Thursday, February 12

Hui Jia

Hui jia basically means going home... My typical trip to going home usually long.. I hate the RTS bus having the last bus to RIT ends at 530 from here! My class from U of R usually ends in the evening. When my class ends after 530pm like today, It seems that the only possible way for me to return to RIT(perkins) is taking the RTS bus to the mall, and then take RIT Green Line from the Mall.. That seems simple.. Just that the GAP between those two busses are extremely Long!!

So on a typical trip hui jia, consider:

730pm (taking the UofR Blue Line) --> 746pm (taking RTS 24) --> 847 (taking RIT Green Line)

Notice the 1 hour gap between RTS bus and RIT Bus!!

Even when I am already on the RIT bus, people from RIT know too well that it takes SETAHUN to go to resident hall from the mall! kenelah kan pegi RIT INN pastu lepak jap kat situ minum kopi, then g lak racket club duduk tepi bukit tu enjoy view, pastu kene lah hai g gleason circle kutip budak2 yg balik malam, then barulah smpai res hall!

Conclusion? Start taking the bus at 730, reach home at 930!!

"I will always hate the big long gemok thing they called bus!" (Muni, 2008)


  1. soodesune

    barrysanwa gogo shichijihanni uchini kaerimasu.

    etowa,,psp o shimasuka??


  2. (Muni, 2008) niceeeeee. apparently aku dah delete blog yg aku kutuk pasal bas tu T_T