant do much and u cant touch them :(

But I look up a youtube video online and found this:

I'll give this a try ^_^


  1. the goldfish turned white? before this golden, and then ada black spots, lepas tu white plk? prolly shedding. thanks bari for looking after them. appreciate it so much! :)))

  2. haha tu la dah putih dah. Np! I like the gold fish so much XD probably coz it big and smart.. name dia sbnr ape?

  3. entah, lupa. panggil jelah gucci.