Tuesday, February 24

Homeless ftw?

Dear Blog,
Sorry I havent update you for awhile.. You know I've been busy.. Projects , exams and stuff.. Tallking about project, I have my CS project due this friday and I'm still not finish yet! (Projects are not like essay where you can do it the night before submission.. There's a lot to think about like GUI, whether it can compile, whether the code runs the way u want etc)... I also havent have any interesting story tell.. talk about lame : ( well i guess there is this time where I met a homeless person down the road was interesting enough, enjoy:

I was there, walking around the Henriatta road, until a homeless guy who's sitting at a bus stop shouting "Hey, Are you from Alaska? You look like from Alaska with that hair of yours!" Yes, I admit my hair was kind of long, but an Alaskan? Are you kiddin me? .. "NO. Im from Asia!" He said "owh, Asia! I thought you were from Alaska.. WHy dont you have a seat? I am Fred!" Erk?? He offered his hand.. I was a bit hesitant coz I was about to go to class, not to mention a bit scary but he seem sincere so I shake his hand and said "I'm Barry"..

We chatted and chatted until I ask about his wherebout (My mistake?) and then he began to tell his long life journey.. "You have the time to hear my story? Its a long one!" Im like "yeah, I have time." (Did'nt he heard me that I was about to go to class? zheesh.. O well..)... "I have to have a beer first you know(drinking tinned bear while covered in plastic). Please cover and watch out for me." Me:???? (ahaha turns out that drinking in public is illegal thats why he asked me that.. yeah i didnt know.. Ahaha Now I'm an accomplice of crime now.. :p ).. OMG, As he began his story, his breath smell so alcoholish!!(erk is that a word?).. So I cant look at him, Im just sitting right next to him while listening.. o.O

"when I was small, I live in a foster home in California... I do not know my mum and dad.. Life was rough back then... At the age of 15, I went to jail..Since then Ive been going out of jail, and back in, out and back in..." At this moment, Im like looking into his eyes, and there is this evil grin, looking as if he want to devour me.. Im thinking(OMG is he a serial killer or somethin?? I better run :O)

Will I got eaten? Will I get killed in public? As awesome as it sounds, nothing of that sort happens! Proof? Im still here blogging XD

To be continued..... soon :p

Tuesday, February 17

waiting at the bus stop..

As I was waiting in the cold chill night, someone emerged from the opposite side and mumble to me with quite a weird american ascent "blalaa"..
Me: come again?
Him: You know when the bus going to be here?
Me: 746
Him: Now is 740.. It so cold tonight, man. You know what man, you see the dunkin donut shop there? If you go there and get a cup of coffee or something u might miss the bus.
Me: Yea. Thats true. You dont want to miss the bus!
Him: ....
Me: (dnt really know what to say).. Where your going? (is it a wise question to ask that question to a stranger? :p
Him: Southtown.. You know Burlington coat factory.. They sell some good coat, man..
(for some reason he kept saying man... so i guess i tried that word too :p)
Me: Are you working there, man? XD
Him: No. I am not working man. So hard to find a job. I used to work by helping people to move. But people hardly move anymore man. It just so expensive.
Me: Hoping to get any job soon?
Him: I would like that, man... I hope the new president, Obama, can really save us man.. Lot of people think he's god, I hope he would do something to help us man.. coz this country is **** up..
Me: really?
Him: yeah man.. You know some ppl say that since Obama is hitam, he has to prove himself.. you know what i mean, man?
Me: yea( erk do i?)
Him: Some ppl say just because he's .... (isu perkauman)
Me: ......
Him: I dont think thats true man, but some ppl do think like that..

The RTS bus came and we went aboard..

Me:"Nice talking to ya."
Him:"you too man."

N for some reason, the word man keep buzzing me that night.. man, what a night, man! aaaahh!

Thursday, February 12

Hui Jia

Hui jia basically means going home... My typical trip to going home usually long.. I hate the RTS bus having the last bus to RIT ends at 530 from here! My class from U of R usually ends in the evening. When my class ends after 530pm like today, It seems that the only possible way for me to return to RIT(perkins) is taking the RTS bus to the mall, and then take RIT Green Line from the Mall.. That seems simple.. Just that the GAP between those two busses are extremely Long!!

So on a typical trip hui jia, consider:

730pm (taking the UofR Blue Line) --> 746pm (taking RTS 24) --> 847 (taking RIT Green Line)

Notice the 1 hour gap between RTS bus and RIT Bus!!

Even when I am already on the RIT bus, people from RIT know too well that it takes SETAHUN to go to resident hall from the mall! kenelah kan pegi RIT INN pastu lepak jap kat situ minum kopi, then g lak racket club duduk tepi bukit tu enjoy view, pastu kene lah hai g gleason circle kutip budak2 yg balik malam, then barulah smpai res hall!

Conclusion? Start taking the bus at 730, reach home at 930!!

"I will always hate the big long gemok thing they called bus!" (Muni, 2008)

Monday, February 9


My God.. B and Z are not doing well together atm.. Having some conflicts in understanding each other.. Need some therapy.. :|

Friday, February 6


omg2 zizi asked me to go to their dikir barat rehesal.. i was kind of resist it at first coz im not entering it, but then i guess "why not?" lol.. so i did go... It was awesome to see so many malay people.. but yang tak puas hatinye, setahun nak tunggu rehersal habis!! kuar kol 3 50 ptg, balik kol 940 mlm : (

Tuesday, February 3

Vending machines.

I was riding the rts bus to U of R this morning... suddenly, it came to my mind, how does the machine differentiate between the coins.... From a dollar coin, to a quarter, dime, nickel and a penny.. Do you know?

Well suddenly, the memory of my childhood began to emerge in my mind.. When i was in elementary school, there is this vending machine to sell drinks.. (air kotak lol).. I really like the air kotak mango.. At that time, the air cost about 90 cents.. So cheap you'd say? Consider the case where you are only be given rm1 by ur parents!! When I really crave for the mango drink, I would buy it and only have 10 cents left for skola agama T_T ( I'd usually go with pop sickel)
Not to mention tak dpt makan nasi lemak (nasi sikit, cume ade sambal yg sgt pedas) which cost about 50 cents.

Even when you do buy a nasi lemak, you have to buy the 20 cents water that comes with it..(otherwise it is too hot to endure by washing your mouth alone).. Even with that, i only left with 30 cents for skola ag! N that means 1 kropok mamee and 1 pop sickel : ( n here I thought parents says "Dont buy junk food!" Little did they know about the financial limits we hv at school.. -.-" seriously.. what good food that you can possibly buy with 20 cents? (coz pop sickle is a must :p)..

Thank god, mother is our savior.. At the time of salvation, she offered us life.. she added another rm1 so rm2 for both skola ag and keb.. not bad at all.. My father, while still continuing giving us rm1, probably did not know that my mother added another rm1 until quite sometime.. kih2.. She also sometime buy me a nasi lemak in the morning when I went to school.. Such kindness T_T So in the morning, when we usually asked father for "Duit belanje", we are kinda glad when he say "Mintak kat mama" for obvious reasons!! :D

p/s - papa is not really wrong though.. he just thought that the rm1 is enough.. he eventually added rm1 in later part of my life.. I think? -.-"

Monday, February 2


I need to change.. I always said that.. But I never did.. When opportunity arises, I let it slip purposely.. Does that mean that I can never change? Why am I like this? Why? Well I never used to be that good to begin with.. Even so, I figured I might change..I can be better.. Can I?

Sunday, February 1


Yes, nowadays the technologies are too awesome.. Machines can replace humans in lot sorts of field.. Computer which rapidly become faster (evolving from using light bulb to semi conductor, next into integrated circuits, then microprocessor and finally duo microprocessor) making new possibilities possible thus making it part of our daily life..However, I was literally dismayed with my philosophy 101 class. It has no lecture notes posted online, no grad marks posted, in fact not even the course itself is added on mycourse!!

I thought maybe I was not registered in this class? And so I checked again and again yet my name is still on that course... Hmm so what happen? I guess the lecturer does not really know how to use the mycourse.. sigh* And here i thought I live in the millenium era.. No offense : |